Walk into death’s shadow with grace and gratitude

Bridge desolate valleys with an open heart and a smile

But be willing to kill anything to embrace your truest love

Death and destruction is a lover’s worthiest companion


Be courageous and discard every debilitating delusion

Clear out the clutter blocking the path to love’s door

Free the room of obstacles, dance with drunken abandon

Love’s way is always messy, petulant and disorganized


Devour your lover and let reckless passion be the goal

Ridiculous demands and unreasonable urges need expression

Passion is a living ecstatic frequency, so remove fear’s debris

Surrender is required before real love peeks its head in the door


Don’t spend one night in love without death as a close companion

You won’t find love’s light without darkness showing the way

You’ll never know true love without death’s shadow