Amidst the smoldering ashes of yesterday’s stupor, while we sort out right from wrong and hope from despair. Love basks in the sunlight just around the corner.

 Forget your dreams of grandeur and dance like a soldier who knows he’ll die tomorrow. Hold love so close even death doesn’t matter. Your beloved is just around the corner.

Don’t long for love, because it’s what you are. Desperate measures and control feel like death to your soul. Love without conditions and surrender to what happens.

When looking for lost acquaintances in the desert of forgetfulness, go without water. It’s a short trip when your intellect isn’t in the way. Take many supplies when your faith is weak…but they won’t help and you’ll wonder what went wrong.

Let caution fly in the wind, embody love and expect joyful reunions. Put your head in the sand, your soul in the wind, and let your heart soar on the wings of love. Your beloved is right around the corner.

Copyright 2018 Eric Ehrke