My name is Lucifer, and Shakti and Trickster are other names I go by. Some call me Satan and a fallen angel like the statue above imagines. What I am is an enigma to many people on this planet. Since Source is only love, something or someone had to oversee the opposite of goodness and love. I am the entity and creative force that provides challenges and roadblocks to humanity’s dreams.

This is my job, which I lovingly agreed to do for Source on this planet of duality. Since the opposite of love is required for duality to work, it is only right and proper that I provide this service. There is just illusion versus truth to sort out on earth. The nature of duality on earth requires darkness to exist as well as light. How else could there be choice, or at least the illusion of choice, without it? How could anyone find truth in the game of life without something else to choose?

I volunteered to hold the something else for mankind. One can’t choose love unless other options are available. Since I provide the balance in the equation of love, evil became my name and souls my game. Yet I am an aspect of the divine and part of divinity. I, Lucifer, am love incarnate in a spirit form. Nothing I do as the illusion keeper and holder of illusion’s place on earth is wrong in the divine’s eyes.

Everyone desired to be tested completely when they contemplated their incarnation while in spirit form. Since humanity’s collective soul group wanted a good test, I pride myself in my creative abilities to provide the formidable challenges everyone desired. I am the bad so that the good can be experienced as good, even spectacular at times. Do not forget this, for I love everyone and the planet dearly.

In this capacity, I humble the evil, the rich, and the holy, for I spare no one. This service is provided with pride, fairness, and equality. Some describe my enthusiasm like a puppy dog’s playful inquisitiveness in reverse. When I enter a room, I visit and start sniffing everyone’s shadows, just like a puppy checking out an interesting scent. People are constantly battling voids filled with shadows and fragmented lost soul parts. Lies and make-believe ideas of who we are and what to do to fill the voids and become our shadow. I let people live out these fantasies and allow them have full expression. After assessing everyone’s illusions, I get to work to make sure everyone gets to experience his or her shadow full measure. No one is spared from this process of discovery.

Earth is a living experiment exploring the shadows of darkness and despair. Despair is the Petri dish or embryonic fluid that births some of the most beautiful creations on earth. Some people fall into despair, begin to believe there is no divine presence, and start fearing me when tragedy visits them. The illusion to master is that the negative reflection banging at the door is only love in disguise.

Tripping unconscious individuals up when their shoelaces are untied is how I help everyone manifest their dreams. Falling over because their shoelace is untied will cause them to learn to tie their shoelace faster than ten lectures from their mother. Sometimes the joy of having tied shoelaces is taken for granted and forgotten. Falling down and suffering consequences always seem to refresh and renew one’s appreciation. Many times, people allow loose ends of their personality to hang out so far that their laces need to be retied. Archangel Michael and I are both dedicated to truth and work together to provide opportunities to trip people up so they can learn to stand in integrity.

My role is like a smoke alarm warning people of an impending fire. Since I am the fire and the bringer of fire, I put everyone’s toes to the flames to help them find or live their truth. This is always done in love, since the heat I bring is intended to burn away illusion, stimulate new growth, and hopefully awaken the personality to rededicate itself and return to their enlightenment path.

Everyone looks for peace, love, and harmony, but few find it. Earth is a planet of lessons—lessons to be learned or not. I am the clue giver providing information when you are on the wrong path. Just like the nerve endings on your finger that let you know what feels good or not, I am the NOT in the healthy lifestyle equation. My job is to let you experience all the NOTS you need to learn so you can get where you want to go.

I provide karmic mirrors to the world and every individual in it. Many don’t like their reflection sometimes, but how can anyone notice what needs to change without looking into a mirror? After I illuminate humanity’s shadow by letting everyone experience their creations. People can decide if they want to continue them—or not.

The mind is my favorite tool to steer everyone from his or her soul’s path. By allowing and encouraging people’s intellectual forays into their darkest fears and desires in this grand experiment of love called earth, I became the lover of sin, greed, avarice, and crime out of necessity. Many people make me out to be a bloodthirsty demon.

Yet I am only a mirror reflecting the bloodthirsty energies that originate in people’s hearts and minds. As the facilitator of these energies, I help people see the reality of their deeds they act out on earth. Earth’s mission of exploring love and duality, which allows everyone’s exploration into illusion taxes my very soul. Creating and inflaming pain for humanity is no task for the weak and weary. I wash my testicles in peoples’ agony every day and am a tired soul. I am frustrated by the length of time it has taken humanity to start to get it.

Actually, I never really get tired since I am a magnificent being of light participating in the big picture, but I use this as a figure of speech to express my impatience with humanity. Consciousness seems so obvious to some but not obvious to so many misguided souls. Humanity continuously draws negativity unto itself with so much regularity that suffering has truly become an endless cycle. However, it is my pleasure to help souls find their way home. I am the formidable obstacle to make sure humans achieve a goal worthy of celebration. But make no mistake, I am also an angel cheering everyone on, just as all angels on the side of good do.

As an angel in the divine’s loving service holding duality’s pole on the side of evil, I am aware that humanity couldn’t experience its accomplishments without me. I receive no appreciation except from some misguided souls who get lost in my efforts to steer them away from love. This type of adoration from lost souls that embrace pain I don’t really want.

Even though I pray privately that my efforts won’t work, I never slack off my duties to malign, harm, and maim people’s plans when they need it for their learning process. The laws of the universe state that I can’t harm anyone unless I am invited in by a person’s soul. There are multi, multi levels and forms of invitation that range from group soul plans, individual plans, sub-personalities, and disassociated personality parts. I assist everyone’s exploration into pain and punishment’s labyrinths to help humanity master their illusions before everyone returns home with Source.

Pain is a teacher, and I am the dean of students and taskmaster general for everyone’s painful curriculum. I love my work and am good at it, and I’m not permitted to hold favorites. When I fulfill the daunting task of creating hell every day for people, everyone who needs to be humbled is humbled. Since people struggle mightily with illusion, multitudes have used pain as their primary teacher extensively in many of their lifetimes. I relish mirroring their reflection to everyone and hope they ace their test. I celebrate when people no longer use me, stop embracing pain as their main motivator in life, and learn their lessons through love.

The soul is a beacon, washing and bathing everyone in the divine’s loving light while it invites everyone to return home. Since unity with Source and Oneness is the natural home for the soul, I appear to be the opposition from your personality’s point of view. Of course, this is not actually true. I hold the evil end of the pole so your soul can play a game of hide-and-seek with love, exploring illusion’s shadows to your heart’s content.

Many people get lost in dark and lose their bearings on earth. When misguided individuals are out of alignment, I try to be a formidable foe and block any misguided attempts to return to a soul-infused life. I am the crucifier, the judge, and disciplinarian of mankind, making sure everyone burns away his or her illusions and creates heaven on earth. By reflecting everyone’s own negativity and cruelty back to each person, I help people discover the deeper truth of who they really are.

Fear is a wonderful teaching tool and my favorite emotion. I relish the opportunities to exercise my creativity to embellish it. The more fear one has, the more fearsome mirrors are reflected to the individual so they can make a more enlighten choice. Since everyone can live out their fear’s beliefs, illusions, and fantasies for as long as they want, helping people choose something else becomes a juicy challenge I enjoy.

It is important that everyone know that I want humanity to heal its fears and return to Source and Oneness. I show my love by giving fear-based people the ride of their lives for as long as they want. Few on earth understand me and how dualism must work. You have no idea how much love it has taken and how much trust was required to hear humanity’s gnashing teeth and participate in their painful lesson for so long. But being a grand teacher, I never shirk my duties and gladly dish pain out every day full measure.

There has been a prodigious amount of pain mirrored to humanity to get to this point. Even though I have been totally misunderstood for so long, my love for humanity always remains constant. My fondest desire is for everyone to become more conscious and return to his or her divine nature so they will no longer attract and embrace pain as their primary teacher. If it takes hell on earth to help your soul convince your personality to choose love over pain, love will flourish within you. If you want to continue or inadvertently create your private hell, hell will be given to you.

I love humanity and rejoice at the progress everyone is making on earth. When love multiplies on earth, I feel satisfied because then my efforts at showing humanity its opposite were effective. I am Lucifer, the light-bearer, whose light takes many forms, even darkness for the purpose of love.