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Beloved aspects of divine consciousness, this article will explore the role angels and earth fairies play in our lives and how to interact with them. When in service as a human guardian, angels assist our connection to all of divinity. When an angel helps us with our projects and dreams, it is not done randomly. Everything is carefully planned and negotiated in a pre-incarnation meeting. Guardian angels volunteer for service just as we choose to incarnate. Every agreement is negotiated in love and is always appropriate for our highest good.

An earth walk is a deep dive into a physical world loaded with mirrors and illusions. Since like attracts like, due to the Law of Attraction, universal mirrors reflect not only loving actions, but also our illusions for review. Additionally, there are mirrors that reflect the divine to us, our divinity, and our divine home where our journey started. Angels mirror our divinity by reflecting unconditional love/support, dedication to service and the joy of that service back to us. And of course, the reason we choose to incarnate is to express our divine nature and embody these same qualities during our lifetime.

Angels function like a spiritual umbrella insurance policy helping us stay on course, reminding us of our divine origins and saving our butt from trouble in unseen ways when we are mired in illusion. They channel the divine’s loving energy to us on our behalf. It is a labor of love for a guardian angel to love us without conditions.They relish this service and opportunity to help. Angels line up on the other side of the veil to help humanity and provide this service.

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Guardian angels whisper in our ear and inspire in countless ways to help us achieve our spiritual goals. Many people consider angelic input as intuitive wisdom and/or divine inspiration and basically, they are correct. However, guardian angels are much more than that. Angels are aspects of divine consciousness that live at our doorstep and sleep in our bed next to us. They become very close to us and we with them during our lifetime.They are a living reminder of our divine home and the peace and love we left behind to experiment in earth’s illusions. Angels act like fairy godfathers and godmothers that leave inspirational breadcrumbs towards our spiritual goals. Angels of mercy and generosity personified, they help us return home again.

Our challenge is to embrace our guardian angels and let them do their work. Play with your angels, dance with them, and use their expertise with divine energies every day. Sing with your angels for they harmonize daily around us. Singing keeps their spirits up so they can help us even though we don’t hear them. Walk with your angels and consult with them as often as you can. Set the intention to communicate with your guardian angels every day for they see the big picture and can steer us around delays and/or trouble. They are happy to serve and can help immensely.

Now let’s discuss the earth fairies’ purpose and how to work with them.

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Earth fairies love to dance, play, and joyfully support all growth, which includes humanity and every living organism on earth. Many think they are alone on their earth walk except for some spiritual masters and angels. It is important to remember the world is not only alive with spirit but also fairies. Fairies live in the earth with Sanat Kumara. According to Theosophical writings, Sanat Kumara is the lord or regent of earth and humanity. He/she is thought to be the embodiment of the divine aspect of earth.[1] [2]

What is their purpose you ask? Fairies hold the joy of the earth in a similar way dolphins do for the oceans, water, and the planet. Of course, the dolphins are not alone in their efforts to help. Fairies, for example, aid strangers and strugglers to help them find water, food, and substance. They negotiate with animals to help them consider giving up their life for the benefit of others especially humanity. Earth fairies love their work and provide this service to every living creature and plant on mother earth.

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When life begins for any organism on earth, it was created from a divine blueprint and fairies have access to these blueprints. Since they live on earth and fulfill the divine’s wishes, fairies in essence serve as divine hands…on earth. The divine is rooted within them and they operationalize the divine’s wishes. Fairies monitor everyone’s growth blueprints and send energy to have everything, and everyone evolve as it was planned.

If we are injured, fairies support our healing and regeneration of skin, tissue, and structure for all healing on earth. Fairies also help Sanat Kumara heal from humanity’s presence, which most of us term mother earth. Fairies are in essence divine love in spirit form that individuated into many entities just like humanity does to have a personal experience of the divine.

Divine love in pixie form, fairies play, dance, sing songs as divine love pulsates through their heart and soul. They love spreading love around, which was beautifully illustrated in the Walt Disney’s movie Fantasia (1940) in the Waltz of the Flowers  and the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. They hold the vision for successful completion of every organism’s growth and help funnel prana towards one’s projects. In essence, they are the divine’s hands on earth. Since fairies never lose their divine connection, they help remind everyone of this truth and possibility. Consider consulting with the earth fairies when you have a project and need assistance. They like appreciation like everyone else. However, they do not need it nor would it change their work…it is just a nice thing to do.

Loving their work, knowing it as play, fairies dance the day away. They hold this vision for everyone on earth to approach their life this way. Humanity left oneness to experience illusion and fairies hold the consciousness we want to return to. Hold the intention to play and dance with the fairies and they will come to you every time. Ask them to heal your wounds, but do it playfully with joy for they work better in a positive environment. Ask to be shown the light and hold the vision for everyone’s healing on mother earth for they are the foot soldiers for the divine. While many other entities help heal and change the world, earth fairies are the smallest and most numerous since many live around every living organism on earth. Never forget this truth.

Every living organism on earth has many fairies around it assisting its growth, maintaining its life, and supporting its evolution and place in the tapestry of life. Fairies love beauty, color, and life’s vibration. They love arranging pictures of harmony and balancing the many life forms into the most supportive ways possible.

Dance with your fairies when you can and when you can’t, because it is always good to dance with the fairies. They will always be dancing around you no matter what you believe about them. When you recognize your fairy dancing partners, the fairies get giddy and will help you do the same. Everyone needs light in the world and fairies are the divine’s way to enlighten everyone and everything in the world. It is always fun to play with friends and your fairies will never leave you.

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