As stated in Part I, our soul incarnates for one reason and one reason only…to love, to express love, to be love, and to be the eyes and ears of the divine in physical form. Each soul is an aspect of divinity and source experiences everything we explore. We choose to take a physical form for the same reason the divine created matter…to see our reflection, see it all, and experience divinity in all its forms. Mastering earth’s illusions, while supposedly separate from the divine is the compelling attraction. However, there is no separation in the deepest spiritual sense between our soul and source, which why we can do no wrong from the divine’s perspective.

Karmic law was created by the divine and our vast collective of souls to provide structure to the game of life, so humanity had rules to rely upon. Called cause and effect in the West and karma in the East, universal mirrors reflect the natural consequences of our actions back to us so we can see our reflection. A soul incarnates to explore lofty goals, aspects of life and eventually enlightenment knowing it will be hard on us personally. However, our soul is only interested in the big picture and the collective good, not our individual personal needs which is confusing to some of us. Once the five tenets of human existence are accepted, then the following five steps for a successful prayer make much more sense.

  1. Your soul, the universe and the divine hears all prayers.

Focus on your intented goal with lazar-like mental clarity. Emotions are powerful messengers, so  access your passion for your dream and let it build within your heart and soul. Then let your intention and passion burst out into the universe together. Visualize your desire approaching, gathering energy and gaining the necessary momentum to arrive. Imagine your optimal outcome and the positive feelings you would experience when the desired event manifests as you intend. Let go of thinking we are manipulating the divine or the universe. What you are doing is reprogramming your belief system.

Your initial creative spark sends a message to the universe that we wish to hold a new vision of focused desire. There is no past or future in the spiritual world, only the present, which is why we need to envision our dream manifesting and how we feel as it arrives. Give up planning the method, timing, and/or mapping out how the desired manifestation will occur. Surrendering control allows the divine and the universe more room to work. The creative spark of your prayer can fit into more places you never dreamt in your mind and do more good work this way.

    2. A prayer can never override someone’s soul directive or a group’s soul agenda.

Calmly hold the knowing that the divine and the universe hears all prayers. Let go of wanting to thank the divine before the prayer is answered because this smacks of manipulation. Accept the fact that we may not know our soul’s plan or the soul path of others. A soul’s agenda will always take priority over prayer. Many of the double-blind prayer studies have been scientifically inconclusive because the researchers allowed healers to map out solutions, fail to surrender to divine timing and/or consider their prayers may be in conflict with the soul agenda of the receiver.

    3. The divine provides the sun, water, the magic of synchronicity and the power of creative thought to mirror the creative impulse of your heart, mind, and soul.

Watching water boil doesn’t make it happen any quicker. Trust that the earth, the universe and the divine will respond to your prayer. Vigilance engenders fear and doubt which will cause your result to move away from you. Fear sends the following message to the universe and can undo a prayer, “I now wish to manifest fear.” If we are confused, the universe will match your confusion and return more confusion to you as if your prayer was a request for more confusion. Through karmic law the divine and the universe will match the core energies within your heart, mind, and soul in the moment you feel it.

Tell your soul to prepare and expect positive results from your prayer. This allows the seeds of your intention and passion to grow quickly. The intensity and sincerity of your prayer is paramount. The divine doesn’t solely react to your intention, source and the universe responds to your whole being. A powerful prayer is one of absolute, heartfelt, passionate desire. Surrender any attachments to the perfect way your prayer will be answered. Accept that whatever happens will be spiritually good for you even though your personality may think otherwise.

     4. When praying for individuals or groups in other parts of the world hold the image of perfect wisdom and compassion filling the hearts of others in trouble or full of hatred.

Sending energy to another is a mistake if they are ill or need help, without the following considerations. Visualize the individual or group solving their health riddle, finding necessary strength, and achieving their purpose. You are in effect sending them a vision to stimulate the health, wisdom, and wholeness, which is already inherent inside them. We are all perfect at the soul level. Pray for the individual’s personality or group to remember and hold the vision of perfect health located in their soul’s individual or collective template.

Do not assume someone or groups of people are empty and you and/or the divine must fill them up again. They are divine beings experimenting in illusion just like you. Earth is a free will planet, and some individuals and groups need to experience pain and suffering as they learn their soul lessons. Love requires we don’t take spiritual lessons away from them. If the painful lesson is removed prematurely, their soul will likely manifest it again, so the people involved learn the lesson themselves. There are no exceptions to this truth unless grace is involved.

This is why it is tricky to pray for others with your vision in mind as well as your preferred outcome. All souls want peace, love and their security needs met. This is why connecting to these positive images are empowering prayers. There are individuals and groups with wonderful agendas, but pain and suffering are the tools their souls know will get the job done. Thus, releasing your personal sense of timing and surrendering to another’s soul timing is critical. Prayers designed to steer them away from their spiritual agenda would dishonor them.

    5. When praying for yourself, focus your awareness on good health, happiness, and inner peace to remind yourself of these desired states.

If step five doesn’t work, it would be wise to talk to your soul and find out what your soul’s agenda happens to be around the problem you want changed. There may be dysfunctional beliefs buried in your subconscious manifesting your undesirable series of events. If this is true, our soul will assist the negative outcomes until we are motivated to revisit our illusionary beliefs so we can change them. In summary, every human being is an aspect of the divine due to his or her eternal soul. This is the reason bargains, prayers of supplication, adoration and begging for some desired event or outcome do not carry the punch people desire as stated in the beginning of this two part series about the tenets and steps of a successful prayer.

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