The nature of love is easy and simple

Like the bird that sings before breakfast

Because the song is part of breakfast

And can’t imagine doing anything else


We all love to be loved

We know what it takes to be loved

Too much time is spent knowing what it takes


Love is our most treasured gift we give

We die inside when we fail to give love away

Or have anyone to give our love to


Love is a many splendored thing

Love is life when we love our self

And find someone to give love to


Love is like the air we breathe

It must be inhaled and exhaled

We must give and receive


Love bathes our body from life’s debris

Scented memories from a divine embrace

Heavenly reminders from where we came

Cleansing our sorrow for being awash again


We need to know what every bird knows

Singing our love song awakens our soul

And throw in heartfelt passion into the bowl  

Because we can’t imagine doing anything else