Several years ago, my wife Nancy and I traveled to Maui, Hawaii rented sea kayaks and found a Humpback whale singing right below our boat one afternoon. The sound rattled our bones as we slipped into the water and recorded the song. We never saw the whale, but the full-body vibrations truly penetrated our heart and soul. The message I received the next day about our encounter follows below. As you read the message, allow the same vibrations we experienced embrace your heart and soul.

Harmony’s Song

Aloha from the Aloha state, we sent you a singing whale who is one of our ancient ones to sing you a love song yesterday for two reasons. Every one of you is suffering in one way or another so we wanted to give you a reminder about the power of gentleness. Secondarily, we want you to embody peace, love and harmony so we instilled these frequencies into your biology. You couldn’t see our ambassador because the song needed to be physically absorbed by an appreciative heart without the distractions of sight and photography diluting the moment.

Everyone has their individual story but many suffer around the world. Humanity is in the initial stages of epic climate upheaval and a momentous shift of consciousness that some call ascension. We don’t see it that way however and consider these changes as our collective homecoming. Everyone on earth is just taking one step closer to realizing why they came here and examining their purpose on earth.

Problems of significant proportions occupy your minds providing each of you hours of angst. We came into your lives with love in our hearts and changed the course of your day. We hope we gave you a memory that will last lifetimes because our singer planted codes and energetic frequencies in your biology designed to help you become more like us.

Everyone knows we have been hunted, killed and mistreated by humans for centuries. Yet we love mankind, maintain contact and provide a living example of alternatives to hatred, conflict and strife. Humanity has created too much negativity and desires change. Believe us…change is coming. More upheaval will come and the following strategies that we employ are useful during challenging times.

  1. Learn your Lessons:  Every event presents a spiritual challenge to bring love, peace and harmony to a problem. Start by learning your lessons…consider what you could have done differently when problems arise. Look at the other person, group or country and focus on the positive intention they were trying to accomplish next, not upon the dysfunctional way they are coming across that makes you want to judge them. What we judge attracts more of what we do not like to us.
  1. Love:  When you witness another’s frailties send love, help them heal and envision them becoming more mature. Accept their humanness, release your pain, nurture your wounds and resist the urge to blame, judge or justify to others. Lick your wounds with love or with a song as this audio so beautifully demonstrates.
  1.  Peace:  Love heals and peace is the product of sustained loving thoughts that refuse to fall into polarity traps that create separation. We create peace by learning our lessons that our soul co-created with spirit to teach our biology a lesson about love, the lack of it or the detour we just took steering us off course. As creators every one of us is challenged to understand and truly accept this fact.
  1. Harmony:  Harmony is similarly achieved with a sustained loving presence and the resulting peace in turn creates not only an internalized harmony but now extends into your electromagnetic field affecting everyone in your vicinity. The song we sang to you was harmony and its associated frequencies. This song was not only for you however.  Since we are all one and earth is going through so many changes, harmony and its frequencies is what is needed during times of change. When internal harmony is achieved it becomes a beacon calling others to dinner. It nurtures, soothes and creates bonds of friendship, teamwork and cooperation.
Peace, Love and Harmony.

These three eternal emotional states and their associated vibratory frequencies is what whales try to embody every day. We wish you would do the same and approach every problem this way. When you are troubled, remember these sentiments, ask for help but more importantly embody these traits within your body, mind and soul. You never know when a whale will come and sing you a song to remind you of this message.

Remember our song and loving intention, which we hope will be translated into your intention to love and be love… so you can find out what you need to do to become more loving no matter what is going on around you. Mother earth, humanity and each of you are going through many changes. Please consider our suggestions and remember that we love you dearly. We pray for humanity and the planet but more importantly we know that we are the answer to our prayers. So we try to become more peaceful, loving and harmonious everyday and wait for the world to follow suit.


Peace, Love and Harmony
The Whales of Hawaii