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Ballet dancers try to express it through movement. Opera singers attempt to express it in song. Mountains express aspects of its beauty. All of nature harmonizes to express its immensity, but all fail to come close to the essence, quality and the purity of the divine’s love for all of creation. Love’s purest form is divine energy expressed and every substitute does not even come close. Love manifested in its highest form is an irresistible nectar we all adore. Now imagine every electron within each atom of this nectar singing its praise and dancing to perfection as a natural expression of divine love. These exquisite tones sung by each atom within the entire universe is heard by the divine with loving appreciation. A dancer, for comparison, must choose a form every instant to express their joy, but the divine uses no forms since every form and inanimate object sings its praise and dances its dance due to this eternal love. This article will explore love from the divine’s lofty perspective.

Each atom in creation is watched by the divine and co-experiences what it is experiencing. The divine makes no distinction between each atom within a rock, an antelope, or a human. They are all the same structurally and spiritually and are treated equally as the divine’s joyful expression.  The consciousness that groups atoms together into an antelope, for example, is considered its second essence. The first being the atoms themselves and the second …the collective consciousness called antelope. Atoms and antelopes are two things to love from the divine’s perspective.

Spirit likes to gather in groups and create new entities. There are collectives called people, countries, ethnic clans, planets, solar systems and universes. Each has differing properties from their collective experiences. Each atom adds new groups of electrons to form a new collective as well. The divine knows it is the same essence of pure love in different forms and herein lies the deeper purpose of this article.

As we all know, humanity tends to judge which groups of atoms are more lovable over others. Humanity’s challenge is to see the world as the divine views each atom. Atoms are amazing all by themselves and are the building blocks of mother earth. Love manifested; atoms take different forms when electrons are added to the basic structure. This allows new structures, and more possibilities are created. The divine knows the nucleus of each atom is the same structure even though it takes so many different forms with slight electron variations. What is true for atoms holds true for people and every atom within the universe. The divine’s purest love never loses sight of this fact and honors every atom on earth and throughout the universe.

Every life form is part of the divine including humanity. A human being is a collection of atoms and DNA programs that form into a collective that works together with divine consciousness to experience the eternal dance of life, love and happiness. It is our job to see ourselves and every atom in the universe this way like the divine does. However, it is a significant challenge to love everything and everybody we experience while living in duality on earth. Humanity is conditioned and our DNA patterned to view the world in black and white terms and form judgments to survive our negative experiences on earth.

Courtesy of Couleur

So how can we overcome judgment and accept differences more gracefully? The divine spins electrons and atoms like tops and enjoys watching them bump into one another in amazing combinations. We liked watching these spinning atoms so much that we wanted to become a group of atoms ourselves in the form of a human infused with our spirit to see what we would create with them. Our challenge is to not judge certain collections of atoms we don’t like. We need to view them as just a bag of atoms exploring divinity just like us. Notice how these atoms we judge as unruly in an unsightly human will respond differently when we remember everyone is merely a bag of singing and dancing atoms spinning like tops from a loving divine and treat them accordingly. The world will soften around us when we send a message and remind those in our circle of the purest form of love that created every one of us. Every atom in the universe knows the divine’s song and some will sing along with us eventually because we all came from the same home and recognize our family’s song.

Some of us forget our origins, the divine never does. Enjoy the variety of life and the crazy spinning atoms within divinity. Marvel at the ingenuity of how spinning tops could be the one thing that holds us together. We are all twirling tops dancing together in a sea of love…purest love bobbing and prancing around. If you knock into another top, bounce off it and keep on spinning and singing your love song. That’s how the divine sees creation. Tops don’t mean to be mean to other tops. They just do their thing and naturally bounce off whatever is near them. Notice where you get bounced and express pure love there. Tops can’t stop bouncing off one another so we need to relax by remembering this story about atoms and tops. When we embrace this deeper reality, we will be able to laugh easier when tops bounce into us.

Everyone on earth is a sovereign group of atoms playing in a world of atoms spinning and dancing until we stop spinning. It is helpful to imagine your life this way. Your spirit or soul is the top. A lifetime is a spinning top and death is the end of that spin. Our spirit never changes just like the top never stops being a top whether it is spinning or not. It is important to remember, atoms don’t stop being the divine’s expression while they spin.

Courtesy of Pete Linforth

Have you ever wondered why atoms produce so much energy when they split or are fused in different ways during a nuclear reaction? It is divine energy being released. There is so much more to every person and bag of atoms in our life than what we see with our eyes and experience with our senses. They are all purest love expressed as spinning tops in collective forms as spirits, which are also divine energy. Atoms are the building blocks of earth. Spirits/souls are the workhorses for the divine in the unseen world. It is all love…purest love expressed.

Courtesy of Gerd Altman

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