The Cave of Brahma is a complex nether world of alchemy, wisdom and intuitive sensing mechanisms that create our reality, as we know it. Regardless of our beliefs or arguments discounting intuition, we each have instincts or hunches commonly described as our intuition or sixth sense. Clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (sensing), clairaudience (hearing) and claircognizance (knowing) have become well known terms to define some of the ways we receive information beyond the scope of our five traditionally recognized senses and are located in the Cave of Brahma. Any significant damage to this area of the brain will affect our perceptual relationship to the world. When we have peak or traumatic events many of us can experience time slowing down or standing still. Whenever this happens the Cave of Brahma is involved.

Everyone has intuitive skills and use them extensively. The Cave of Brahma does not physically exist in third dimensional reality although scientists have an educated guess of its existence. It basically lives in the fourth dimension and our spiritual connection is our energetic link to oneness. Through our divine nature we’re connected to infinite possibilities and the power to manifest our dreams.

Our sense of time is located in the energetics of the cave, which is located within the pineal gland, pituitary gland and hypothalamus linkage. This area of our brain is the focal point of our reality, which is central to our existence. This is the spiritual and physical center of our ability to experience reality. There are sensing and receptor sites calibrated to the nuances of imagination and intention, including our unconscious wishes, hopes and belief systems. Ancient Sanskrit writings refer to the third ventricle of the brain as the Cave of Brahma.

Group thought forms, illusions or realities on a global scale also have receptor sites in the Cave of Brahma that link us to the outside world. This allows everyone to experience reality as a cohesive collective and individually. These sites employ complex fourth dimensional quantum processes that help us quickly interpret any situation to provide a logical or illogical story for our mind to access the sensations it’s experiencing. This information is crucial for our ability to respond to the demands of the external world in a timely fashion.

We came to earth to create and the Cave of Brahma is the film studio where the pictures, places and things of our world have a playground to exist. Then we can change or adjust our perceptions of reality. The projection screens of possibility that flash on the walls of our imagination cave are dependent upon our physical, emotional and spiritual state. Everyone perceives the world differently depending upon his or her mix of receptor sites. These include our conscious or unconscious individual experiences or humanity’s collective trending that day.

Its useful to think of these energetic possibilities as weather patterns that can influence our perception of reality. Change occurs when our body, mind soul wants to create a new dream. How many times have you woken up one day and had a totally different reaction to a powerful event from the previous day? It’s almost as if our Cave of Brahma created another dream to silence yesterday’s plan that wasn’t working. This is how we can wake up the next morning and behave, think or feel differently. Since we are all spinning electrons separated by vast distances of space infused with divine energy, anything we can imagine is possible. Magic is always happening.

Quantum entanglement theory states in effect that once two or more particles interact intimately with one another, a permanent connection and an ongoing correlation to each other’s state/property occurs. Additionally, the principle of nonlocality goes on to say that these particles maintain this intimate and immediate access to each other’s state/property even while separated by vast distances. Einstein accepted quantum theory but initially dismissed the notion of nonlocality as “spooky actions from a distance.” But scientists have repeatedly proven the efficacy of quantum theory and accept that particles are entangled intimately and interconnected through time and distance by the principle of nonlocality. Major hallucinations which humanity endures globally follow the same quantum formula that individuals privately use to create their world in his or her Cave of Brahma. Massive group energies can manifest dominating weather patterns from an outside source that affect each of us internally until we or humanity chooses something different. Consciousness requires the individual to develop a unified internal field by taking sovereign control of one’s perceptual reality.

Everyone has internal voices or instincts suggesting which hunch to follow or not and the Cave of Brahma is the staging ground where these possibilities exist in the etheric plane. It is the sorting table or loading dock for all the various scenarios, potential outcomes and expected or planned realities for an individual. It is also the home for our fertile imagination where our dreams are projected on walls, tried on for size and sorted out for possible manifestation material.

The Cave of Brahma is the staging area designed to assist everyone in their efforts to select the reality they’ll wear that day. Many of us like to change clothes or move furniture by playing out multiple scenarios in their mind. The cave provides each person endless opportunities to fantasize about any possibility in life without physically acting out every scenario. If our dream looks really promising then we can choose to manifest and experience it in the physical universe.

This sacred place that some refer to as our “third eye” is part of the quantum field or “field of dreams” where we get to play ball just by being alive. This is the place where possibility meets the physical world. By imagining how a dream may play out and anticipating future outcomes, we then decide if we want to create our fantasy.

The Cave of Brahma is the energetic place where spirit and intuition meet physical matter through our fourth dimensional power to peak behind the veil. It is the place where we can become whomever we want and act out whatever fantasy we wish. This prepares us for the greater Holodeck that the original Star Trek or the Star Trek “Next Generation” television series reveled to us. Earth is an experiential playground in the physical plane where spiritual beings play in human form. Our physical existence on earth is just another room in the Holodeck or “field of dreams” where we explore what reality is and what it isn’t. Upon deeper exploration we’ll find it’s an illusion in another form dreamt form our fertile minds embraced by our soul and the infinite loving wisdom of the divine.

When Thomas E. Mails asked Fools Crow, a Native American Sioux holy man, how Waken-Tanka and his helpers chose which of the Directions he needed to use in special healing ceremonies, here was his answer.

“When I close my eyes and sing, I roll my eyes up a little and look inside of my forehead. A small black screen forms there, and when I concentrate upon it, it is not long before colors come streaking in.-”

“Is this the same as having a vision?” “No. But it is what I call ‘visioning.’

Fools Crow Wisdom and Power by Thomas E. Mails