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Forgiveness is our ability to express one’s divinity in a joyful way. For survival purposes our intellect categorizes emotional events and every decision we make as right or wrong. This trial-and-error method has been used by everyone on earth since the beginning of time. From our personality’s point of view everyone makes mistakes, which makes it virtually impossible to avoid making them throughout our life. This article will explore how forgiveness works on the emotional, psychological, and spiritual level as we become more conscious. Do not confuse forgiveness as weakness. It is far from that. Forgiveness is merely the ability to recognize an error and learn from it.

Earth is planet of illusion for many reasons. Forgetting our spiritual origins allows our soul to explore darkness only to find our way back home again is one of them. Our soul knows we will take wrong turns and bump into things in the dark. It is useful to imagine earth as a dark closet for a soul. Our soul is used to sunny days and wide-open spaces where it embraces the divine and plays in open meadows since the beginning of time. Then, one day we decide to go into our earthen house, which feels like a closet to our soul. When the door closes everything goes dark immediately. As our eyes struggle to adjust to the darkness, we effectively become blind.

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Our soul chose to incarnate to find out what would do and how to create a human guidance system in a limited situation. When temporarily blinded in a confined space full of obstacles, people bump into things until they get their bearings. From the divine’s point of view, blind people bump into things, and this is just what happens on earth. We are not judged or faulted for falling into obstacles. Everyone knew this would happen before we incarnated. So, there is no need to be forgiven by the divine or our soul. Forgiveness is a mental activity only employed by our personality.

The punishment systems people and religions devise to learn, correct, and teach themselves to navigate earth’s dark closet while temporarily blinded has become an ongoing problem for humanity. Many religions have painted the divine as a punishing god. Unfortunately, this belief system paves the way for practitioners to beg for forgiveness for the sorrow in their life or for whatever is going on that divine forgiveness would solve. What is happening is a universal, natural law, which in the West is called cause and effect, and in the East…karma. Additionally, our soul plans its incarnation with planned obstacles such as illness and/or tragedy in the closet as tool for our soul to express its agenda and/or issue to explore. All illnesses, significant struggles, and troubles originate from these two sources.

Breaking out of the tight confines of our closet is possible when we create empowered options for ourselves. Sometimes groups of souls agree to tackle the same problem together like a war, famine and/or terrorism to see how a group of souls respond to similar obstacles. It is important to realize that the only real punishment comes from our self and our desire to navigate dark closets with painful reminders of what to do, where to go, and what not to bump into. Forgiveness at the deepest level requires knowledge of the immortal truths just mentioned and is a required skill to learn and grow as a spiritual being.

So how does forgiveness work on the soul level? It begins when we stop punishing ourselves for our problems. Then bumping into an obstacle is seen as a way to learn how to navigate in darkness in order to find the light…plane and simple. Once we learn where to go and what to avoid during our lifetime, our task is accomplished. This is how we can release the punishment-forgiveness paradigm within ourselves. Of course, these concepts apply to our friends, family and enemies who drive us crazy. Many of the obstacles in our closet are the people in our life and their behavior towards us. Our challenge is to realize that the people who love and victimize us are universal mirrors reflecting our internal truth back to us. The pain we experience is for educational purposes only, not more fuel for recycling retaliation, grudges, and resentment. Refusing to forgive others is merely a reflection our internal mental turmoil.

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Earth is a closet full of obstacles that everyone of us chose to explore. Do not let a lack of forgiveness for being bumped become one of the obstacles in your closet. Spiritually speaking, being harmed by another naturally occurs on earth because people will always bump into one another in the dark. Blaming, holding onto judgment, and burning resentment represent a lack of forgiveness and a fundamental misunderstanding of ultimate purpose of darkness. Pain creates an internal crisis when people and/or a problem bumps into us. The opportunity within a crisis from a yin-yang perspective is to learn what darkness is really presenting to us beyond the knee-jerk righteous indignation and retribution many of us employ. How we handle our suffering and navigate through challenges is more important than why they occurred or not.

Self-punishment is another obstacle to overcome. Holding onto resentment and anger, while withholding forgiveness only provide more obstacles to experiencing our soul’s light again. Refusing to forgive is one of the dark corners many have explored. Woe is another dark corner that many wallow within. Some become mired in victim-consciousness and gather in pity parties that refuse to forgive. Unfortunately, these misguided people fundamentally misunderstand the true nature of closet exploration on earth.

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Avoid the victim-consciousness closet corner of hell on earth. Be flexible under duress and learn the positive lessons a crisis can offer. We incarnated to learn how to shine and enlighten dark closets. We embody our light with love, self-love, and loving our neighbor. Forgive yourself for your mistakes and others, who crash into us on earth. Since we chose to go into earth’s closet and our soul uses obstacles to teach us lessons, forgive the divine for providing your opportunity to explore earth this way.

Our challenge is to appreciate the mystery within our life. The divine does not purposely put obstacles before us as some cosmic test. Learn how to walk around them to achieve your goal. Closets can be fun to play in, when our senses are reduced. We learn more about ourselves and develop amazing skills to compensate during trying times. Our soul knows endless sunshine and unlimited spaces. Imagine how much more our soul will know about those places after leaving earth. Hopefully, we can stumble more gracefully with these perspectives in earth’s closet. Forgive yourself and everyone else for the obstacles that disrupt your life. Learn how to walk around them to bring the light to the darkest places on earth. Play in the dark with an inquisitive lightness of being. Have fun exploring and consider obstacles as growth opportunities. Then we can be the light our soul wanted to embody through forgiveness and then we can all dance together spectacularly.

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