There seem to be two camps forming in America as to how to address public health concerns and economic recovery. It appears the middle ground has mysteriously disappeared like the seventeen-year locust in this era of partisan politics. The ability to see shades of grey and reject black and white debates takes work, dedication to truth and core principles. Like the old TV game show, Truth or Consequences, where contestants were asked a zany question destined for everyone to get wrong so the viewers could see crazy stunts, covid-19 choices have similar consequences no matter which choice anyone makes. Thankfully, philosophers have always provided guidance during times like these.  Here are just a few of them:

“There are perhaps many causes worth dying for, but to me, certainly, there are none worth killing for.”

― Albert Dietrich, Army GI, Pacifist Co: The World War II Letters of Frank and Albert Dietrich

“Success tends to create pride and blindness in the hearts of men, while suffering teaches them to be patient and strong.”

— Xenophon, lived circa 390 BCE in Greece

“A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”

― Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Rebuild your world, rebuild your race, rebuild your empire. Rebuild it all. But make sure you rebuild your ideals too. Rebuild the principles that made you a great and honorable galactic power in the first place. Don’t prey on the weak. Don’t steal from the helpless. Don’t murder the innocent. Be a force for good, not a force for yourself.”                                     

― Dan Abnett, Doctor Who: The Silent Stars Go By

Philosophers are sages, who have always attempted to provide eternal principles designed to guide individuals, communities and/or countries during good but also difficult times. Those that ignore the lessons from history are destined to repeat them. Scientific laws, like principles, are descriptions of observed phenomenon. I won’t explain why the following laws exist or what causes them… that would be theory. The following laws are merely observations like the quotes above, but important to consider as we rebuild our world after covid-19.

Laws provide maps, when bearings are lost. Enlightened leaders have always used laws, based upon enduring principles and values for navigational purposes throughout history. The following six laws will be listed in sequence to make each interacting concept more understandable:

Law of Like. This law simply states that like attracts like in the universe. Some call this the cause and effect, karma and/or the law of attraction. Everything in the universe has a frequency. Frequencies attract like frequencies in the universe. Hate begets hate and love begets love.

Law of Expediency. People, energies and frequencies find their level quickly.

Law of Mirroring. We are all reflections of our self, each other and aspects of divinity. Holograms are a perfect example of this phenomenon. We are all one because we are made of the same stuff at our spiritual core. We attract mirrors to provide reflections of our self for our learning. Reflections take many forms to help us understand polarity with one specific goal in mind. Once we see everything as part of our self, then connecting our heart to another’s suffering and the universe as a whole is easier.

Humanity provides reflections of each other and the universe mirrors what everyone sends out 24/7. Life on earth let’s us see our self in different forms. We send out energy and it’s reflected back, like a universal photocopy machine in some respects. It is up to us to learn the cause and effect and the mirroring aspect of the universe on our individual and collective life.

Law of Wanting. Wanting holds a knowing and a focus on lack. Since like attracts like, wanting attracts more wanting and actually draws what we don’t want towards us. The universe is literal, so wanting is interpreted as a desire…so we actually created more wanting in return as if we asked for it. The law of wanting and mirroring combine to intensify our experience of wanting in the exact energetic quantities we put out.

Desire produces passion, which is broadcasted into the universe and all of divinity. An example of this is when long lines of people in a hurry get agitated and everyone wants the line to speed up. The law of wanting will tend to make the line slow down more. This law is very problematic for people who don’t know how these concepts work.

The universe mirrors frequency, not intention. This is an area where our intellect can go nuts, while it tries to materialize its dreams on earth. The mind often tends to plot and figure out strategies to make things happen from a position of lack. This strategy tends to backfire and produce more wanting. Addictions tend to persist for the same reason, because people try to fill voids from a position of lack.

When we learn to meet our deeper needs, trust in a loving divinity and truly be in a place of trust, our desperate intellectual wanting relaxes. This allows mindfulness to accept what is, a perfect solution being drawn to us, and feeling of peace mirroring back to us because we fully expect it. These are very difficult concepts for the intellect to grasp, since it requires truly believing we create our own reality.    

Law of Least Wanted. The more energy we expend not wanting something actually draws it towards us. Like attracts like, so we are all magnets attracting things to us. The universe just responds like metal to a magnet. The divine doesn’t judge our wants and usually doesn’t interfere with our manifestations. On the positive side, grace and divine love can always come to heal or correct any of our problems however.

Law of Love. This law attracts your fondest wish to you and all that blocks it from occurring. Wise individuals recognize blocks as obstacles to overcome getting your prize, while maintaining a loving attitude. In order to hold love in our heart during trying times, we must remain conscious, believe we deserve love and maintain our equanimity. When we expect a loving solution to manifest as a normal and natural occurrence, every cell inside says “yes” to love with assuredness. This is how everyone of us can hold love in our heart during these trying covid-19 times.

The law of love is also the reason why wars and pandemics occur. In order to hold peace and love on earth many people have to be able to believe in it, think they deserve it and truly expect it. Hatred, greed and partisan politics designed to exclude the unfortunate arise as an opportunity for humanity to see it, address it and eventually heal it. Spiritually, this is how all of our collective souls see the world with eternity as the backdrop. The time it takes for humanity to see its own reflection of pain is viewed as time well spent on the other side of the veil. Humanity does not experience suffering this way and often wants to blame. Wars and pandemics teach us where we missed our mark and motivate us to seek better outcomes.

Here is an ancient, but simple formula:

Once we release our pain.

Return to the eternal principles that help us back on our feet again.

Then a higher consciousness for love can be born.

This is a simple but profound truth that humanity as a whole is challenged to realize.

On an individual level, this law simply states that love attracts love. Allowing divine love to flow into our life requires wanting it, believing we are worthy, and embodying this loving connection. It is important we believe we deserve love and develop an unshakable belief in our core goodness. The more we appreciate and love ourselves, the more love we attract from the outside world and divinity. Like attracts like. Everyone wants to be loved, but we need to love ourselves and understand how the laws of the universe work first. Clearing the illusion of separation from our culture, family and self are important for self-love. This will increase our capacity to give and receive love.

The following ideas are useful to attract more love:

  • Love yourself without conditions
  • Let your higher self/soul help or show you how to love yourself
  • Intellectually surrender, we don’t need to know everything
  • Be open to mysteries in life
  • Live in the now and become present
  • Examine every illusion you may have about a punitive God
  • Embrace your intuitive knowing about a loving universe
  • Give up the idea that you need to punish yourself for any reason
  • After a mistake, only focus upon what you will do different next time
  • Accept the fact that life brings both love and pain
  • We can handle both competently, while remaining loving and lovable

The law of love suggests we must love ourselves before we can totally comprehend a universe of love around us. When we feel unlovable, fail to examine our pain, much less heal it or inconsistently nurture our self, we will struggle in our ability to see other’s pain. The universe gives us challenges and what looks like trouble to our personality as an opportunity to heal our illusions blocking love. Wise individuals see through the pain as a door to go through. Once blocks are cleared, grace can come to help us embody the love we seek.

When we know there is a lovely jewel hidden beyond every painful snake, the law of love will hold no mystery to us. When our heart expands, pain will transform as we let our focus on suffering go. Peace follows. The more peace we feel, the more the law of love gives, mirrors and reflects more love to us. Humanity will heal the world by healing our self one soul at a time. People always activate issues with one another. When we heal our issue, we can help others heal theirs. Doing this helps us feel more love and attract more of the same from the universe. It will take time, but who would have guessed what has transpired since we first heard of covid-19.