We are all swallows gliding together in a seashore estuary lifted high occasionally by warm, loving wind currents. Magic happens when are one with the earth, our body and divinity. Even though we occasionally soar into the heavens with our soul, our body will crash on earth often enough. This is the nature of life on earth. Like toddlers, we are all figuring out how our body works and frequently fall. The solution isn’t never falling, but how we rise and stand tall again. After crashing and burning, do you jump up and look forward to trying again with enthusiasm and passion…or wallow in despair and pessimism? This article describes how intention and manifestation need to work together.

In the simplest terms, be like the toddler who falls and immediately gets back on his/her feet determined to run again without the thought of failure. From deep within your soul, fuel your passion to run or realize any dream each day. Focus on your positive intention and your heartfelt desire during your next attempt. Embody your vision, embrace your dream, and link your will power with positive actions. Fuel of your passion with desire and visualize success. Learn to trust in yourself and your natural instincts. Expect the divine will and the entire universe wants to support you.

After falling, access your inner toddler who immediately gets right back up…more determined than ever. Focus on the goal, narrow your intention, and let desire fill your heart with passion. Then let your legs carry you naturally in their own fashion. Don’t focus on each step or read journals about how toddlers run. Toddlers don’t read them. They just run, fall, dust themselves off and cry when falling hurts too much. Then they try and try again using the renewable energy of heartfelt intention birthed deep within their soul. After too many crashes, this is a difficult task for many. This can lead to self-doubt and/or the illusion that the divine doesn’t want us to succeed. Generally, this is not what is going on. The divine does not block children from running unless that child’s soul incarnated with planned physical challenges. Consider any obstacle, failure or misstep as a test of will power and a personal challenge to overcome.

We are all figments of imagination from the divine. During this time of evidence-based science and Internet mixed-messages it is never too late to learn how to manifest your heart’s desire. Learn how to unify your mind, heart, and soul to any desired positive goal. No more, no less. Once we balance our body, mind, and spirit, we will run freely just like we did naturally as a toddler. Run to your goals and learn how to create the necessary balance just described to manifest your dreams. When you crash, catch your balance and check what’s out of whack. To regain harmony…desire, passion, joy, and positive intention must work together. Toddlers learn from the balance of intention and a natural desire to run to goals quicker. Be like the pigeon below and enjoy watching the earth fly by. Run into your dreams and feel the wind in your hair like every bird on the wing.