When traveling in the dark let the brightest star guide you. No one stumbles into the night without despair lounging in the shadows. Seek love’s embrace on your journey but do notice illusion’s presence smirking behind you. Keep moving, follow the light and pray for sunshine on dark and cloudy days.

 Hope the sun shines so brilliantly that life’s delicious banquet is illuminated in its entire splendor. If only we knew how to enjoy it without despair creeping around and messing everything up. This beautiful world exists for our pleasure, but darkness is the medium for our lessons about light.

 Peace, love, and harmony are our birthright and pave the way toward life’s sweeter pleasures . . . joy and happiness. Enjoy playing in earth’s garden; pick any fruit you want but mind the seeds. Spit them out so that they won’t grow in your belly, turn into despair and ruin your appetite.

 Everyone has choices—choose life, joy and the pursuit of happiness. Do not confuse these seeds with anything less than what they are. Some fruits turn into something sour. Return them to the earth, plow them under the soil and turn your despair into nutrients for seedlings more spectacular than the original.

 When you’re confused as to which part of the fruit to consume or throw away, nurture all of the indigestible seeds that life offers you. Watch them blossom into beautiful flowers. The ripened fruit of your labor will serve you well and nourish your soul. This is how to manifest the impossible dream that your heart desperately desires.

 Seek peace and enjoy all of the fruit of your labors. We are the fruit that germinated from the dung piles of our ancestor’s refuse. Birthed from the soil of humanity’s painful debris from generations of suffering seeds confused about eatable fruit. Accept differences and bring love into the equation now that you know there’s no difference.