Sometimes stories and parables are best told as first person narratives. Imagine with me a world where every creature, being and physical structure is conscious, present and gabby.


Welcome to my rabbit hole!

Human Bonding

The mother’s womb provides everyone with his or her first bonding experience. This initial template of being awash and physically merged in a nurturing environment can potentially meet all our needs—or not. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this is where each of our individual paths starts to differ.

Some experience their mother’s womb as nirvana, an embryonic sea of love they long to return to during their lifetime. Others experience this oneness with their mother as painful agony, because they also merge with all her unresolved historical suffering and/or traumas. This can include the psychological and physical emotional states of the mother and, to a lesser degree, the father, during the pregnancy. These shared, empathic energetic templates can become embedded in the deep recesses of our developing body, mind, and spirit.

These positive or negative embryonic experiences form the foundation of our general emotional makeup as we develop. These experiences play out in different ways, depending on the path that the individual soul planned out before its incarnation. Childhood further cements this positive or negative template, which helps or hinders our worldview of life. It is also important to know how and why we choose our parents and soul groups. This knowledge helps prevent the seductive tentacles of victim consciousness accompanying us on our earth walk. People have many theories about why we are born into a particular family, but the simple answer is: we choose our parents, and they choose us.

There is a grand planning session where everyone in a potential family sits down and goes over everyone else’s needs and desires to compare how compatible they are with their own. Cooperation and care given to every detail are paramount in this gathering. Careful attention is given to group plans and agendas soul groups decide to explore collectively. Each soul maps out its goals and challenges, as well as the resources that will be needed to address obstacles along the way. Positive strengths and talents to be explored by each family member are planned as well.

An energetic occurrence, often called “heart space,” happens when mothers birth their young in any species. It is a co-mingling of each other’s soul energy that allows direct communication with each other through their merged energetic beginnings. When humans experience this spiritual bond, an energetic field is biologically encoded in the cellular walls around the heart. Many have called this feminine intuition, but it is a spiritual union that never really gets broken unless either one of them falls deep into illusion and forgets their connection to the other.

Everyone knows that some mothers don’t have a deep connection with their offspring. What generally occurs in these situations is a genetic break or trauma. Natural selection provides mothers and children the opportunity to vary the depth of their bond to further enhance each other’s soul journey. This may include a weakened or absent bond with one another, which provides interesting twists to one’s life. More illusionary challenges usually occur for these individuals to find their way back to a loving connection to themselves, others, and the Divine. Oftentimes the mother plays out a similar illusionary game as her child to find out how to find a loving connection to the same places just described.

Fathers use another bonding path with their offspring. Males don’t have the biological benefit of the newborn growing inside them, with an organic opportunity for each other’s soul to ease into a shared energetic, spiritual resonance with one another. Fathers must make a conscious choice to bond with their child and connect to their newborn’s soul without the benefit of constant biological feedback and support. And they must consistently follow through in their bonding choice with their behavior.

Conscious fathers who have done their own spiritual work intuitively connect to their newborn child with their own heart. Men who have had loving caregivers, families, and parents often rely on those experiences as a model to help them accomplish this. The newborn infant is always receptive to their father’s positive intention to bond, unless either of them has decided to explore their world with damaged or absent bonds as an energetic template to start their incarnation.
The other challenge for the father is that he needs to allow the child’s soul to enter his heart, receive the child’s reflective love, and return his love back to his child. Fathers also need to create the space in their own heart to anchor this energetic connection. Many souls incarnate as men to attempt this more challenging way to bond and spiritually merge souls in a human form. Some women incarnate to experience deep interactive bonds with their children. There are mothers that get lost in their bond with their children and lose their own spiritual connection. So, there are benefits and challenges to overcome with both genders.

Some may ask, why would source create these two bonding methods when one gender could try to cover all the possibilities? We do it because balance is the key. Men tend to remain more focused on their own life, needs, and direction, which is an important aspect of self-love and the creative imperative. Their ability to bond with self, others and spirit is more of a challenge without the organic boost the ability to birth children gives women however.

Mothers, on the other hand, can explore deep connection with self, others and the soul of their offspring, but can lose their sense of self, their own creative impulses, and directed focus that healthy individualization provides. Both genders are honored on the other side of the veil for booth of these wonderful, creative paths. The balance or lack of it within these two paths creates tension, opportunities to grow, and models for the offspring. Substantial creativity can come from the perspective each gender can offer the other on this planet of dualism.

As stated earlier, humanity is the only species that incarnates without a soul connection in place at birth. The following information about whale and dolphin bonding practices gives examples of how they parent consciously while maintaining their spiritual connection. Living examples of how they do it with their offspring are included.

Whale Bonding

The spiritual union between a mother whale and its calf differs from humans. Whales never lose their connection to the divine and feel oneness all the time. There is less emphasis on the connection between the mother/calf bond compared to people. Whale fathers spiritually assist their calf’s soul intention to be co-conscious with their physical body and source. They maintain this energetic connection, so their calf experiences its birth while bonding with its mother and the divine simultaneously. They do this out of loving service while the baby calf learns to inhabit its whale body and develop life survival skills. Males also take turns assisting the mother and calf as protective escorts when they migrate from birthing waters back to other habitats.

This is one of the major mother/child bonding differences between humans and whales. Humans play a deeper game of exploration into illusion by skipping the built-in physical link to source during their incarnation. While the human soul is always linked to the divine, the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of our body are not linked to our soul at birth. Whales dedicate themselves to creating and maintaining this link, so the calf never loses its connection to source throughout its life.

Video by Nancy Ehrke

This unshakeable relationship to source provides the explanation as to how whales can hold their consciousness no matter what happens to their body. Dolphins do the same thing with a few variations. Male whales provide the genetics through their sperm but also hold the energetic intention in their heart to strengthen the calf’s divine connection. Father whales send a frequency to their offspring that contains heartfelt intentions designed to facilitate the calf’s ability to become co-conscious with their soul and source. They sing their songs for the whale community and Mother Earth. Their songs create a vortex that also holds the calf in a web of unconditional love between the hearts and souls of all the supporting whales, the mother, and the calf itself.


Patience with love is more powerful than any force in the universe. The willingness to be who you are because you couldn’t be anything less, no matter what is happening—even extinction—is the path of the mystic. As you know, many spiritual masters have lived this kind of life on earth. It is not the death of the individual or species that matters the most. We know that we are one with source and easily go on to our next physical expression. But the death of the virtues held sacred by us—the love, gentleness, power, and fortitude mentioned above—would be the deepest tragedy. For then our reflection, purpose for being, and message would not have been heard or understood. This would sadden us the most.

Please consider learning more about our message about reflective mirroring and pass it on to the generations of humans to come. We look forward to working with humanity as partners and ambassadors of the divine’s love to reflect these qualities to help awaken everyone’s spiritual nature. Divinity isn’t “out there”; it’s the quality of our soul. We are just reflections of divine love ourselves, spreading the joy of our expression for the short time we have on earth. Don’t waste time ignoring your soul’s longing to return to love, peace, and harmony.

Be love, peace, and harmony within yourself and with others on earth. Live your dreams now, for there is no other way. Spread your love around while we cheer you on and celebrate with you. We breech for fun because the powerful display of strength inspires awe for ourselves and anyone witnessing our joy. When you sing, dance, and express your passionate, loving energies within, the world will sing, dance, and reflect them back to you in return.

Peace, love and harmony,
The Whales


Dolphin Bonding

Dolphins bond in similar ways to whales but are not so individualistic. Whales are solitary creatures for the most part, unless they are feeding cooperatively, raising their young, or breeding at their sacred locations. Dolphins travel and exist in pods for the most part. They explore group energy much more in depth and hold loving group intentions for themselves and divinity.

Female dolphins consciously decide to become a mother and create an offspring. The female will seek out a male that holds the energy she determines is the best match for her intentions. The male does the same thing to a lesser degree, but frequently just enjoys mating whenever he can.
The mother dolphin basically “calls the shots” when a calf is born. Females travel in pods and provide group energy and bonding for the mother and calf. They provide mirror reflections of each other and divinity to deepen their bonds and expand their hearts with love and joy.

Pod connections help dolphins deepen their connection to oneness. The collective bonding the calf receives from the pod helps them deepen their joy and express it more freely than the whale community. Dolphins incarnate to be living examples of divine joy and attempt to always hold this frequency. The mirrored faces of friends and family are key to maintaining this joy; they remind them of their spiritual connection and help them maintain that expression throughout their lifetime.

Male dolphins provide the sperm and genetics but also add another dimension. They travel in pods with other males, isolate themselves, and mingle with other pods. This cross-fertilization provides new interacting combinations and connections, a necessary function for themselves and their species as well. The male dolphin’s ability to explore different relationships and spend time in solitude provides the opportunity for the freshness required for the unique maintenance of joyful energy. Everyone gets into ruts and routine sets of behavior. This is true for families, countries, and all life in general on earth. Fresh ideas and unique combinations of new concepts come from interactions with others not cut of the same cloth. Father dolphins hold the intention in their heart that every new discovery is transmitted energetically and telepathically to their young calf as an inspirational template. Males do this for the whole species and all life in general as well. All dolphins do this, but the males have more time, since they don’t raise the young and spend as much time in pod dynamics.

Females explore the power of nurturing group energy by living in same-sex pods throughout their lives. The process of giving comes from the heart and nurtures everyone around the dolphin. Dolphins have learned that a void is created when heart energy is given without proper replenishment. If a dolphin, or anyone for that matter, is not diligent with the amount of nurturing energy they send out from their heart, a deficiency can develop. Chronic expenditures of this nature can propel the physical body to seek reserves from its physical structure to fuel the heart’s demand to give to others.
Female dolphins radiate loving energy for their friends to make sure their energetic voids are filled to the brim so that the group can nurture areas of the ocean with an umbrella of loving joy. Many women explore this same giving energy on earth, but do it individually, which can lead to a nurturing debt and the subsequent physical demands on one’s body. Giving always needs to be balanced with receiving.

The group dynamics of constantly nurturing each other and loving everyone they meet as an expression of their joy is what female dolphins come to explore. Joy needs to be expressed and given from a position of strength, and this is their feminine contribution. These nurturing group dynamics produce baby dolphins whose hearts can transmit tremendous amounts of love. The female pod is totally dedicated to the physical and spiritual welfare of the baby calf. Each member of the pod treats the baby as a treasured, loved being worthy of love, honor, and respect. The exploration of the group dynamics of loved mirrored this way helps raise totally loved and self-confident dolphins that believe they are worthy of love and are ready to express it every day by giving love to everyone they meet.

Video by BottomTime Adventures
Music by Ragani


My first dolphin swim

The first experience swimming with dolphins was at a ten-day Dolphin Camp in the Florida Keys in 1993 designed for inter-species communication. The following events changed my life forever, propelling me to become an energy healer and seek truth wherever it appeared.

My first two swims with captive dolphins provided extraordinary joy for me in the water and splitting headaches when I got out of it. I initially guessed my problems came from being from Wisconsin and unaccustomed to the tropical sun. A gifted healer in our group told me that was not what was going on and offered to help me. After releasing my unresolved childhood issues with each parent around joy for the next two evenings, my health returned.

Then two wild bottlenose dolphins off the shores of Key West, Florida introduced me into a whole new world on the third day. I learned that positive energy has frequencies that can cause headaches but also do much, much more. As soon as I got into the water, two dolphins swam a few feet away on either side of me in formation for what seemed like an eternity. When one of us flipped upside down, everyone copied one other. One dolphin would occasionally speed out in front, rush toward me head on, and veer away just a few feet from my head in a playful game of chicken. Time stood still as we played together in an amazing state of love, peace, and harmony.

At some point one part of my brain wondered where our boat was located. The instant that thought crossed my mind, the dolphins stopped, spun around, and started swimming toward the boat with me in tow. My mistake became immediately clear to me. I begged and pleaded with them to stay with me, while I tried to demonstrate to them that my emotions were under control. As far as they were concerned, I was overcooked, needed to return to the boat to remember that I was merely human. I got out of the water half expecting my headache to return, but I felt a blissful peace as I had never experienced throughout my being for the next ten days. The previous two days of clearing my blocks to joy with the dolphins helped prepare me for this new sense of profound joy.

Dolphin’s sonar produces frequencies that mirror the natural healing resonance of Mother Earth. It’s clear to me now that the dolphins’ higher frequencies jarred my system into a new state of being that was better than anything I had experienced before. Nothing in my psychotherapy training came close to working as effectively and powerfully as the energy healer with her dolphin assistants.

Eight years later, in 2001, I received the following message during meditation on three consecutive evenings after swimming with wild spotted dolphins off the island of Bimini in the Bahamas, where the previous dolphin video was filmed. This meditation describes the dolphin’s purpose on earth and the energy they hold throughout their lifetime. The dolphins also explain what they’re trying to accomplish when they choose to interact with people.


Dolphin Meditation

Dolphins remain intimately connected to divinity throughout their lifetime, while many humans have forgotten their roots and/or believe in some critical deity that is no fun. We hear humanity’s prayers, rejoice in your accomplishments, and notice the strides you have made on your path toward enlightenment. The burning desire to seek enlightenment is a difficult emotion to experience on earth without the joy that comes from a loving relationship with your soul, unity consciousness, and all of divinity.

We have something to teach humanity because we’ve learned that we can’t do it alone. Since we travel and live in pods primarily, we see our reflections of divinity in ourselves and in our pod mates. However, dolphins forget who we are, just like humans; then our buddies help remind us of who we really are. As a species, human beings explore dualism’s shadows more thoroughly than any creature on the planet. Your collective decision to incarnate in illusion’s darkness to rediscover your soul’s light on your own intrigues us. Even mollusks have a deeper connection to source than most people. Mankind is truly the master of illusion.

The universe provides mirrors to give clues to assist humanity in your efforts to remember who you are. Unfortunately, the struggle for survival frequently locks in tight thinking patterns when dualism and intellectualization remain in charge. Attempts to dominate and control the physical world offer temporary security solutions that seduce the mind. Unfortunately, illusions such as these lack universal wisdom and bankrupt a soul’s ability to access permanent forms of mastery that lie within our true spiritual power.

Dolphins incarnate to be joy, express Divinity’s joy, and hold the consciousness of joy on the planet. It’s our joy to do so—pun intended. Imagine souls lining up to be dolphins wanting to be Divinity’s expression of joy. It’s a rowdy line-up of souls, and we would have it no other way. Joy expressed is what we embody. Romping puppy dogs and kitty cats playing are living examples of this joy. Babies giggling to their heart’s content exemplify the energy we try to hold throughout our lifetime.
Joy is infectious and needs to be shared. Dolphins need companionship and crave it, just like humanity does. We experience this loving connection within our pods and the dolphin collective. We enjoy interacting with humans; it is the highlight of our day to make people happy. We pride ourselves in finding ingenious ways to make people laugh. When you see our heads bobbing and looking around, this is a sign that we’re laughing as well. We laugh in our hearts when we are full of joy and risibility—and experience Divinity laughing with us. This makes our hearts feel complete.

Dolphins like to mess with your minds to teach humans to let go of grasping for joy. Joy can’t be grasped; it is not “out there.” Nor is it something one can take from another. It is an elusive but important emotion that comes from within. When we open ourselves to the quality of our soul by being completely present in the moment, doing exactly what gives us the most joy, and being in touch with what really matters to us, joy spontaneously occurs. Our soul recognizes the beautiful expression of our passion and the deep knowing that there is nothing more important in the world than expressing the quality of joy more fully. Joy is the body’s way of saying . . . YES!

Joy is the path to the Divine, others, oneself—and all there is. It lets us know we’re on the right path. Everything in life becomes easier, smoother, and in harmony when we live our life embracing our soul’s joyful nature. Letting joy have a home in our hearts makes us laugh, cry, and desire more happiness in our lives. Joy reminds us of the loving nature of our spiritual home and helps us release the grip of earth’s darker illusions. Remember the importance of joy and be the bearers of this dolphin message to all humanity. It is not just the dolphin’s message; it is the message of our own soul and our divine nature: joy, laughter, and peace.

Human beings and dolphins are peaceful, loving, and harmonious expressions of the universal joy. We vibrate with playfulness and stupendous amounts of courage to incarnate, forget who we are, and spend our time rediscovering these qualities. Since we are all manifestations of divine love, our heart will expand exponentially when we’re enjoying ourselves. Fear diminishes everyone.

It’s normal and tempting for everyone to forget his or her origins. Since everyone needs reminders of how worthy they are, we love to remind you. Conscious parents do the same for their children as they master earth’s illusions and discover their place in the world. Since dolphins have forgotten less than humans, it’s our joy to hold this awareness for the planet and transmit these transcendent truths to everyone.

Everyone knows that life isn’t perfect for each soul, but dolphins always have time to play, make love, and remember the source from which we came from. We love to teach humans about possibilities during our brief encounters. We play with you when your heart wants to play. We love you continuously whether your heart is receptive to us or not. We offer love, peace, and harmony to you so that you won’t forget these joyful vibrations within yourselves. The most important reflection we provide is the possibility of living your life as one physical being united with your soul.

There’s nothing more important to do while you are on earth than to give and receive love. Dolphins enjoy incarnating so that they can play on Mother Earth this way. When it becomes your pleasure to give and receive love joyfully from your heart, the whole world will love you in return. We live this truth and don’t buy into the illusions of dualism. (good/evil, light vs. dark)

Live every day to its fullest, be the divine spark you are, and express your heartfelt passion. Surround yourself with love every day, particularly self-love since it mirrors the self-knowledge of your own loving nature and lovability. This loving vortex of energy will propel you to want to share it with others. Notice how much we enjoy each other in the water as well as everyone swimming with us.

The dolphin’s message is as follows:
     Be love.
     Express love.
     Give love.
     The world will match your energy.
     And then give even more in return.

A healthy life flows from simply following these laws of the universe. Follow our suggestions and you will never be depressed again.

Most people don’t know what they’re capable of accomplishing without clues from the divinity’s helpful mirrors. More and more people are swimming with us and receiving our joyful message of love, peace, and harmony. It delights us no end to see humanity awaken, and your appreciation gives us hope for mankind. We’ve wondered for some time if human beings would ever become conscious.

Humanity is not alone on this planet, and every creature on this planet, including plants, insects, and source conspire together. We serve as universal mirrors so that mankind will awaken to the truth of who you are. So how do we implement these ideas when you swim with us, you might ask?

Your intellect is a treasure as well as a shackle. One needs to be connected to joy, love, spontaneity, and a deep regard for your divine nature before anyone starts to use their intellect wisely. It’s not about things—it’s about love. One of the tricks about worthiness is learning how to receive love without doing anything. Therefore, we reward those of you who get it when you swim with us by sticking around. We gently teach by withdrawing when you think you need to chase us and believe grabbing makes a difference.

We have no possessions and yet you want what we have. What we have is love, partnership, and joy. With these treasures you possess all the riches in the world. Let us mirror Divinity to you so that you can be changed forever. Reflect these qualities to your loved ones back home. Develop communities of people that value love, peace, and harmony over possessions, illusions, and greed. We joyfully offer our love. We gladly offer ourselves. You enrich our lives every day we swim with you. This is how the world becomes one family playing with love throughout creation.

Intro – Harmony’s Song

Several years ago, my wife Nancy and I traveled to Maui, Hawaii rented sea kayaks and found a Humpback whale singing right below our boat one afternoon. The sound rattled our bones as we slipped into the water and recorded the song. We never saw the whale, but the full-body vibrations truly penetrated our heart and soul. The message I received the next day about our encounter follows below. As you read the message, allow the same vibrations we experienced embrace your heart and soul.


Harmony’s Song

Aloha from the Aloha state, we sent you a singing whale who is one of our ancient ones to sing you a love song yesterday for two reasons. Every one of you is suffering in one way or another so we wanted to give you a reminder about the power of gentleness. Secondarily, we want you to embody peace, love and harmony so we instilled these frequencies into your biology. You couldn’t see our ambassador because the song needed to be physically absorbed by an appreciative heart without the distractions of sight and photography diluting the moment.

Everyone has their individual story but many suffer around the world. Humanity is in the initial stages of epic climate upheaval and a momentous shift of consciousness that some call ascension. We don’t see it that way however and consider these changes as our collective homecoming. Everyone on earth is just taking one step closer to realizing why they came here and examining their purpose on earth.

Problems of significant proportions occupy your minds providing each of you hours of angst. We came into your lives with love in our hearts and changed the course of your day. We hope we gave you a memory that will last lifetimes because our singer planted codes and energetic frequencies in your biology designed to help you become more like us.

Everyone knows we have been hunted, killed and mistreated by humans for centuries. Yet we love mankind, maintain contact and provide a living example of alternatives to hatred, conflict and strife. Humanity has created too much negativity and desires change. Believe us…change is coming. More upheaval will come and the following strategies that we employ are useful during challenging times.

  1. Learn your Lessons:  Every event presents a spiritual challenge to bring love, peace and harmony to a problem. Start by learning your lessons…consider what you could have done differently when problems arise. Look at the other person, group or country and focus on the positive intention they were trying to accomplish next, not upon the dysfunctional way they are coming across that makes you want to judge them. What we judge attracts more of what we do not like to us.
  1. Love:  When you witness another’s frailties send love, help them heal and envision them becoming more mature. Accept their humanness, release your pain, nurture your wounds and resist the urge to blame, judge or justify to others. Lick your wounds with love or with a song as John so beautifully demonstrates.
  1.  Peace:  Love heals and peace is the product of sustained loving thoughts that refuse to fall into traps of polarity creating separation. We create peace by learning our lessons that our soul co-created with spirit to teach our biology a lesson about love, the lack of it or the detour that we just took to steer us off course. As creators every one of us is challenged to understand and truly accept this fact.
  1. Harmony:  Harmony is similarly achieved with a sustained loving presence and the resulting peace in turn creates not only an internalized harmony but now extends into your electromagnetic field affecting everyone in your vicinity. The song we sang to you was harmony and its associated frequencies. This song was not only for you however.  Since we are all one and earth is going through so many changes, harmony and its frequencies is what is needed   during times of change. When internal harmony is achieved it becomes a beacon calling others to dinner. It nurtures, soothes and creates bonds of friendship, teamwork and cooperation.
Peace, Love and Harmony.

These three eternal emotional states and their associated vibratory frequencies is what whales try to embody every day. We wish you would do the same and approach every problem this way. When you are troubled, remember these sentiments, ask for help but more importantly embody these traits within your body, mind and soul. You never know when a whale will come and sing you a song to remind you of this message.

Remember our song and loving intention, which we hope will be translated into your intention to love and be love… so you can find out what you need to do to become more loving no matter what is going on around you. Mother earth, humanity and each of you are going through many changes. Please consider our suggestions and remember that we love you dearly. We pray for humanity and the planet but more importantly we know that we are the answer to our prayers. So we try to become more peaceful, loving and harmonious everyday and wait for the world to follow suit.


Peace, Love and Harmony
The Whales of Hawaii

Dream the Impossible Dream

A few years ago my wife and I went to Maui, Hawaii and rented kayaks to watch humpbacks with a group of like minded people.
We were gliding along about a half mile off shore when a mother, calf and escort popped up next to us. We slid in the water with our snorkels, ankle lines attached to our kayaks and video camera. The video attached to this message is from that close encounter. 

When the baby humpback in the video came over to investigate us, she got so close to my wife that Nancy’s fin she actually touched the baby humpback. The mother, shown in the end of the video came over to escort her baby away from us. The mother made sure she wouldn’t hit me as she turned around to lead her baby to safety. The mother’s tail was ten feet in front of me, when she completed her course reversal and gently flicked her tail to move forward. As she watched me to make sure I wasn’t harmed, her little flick made me fly back about ten feet from the power of her tail. I received the following information about the encounter during my morning meditation the next day.


Yesterday, a humpback baby whale gave you a taste of the fourth dimension as time and space stood still as she, her mother and escort gave your group a very close encounter. Events of this magnitude occur during peak moments where every cell in your being focuses on one event and locks in the experience due to the perfectly aligned emotion, terror or pure passion present. Time stands still as you become transformed and nothing will ever take that memory away from you. Treasured events like these mature like fine wines and season with age into superior vintages. Memories like the baby touching your fin remind us why we came here on earth.

Yes, crystal whales exist and one of our treasured babies came to you because she recognized your light and pure positive intention. Your profound sense of joy attracted her powerfully. As exuberant children do… she opened her heart to you out of pure joy recognized your group as kindred spirits. Now everyone who watches this video of our encounter will be imprinted with her loving intention she infused within everyone in the group.

She wants to help everyone who watches this video to manifest his or her dreams. We are not talking about little dreams that are easy to accomplish. This crystal baby transmitted an energetic template that enables you to consider impossible dreams you fear…or think you aren’t special enough or competent enough to even consider.

This crystal baby gave your group an experience of that magnitude. Did you ever hope or plan for that event? You probably never even considered it could happen and if you told anyone you were going to Hawaii to specifically manifest a close encounter of an amazing kind (or a three thumbs up experience) you would have kept it to yourself or thought your dream was silly.

Magic happens and ecstatic dreams occur all the time so we came to you to provide this experience. We hope you were amazed and take these memories everywhere you go. Remember how our crystal baby girl swam into your dreams. Now watch her video and watch her carry your dream in her heart for she is now forever connected to you as you are with her, her mother and escort. Just ask all of us to carry your dreams to their logical or illogical conclusion to manifest your fondest fantasy. We will hold it in our heart to help your dream come true.

Humanity, the cetaceans and every being on mother earth are embarking on a new evolution. You are our land ambassadors that can help this change to occur quicker and with less difficulty on earth. Take our dream that we have nurtured since the beginning of our existence with humanity. Become our agents by helping us manifest our dream to create one world, one heart, on one planet together in love, unity and oneness in peace, love and harmony with the divine and all of divinity.

We are one with you always and we hope you will help us to spread the word, the love in your heart and unity around the world. Connect to us anytime and access our encounter when you are sad or hit an obstacle that seems too great. Remember that spirit is everywhere and anything can happen at anytime, anywhere and the circumstances are out of my control if I access my friends, my spiritual family and of course my whale buddies. The world can open up like an oyster like when I witnessed a miracle crystal baby humpback whale and her family swim into my soul in Maui, Hawaii if I’m totally present and with a passionate heart.

Love, Peace and Harmony,

The Hawaii Whales and Crystal Baby

This message came after swimming with the whale sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. They are extremely gentle and did not seem to mind our attempts to swim along side of them. I was disappointed when I first swam with them because I couldn’t make sustained heart opening and eye contact with them like the dolphins and the whales. Little did I know.

Whale Sharks, The Place Keepers

We are the Whale Sharks. We have come because you asked to speak to us and we are happy to do so. Please humor us because not many people have come to speak to us and hear our story. Our story is simple and yet profound. We are the place keepers. We provide the opportunity to those who wait. We are extremely patient beings that know no enemies. We have size and speed when we want it but we choose to linger in our movements because we are deep in our meditative trance of being. We dream in the stars, play with planets and eat to our heart’s content. We are the place keepers because we help mother earth and every sentient being hold space to create their dreams. We hold the intention to allow events to unfold and let things happen just as people, beings and planets have dreamt them.

There is a pregnant moment where intention meets dream. Sometimes the energy it takes to create matter or action on earth is difficult or takes time. Our mission and intention is to help speed the process up, although it would be hard to image it looking at our slow pace. Whale sharks help the universe manifest your dreams into matter. We hold space and create the energetics to help you manifest dreams. We also create the space, the time and the opportunity to help you experience the fruits of your intentions.

Holding space is our joy. This is why you could not connect to us the way you have with other beings. We are always partly in the dreamtime holding the intention of love and happiness. Whale sharks hold the thread and access the Divine while connecting to your heart’s desire. Even the desire you are too afraid to speak. We sense these dreams as well and hold the space for you to manifest your heart’s love that you are too afraid to express. We hold our awareness and create a file of possibility to use computer terms for your dreams. We wait and watch you grow until your courage, events and opportunity propel you to move into your desire, love or place of dreamed contentment.

So when you are dreaming of a project, afraid to move forward in life, or paralyzed in fear or worry come to us with your dreams. Let us swim into your life mouth agape, dedicated and assured of the bounty of life to remind you to swallow and enjoy life to your heart’s content just as we do in the ocean. Our size lets you know that the world is bountiful and dreams become reality if you create the space for it. Come to us with your dreams and enjoy our dreamy eyes that see your heart’s love through the veil. We will hold your deepest desires close to our heart until you develop the courage to manifest them into your life.

Please hear our message. We are cousins of the whales, dolphins and mantas that many people love. Work with all of us to make your dreams come true. We move towards our dreams when you swim with us. This lets you know that you need to move towards your desire with love in your heart and dedicated intention. The world will nurture you and all you need to do is open your mouth, open your heart and walk into the bounty of the universe. We will meet you there with our bellies full and congratulate you when you get there.


Manta Rays, Angels of the Sea

Manta Rays love to play, procreate and co-create. Like the whales, they hold love, peace and harmony in their hearts for all of creation, while providing a unique service to Mother Earth. Like soaring eagles and magnificent birds of prey they glide and fly over the ocean floor like angels. Their special niche is balancing the energetic Ley Lines for Mother Earth. Similar to arteries and veins circulating blood from a human heart, Ley Lines circulate subtle electrical currents. Ley Lines are the earth’s electrical wiring or energetic grid system. When energetic arteries intersect, powerful energetic vortexes are created similar to a human chakra. Ancient civilizations could sense vortexes and built sacred temples and ancient sites on them, including the Egyptian Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Stonehenge and Angkor Wat. The Chinese call Ley Lines Dragon Lines, South American Shamans refer to them as Spirit Lines and Australian Aboriginals use the term Dream Lines.

Manta Rays can be likened to cleaner fish, which groom bigger fish in exchange for nurturance and protection. In this case, the bigger fish happens to be Mother Earth who protects us, nurtures all life and needs grooming herself on the energetic and spiritual level. Manta Rays fly in the ocean, as an expression of love and joy. Ley Line balancing is an act of service to tidy up the environment. Easing Mother Earth’s growing pains and how she brings all of creation along for the ride as our climate changes happens to be their passion.

 In order to manifest anything important on earth the words wait, watch and wonder have much meaning. Waiting requires patience. Patience is needed for what we ask for and want from the universe. Similar to every bird and animal manta rays do not worry about their next meal because every species except humanity lives in the moment. Regretting the past and worrying about the future is solely a human endeavor. Like every bird, animal or angel of the sea, try setting your intention for whatever you want, know it will come and Mother Earth will provide. Then look for whatever you want with patience and wait with joy, love and expectation in your heart. Then watch for any sign or signal of your dream manifesting. Accept and recognize that humanity is not alone.

Mother Earth provides everything we need to thrive. Gaze at the sun, fill you heart with wonder and remember how beautiful our world is. Watch for reflections of your love, appreciation and joy. This is why manta rays serve Mother Earth with so much love and joy when we do our Ley Line work.

We swim with humans with love in our heart because our co-created joy anchors more love and balances the Mother Earth’s energetic grid more effectively. Love balances all disturbances, including Ley Lines. When we sense energetic leaks or strong distress signals, we ride the ocean currents above it with love in our heart. Love begets love. Love and joy create balance on Mother Earth, with us and our surroundings like the angels of the land have always done.

Wonder is an important way to manifest love and be a pure expression of divine energy. Wonder is playfulness and provides a service. Acting form pure joy and doing an activity with spontaneous loving expression of pure joy in your heart is what created this world. Our most joyful moments create new worlds, heal the planet and change the course of history. Sit back in wonder and practice expressing pure love. Be in awe of the strength of pure positive intention. It is the engine that beats hearts, moves our muscles and sets the world on fire with passion. It is the force that moves mountains.

Let the joy of our time together move your mountains that need to be redecorated within you. Let pure joy and creativity infect your passion, fuel your dreams and move your spirit to its next beautiful expression. Wonder and be in awe of the magnificent creations that come from your heart and soul. Know that mother earth is the place that allows you to do this. Share your appreciation with her. Thank everyone including yourself for the wonderful results.

Dolphins On Joy

If dolphins could talk about joy, here is what I suspect they would say.

We feel your joy when you swim with us and rejoice to be part of your journey. Dolphins are also on a journey but ours is different than humans. We know we are connected to divinity while many humans have forgotten or believe in some critical deity that is no fun. We hear your prayers, rejoice in your accomplishments and notice the strides you have made on your path to enlightenment. Joy is near and dear to our hearts.

Dolphins incarnate to embody joy, express divine joy and hold the consciousness of joy for the planet. It is our joy to do so…pun intended. Imagine souls lining up to be dolphins desperately wanting to be divine expressions of joy…it’s a rowdy bunch of souls we’ll tell you and we would have it no other way. Fun-loving puppy dogs, playful kittens and/or babies giggling to their heart’s content exemplify the energy we try to hold throughout our lifetime.

We have something to teach humanity because we have learned that we can’t do it alone. We travel and live in pods for the most part. So we can see our reflections of the divine and ourselves’ in our pod mates. We forget our purpose just like humans do and our buddies remind us who we really are. Joy is infectious and multiplies when shared. We need companionship and crave heart connection. It is the highlight of our day to make humans happy. We pride ourselves in finding ingenious ways to make you laugh.

When you see our heads bobbing and looking around, let this be sign to you that we are laughing as well. Dolphins laugh in their hearts and don’t laugh as you do. When we are full of joy, risibility and experience divinity laughing with us, our hearts feel complete. We like to mess with your minds to help humans let go of grasping for joy. Joy can’t be grasped. Joy comes within. It is not out there. Joy is not something you can take from others.  We are not the only holders of laughter and joy. It is a quality of the soul and you don’t need to get closer to dolphins like us to feel it; we radiate it like heat.

Joy occurs when we open ourselves to the quality of our soul by being completely present in the moment, doing exactly what gives us the most joy, being in touch with what really matters to us and the joy explodes within by expressing everything in the moment. Our soul recognizes the release of pent up energy, the beautiful expression of our passion and the deep knowing that there is nothing more important in the world than expressing these qualities fuller. Joy is the body’s way of saying…YES!

Joy is the path to not only divinity but also oneself. This is the path to heart connection to others, self and all there is. Joy lets you know you are on the right path. We come to you in joy and it is our joy to be with you. We know that joy is illusive but would like to teach you that it is one of the most important emotions to embody. Everything in life will be easier, smoother and harmoniously when you live your life expressing your soul’s joyful nature.

Let joy burst from your heart, make you laugh, cry and desire more. Remember these qualities of joy and pass this dolphin message along to all of humanity. Well, its not the dolphin message exactly. The essence of our soul is pure joy and our divine nature is the joy, laughter and peace within a giggling innocent baby’s sparkling eyes.