The true nature of love is the organic way we are with our lover. It isn’t a special event like flowers or saying sorry. We show it through our caring and love every day. The twinkle in our eye and the joy in our heart, which spontaneously erupts in our beloved’s presence says so much more. Love is what happens and what we feel in our heart each day.

Love is stored in our heart and gains interest the more we invest like any savings account. Investments accrue when we appreciate our lover and/or the object of our affection. The more we appreciate, the more the object of our appreciation wants to reciprocate. This is accomplished naturally without words or sound. We do it with a joyful heart, mental intention, and a soulful desire to appreciate the world and bring beauty into our life.

Complaining, demanding, and manipulation are activities born from a position of lack, which draws resistance from the world and recycles our personal desperation. It is a clear signal we don’t appreciate enough. Just offering appreciation out loud isn’t enough however, we need to feel our appreciation deep within. To appreciate another properly, we need to have a strong sense of self. If we fear our personal or another’s demons, we will be too guarded and defended to be totally open to receive love from someone else.

When we are afraid of our own shadow or fully embrace who we are without conditions, many go into hiding emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually. Unfortunately, denial takes up time and energy, so the universe will provide mirrors to reinforce our low self-esteem. It is very difficult to appreciate ourselves while we recycle negativity and judge ourselves mercilessly.

Selfishness is frowned upon in many circles, but it is the quality most needed in this situation. Nurturing our core sense of self and developing self-appreciation is a way to reconnect to our divine self or soul, who knows this to be true…is crucial. Once we recognize and fully accept what we do and who we are, then bringing our gifts to the world is a pleasure. Self-awareness of our divine nature and an internal awareness of the interconnection of appreciation is necessary to manifest our dreams on earth. This is crucial for the survival of the planet. For if we cannot appreciate our internal beauty, how can we do this with others or our planet. Appreciation is a very important concept to embrace fully.

As we appreciate others, they want to return the favor. Then, the universe mirrors our energy and reflects the object of our appreciation positive response back to us. We are reflections mirroring our truth to one another and ourselves. This provided feedback how well we are doing in this area of our lives. A good exercise to consider is the following:

Look in the mirror and see the divine behind your gaze pouring unconditional love into our body and soul no matter what we do or what is going on. Feel the safety of free will within divinity, which allows choice without punishment.

Choice without punishment allows the freedom to screw up. And we don’t need to hide our screw-ups or feel ashamed or guilty, which encourages hiding, denial and defensiveness. When fear is absent, we can address a problem with a rational, clear-mind and decide upon a new course of action. This also allows us to be more open to feedback form others, our higher-self or soul, and the divine about the screw-up. Outside reflections can be of immense value so screw-ups are corrected quickly and wisdom from outside sources are. This is how love works with wisdom without fear and punishment.