An overused four-letter word over the ages, love is an enigma for many of us. Love’s purest form is the divine expressed and the fruit of that expression. The sun, moon, and all of existence dancing together in harmony, unity, and symmetry is so beautiful, it brings tears to the eyes of anyone who truly understands its splendor. Gentle and kind on one hand, love created our world in the other. Mothers and fathers find the strength to lift a car off a hurt loved one and yet love can yield so eloquently that hearts break. Love will drag us into a war when every instinct inside us says…no, don’t go. These are just a few examples of love’s power. Sages say love initiates all behavior, which is a hard concept to understand given all the cruelty we witness every day. This article explores these and love’s other mysteries.

At its core, all behavior and every creative impulse starts with a love-based intention born from our soul. However, the strategies used to implement our dream is limited by the wisdom and maturity we possess at that moment in our life. This deep truth is essential to understand during any healing modality because it honors our original creative impulse. By revisiting our original intention, we create the non-judgmental space to reconsider what we want to do going forward without the pain, guilt and negative habituated behavior patterns and previous trauma that probably created the problem in the first place. This acknowledgment combined with our soul’s awareness of unconditional love reduces self-recrimination when things go south.

Love is all-powerful, fluid and cleanses the deepest recesses of our personality and any dysfunctional patterns. Pure love knows no bounds or limits where it can or cannot go. This essential truth is important to know to unlock unwanted behaviors, previous trauma, and negative emotional patterns. Remembering our love infused intention helps us review, release and change anything we want about our personality and/or any historical suffering that continues to recycle pain and dismay. Training our mind to focus on its original inspiration is an important step, but there is much more to do. When walking with friends for example, the love shared within our hearts is palpable, but it is important to remember our enemy knows this same love. Hold the awareness that our adversary is a pure form of love brought before us to mirror our illusions, misguided thought patterns and constrictions so we can see our reflection. All we need to remember is how to love, solve the mystery before us and bring our illusions to light that need love, attention, and transformation.

So how can a heart break? It breaks when love is absent. We know this in our songs and deep within our heart. Love is a state of mind that says yes to the world, yes to love and yes to being present in the world. Our heart is the organ that makes this happen and passion is what draws life and love from the universe to us, not our mind merely wanting it. Oneness is a soul quality and our heart manifests this quality on earth. Our heart is love’s engine, pumping life-giving blood every minute of everyday throughout our life until we die. This ability to give life isn’t limited to us, but the whole world in the form of intended love to everyone we meet and embracing the divine in the space of oneness.

Heartfelt passion isn’t the only magnet creating our world, but it happens to be the most powerful. Anchoring our passion or a dream in the physical world is accomplished by synchronizing our intentions, heart, and behavior into a stable unity, like a three-legged stool. Mental focus, emotional desire, and dedicated action, when grounded with awareness and integrity create the opportunity to materialize our wants and needs. Once our three-legged stool is balanced, we can attract our heart’s desire and actualize dreams. Creation starts with intention, heartfelt passion, and dedicated action. When we focus on the highest good for ourselves and others, our soul and the universe joins the chorus. This is how our passionate heart awakens the universe to match our energy and manifest dreams.

We incarnated to experience our creations and experience love in physical form. We came to play in an atmosphere of love and learn how to become one with the divine, everyone on earth and all creation. Love’s purest form compels us to merge and nurture others like life-giving water to create an ocean of love in our life. Or perhaps, become a lovely rain cloud with a majestic rainbow, that washes and cleanses everything we meet with joy, love, and the everlasting truth of our existence. We are purest love and everything we encounter on earth is made of the same stuff. Walk and play with love in your heart for there is no other way to be happy deep within. Pure love is what we are and the essence of our soul. We are divine beings in incarnate form, an embodiment of the oneness within divinity. Let your heart pump and circulate the life-giving blood and love of life with everyone you meet. The following meditation is designed to assist your visualization.

River of Love Meditation:

Imagine a Hawaiian lush tropical forest mountainside with a majestic waterfall. The water provides life flowing into the pool, where fish thrive, and every living creature comes to drink. The moisture in the air creates optimal conditions for lush plants to be hydrated every day. Everything thrives due to the water that is available in one form or another to every living being.

Even the insects need water and use the water wisely. In a similar way this is how love works on earth. Divinity is the source allowing the water of life to express itself in beautiful forms. Life in all shapes and sizes thrive and allow their full expression of beauty to form a tapestry of color, peace, and harmony in breathtaking forms. This mediation is about learning how to access the root source of your own river of love that flows from your heart.

Life is attracted to life. Every one of us are cut from the same divine cloth. On the soul level we are the beautiful waterfall full of life like the picture above. The secret to living a lush life, full of spectacle and awe-inspiring beauty is remembering this soul infused rainforest truth about us. Tapping into the root source of this divine river of love is our inherited birthright. It is important to remember that we are a divine being that can create our own waterfalls by living our dream and following our passion. Now take a moment and breathe life into your dreams, aspirations and projects for passion is the life-giving water of your soul.

Step 1: Find source’s loving water reservoir. Tap into it. Open a stream of life-giving nectar, then fertilize your dreams with it.

Watch abundance flow into the waterfall and nurture everything it touches. As your river of love fulfills its expression, notice how every living being around you prospers and expresses its true nature to the fullest. Now notice paradise is also seeded with intention and passion in the pool above your waterfall.

Step 2: Once you deeply tap in, match source’s loving energy with your own heartfelt passion and intention towards your dream.

After matching your passion and intention with the universe manifesting your dream just as you imagine, then stand back and watch a loving solution burst forth This meditation allows your energy to blend into the waterfall, which draws all life to it and forms the paradise you desire. When we express our passion, water flows, life thrives drawn by life-giving waters. Let your passion for life give you pleasure and become a river.

Step 3: Watch and notice how long it takes for paradise to settle around you as you stabilize your three-legged stool, which includes intention, passion, and dedicated actions towards your desired goal.

Notice how life flows and springs to life around you when you open your floodgates and release loving prana from your heart to everyone around. Then give to others as the universe does by following the Golden Rule, since we all live in the divine’s paradise. The most widely accepted interpretation of the Golden Rule is as follows: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

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