Recognize you are an eternal being in human form. As physical extensions of Source energy, true equanimity and a deep sense of well-being is our natural spiritual state. But we all know life gets messy sometimes. This article will offer information about deliberate creation from Ester and Jerry Hicks bestselling book, Ask and it is Given: Learning to Manifest Desires and other authors on this rich topic.  Additionally, the following nine principles from Sonia Coquette’s book, Your Heart’s Desire provide a framework to make your dreams come true.

Principle #1: Thought Creates and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states like attracts like. Positively focused thoughts attract similar experiences from the universe. Love begets love. And conversely, negatively focused thoughts attract mirrors of the same. So hate begets hate. Even Quantum-Mechanical physicists have weighed in with their own law of attraction. Quantum entanglement theory states that position, spin, and polarization measurements of entangled particles are perfectly correlated even at large distances.[1] These laws and theories operate whether you believe them or not. Even Einstein recoiled when he realized how entangled particles mirror each other and famously described what he witnessed as, “Spooky action at a distance.”

Life on earth helps us focus our desire. Passion and desire are birthed from our underlying needs and/or wants. Meeting our needs with good intentions and positive solutions attracts creative responses from the universe. Heartfelt desire and goal-directed actions increase the likelihood of any dream occurring. Burning, intense, passionate, longing creates powerful, proactive solutions.

Frustration also reveals what we don’t want, so reflecting upon what is needed, wanted or missing is an important aspect of dreaming. Positive solutions solve problems. Negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and focusing upon lack will only draw more negativity in every form to a whiner. As an extension of Source energy, the universe matches the frequency of our focused thoughts, emotions and behaviors…no matter if they are positive or negative.

In summary, our thoughts, emotions and desires are the first step in the creative process. The goal is to move from desire to intention, then to positive step-by-step solutions. Intentions have power, ownership and commitment. Wishes and hopes are diminutive. Intentions are royal, arise from the soul and lead to solutions.

Principle #2: Examine Set Points and Subconscious Saboteurs.

Set points are habitual ways of acting, thinking and feeling. Family, ethnic and/or cultural beliefs can create saboteur set points or unlimited boundaries. In order to have success, our desire and our internal belief about that desire must be in agreement. For example, you may want a red car but if your subconscious mind or internal set point says you don’t deserve a red car…you will never manifest your heart’s desire. Habitual negative beliefs create set points, which can sabotage dreams and cancel red cars.

Anchoring your passion or a dream in the physical world is accomplished by synchronizing your mind, heart and behaviorinto a stable unity, like a three-legged stool. Mental focus, emotional desire and dedicated action, when grounded withawareness and integrity create the opportunity to materialize our wants and needs. The task ahead is about discovering how to unify your mental, emotional and behavioral “legs” into a stable, sound stool able to launch your desire. Illusions block dreams, so do your best to find which leg is destabilizing your desire during this dialogue. You can start by integrating the mental, emotional and behavioral aspects of your personality and developing more internal consistency.[2]

A set point, said another way is embedded in these two statements, “ How good can you stand it? That’s as good as it gets.” The Law of Allowing encourages us to connect to Source, unlimited possibilities and our natural state of well-being. Then releasing any limiting belief blocking our desire. Seeing what is not want wanted and taking no action is called toleration. Sabotaging beliefs, subconscious illusions and outdated attitudes need to be revisited if we want to grow and expand our set points. Blum describes change as follows, “There is only power in the Universe, and that power is decision…all else follows.”

Principle #3: Imagine your Dream Working Successfully

Intentions and set points can change with dedicated focus and practiced thought. Consider taking fifteen minutes each day to visualize successful outcomes for your heart’s desire. Since we need to believe in our visualizations, focus on the realistic, gradual steps that you can honestly consider until you can envision a successful completion of the entire goal. Write out and repeat affirmations you can truly believe. Gradually approximate the necessary steps until you achieve your dream. In positive terms focus on the reasons why you know your dream will happen.

Negative thoughts and hopeless feelings push away what we desire, so pay attention to your imagery. Strong emotions create more powerfully either way. An empty feeling communicates something important. Unwanted feelings must be allowed and examined , but please don’t mix them with your heart’s desire. Protect your dreams by keeping them private until you can sufficiently empower them despite another’s disapproval. Dreams need your passion and heartfelt desire not someone else’s. Visualizing at bedtime cues your subconscious mind to support dreams throughout the night.

Principle #4: Create a Nurturing Environment to Support Success

Provide time and nurture your heart’s desire with positivity. Attention affects our vibrational frequency; so pay attention on how long you focus on your positive or negative imagery. Ignoring what we don’t want is the preferred way to address negativity and support success. If you regress into negativity then reach for the best-feeling thought you have access to. Reach for important dreams that support your highest good, then you’ll find the spiritual world will be more interested and support your dream. Remove the clutter, distractions and disorder that deplete your energy. Let go of your fears, doubts and what you lack…they hold you back. For example, the phrase “Work then play” propels millions of people into a cycle of making sure all their work is done before they play. For most of us work is never quite done, which prevents people from truly relaxing at a subconscious level.

Additionally, it is important be selfish enough to align with well-being. Put boundaries around your dreams to keep them safe. Pay no attention and/or ignore those who do not support your dreams. Become a rotor-rooter and unclog anything blocking your path to your dream, be it physical, emotional, mental or religious dogma. Remember, if you are not expecting your heart’s desire, you’re not allowing success.

Principle #5: Access Guidance from your Higher Self

When our intellect pounds away in our head like a jackhammer, it is hard to hear our Higher Self and/or intuitive guidance whispering like a hummingbird. Meditation helps quiet the mind, escape limitation and break habituated patterns so we can access the transcendent. Focus upon what you want…not what is unwanted. When we supercharge our goal and align our subconscious mind, emotions and behavior to support our dream like a three-legged stool, the universe takes notice. And if our heart’s desire will move us further along our spiritual path, then our Higher Self and intuitive guidance joins the chorus. This is how the universe meets us halfway and provides matching grants. Success is about the joy you feel when everything starts falling into place.

The following emotional guidance system from the book, Ask and it is Given is designed to help you find the next best-feeling thought possible:

  • Rage relieves depression, grief, despair, fear, guilt and powerlessness.
  • Revenge relieves rage.
  • Anger relieves revenge.
  • Blame relieves anger.
  • Overwhelmed relieves blame.
  • Irritation relieves overwhelmed.
  • Pessimism relieves irritation.
  • Hopefulness relieves pessimism.
  • Optimism relieves hopefulness.
  • Positive Expectation relieves optimism.
  • Joy relieves positive expectation.[1]

If you can get there emotionally, mentally and behaviorally, you can manifest anything. You don’t need to control the universe or figure everything out yourself. Prayer is asking for guidance, meditation is listening to it. The following prayer comes from from Sonia Coquette:

Divine Mother, Holy Mother, move me

Take me this day to my highest good

Make me aware of all that will guide me

Toward my Heart’s Desire     Amen

Principle #6: Support Your Dream with Love

The Creativity Principle states that creation comes from a limitless source within the universe. If we are not receiving what we desire, it is not due to a lack of resources, it is because internal saboteurs are not in alignment with our dream. Love and joy are the strongest forces in the universe and like magnets, draw what we desire to us. When we embody love and enthusiasm, our effort and actions become a pleasure. Holding love in our heart while doing concrete actions each day is an important step towards making dreams happen. The following affirmation can be used while strengthening your three-legged manifesting stool:

I choose only helpful actions

Exclusively supporting my heart’s desire

Mentally, emotionally and physically

Until they align like a three-legged stool

If drawn to negative patterns, consider the following saying:

I prefer to support my dream

Principle #7: Surrender Control

Release any need to control and allow divine timing to occur. Busy minds want to control the world but the ability to “let go and let god” allows you to stop focusing on what you lack. Focusing on lack produces lack as said before. Since energy moves in cycles, we need to allow divine timing to align and events occur organically. The Law of Allowing works best when we allow the divine to flow through us and do the work for us. Faith and trust allows us wait while we cannot see immediate results ot resort to control.

Principle #8: Word is Law. I am.

Our physical body, the universe and the spiritual world live in the present and process past and future thoughts and/or emotions in present time. Thoughts and emotions are powerful magnets and activate the law of attraction in present time even if we are recycling the past or fretting about future events. Focused emotional thought stimulates matching energy from the universe. It is imperative that we move from thinking and feeling about lack and unmet desire to a sense of contentment and accomplishment.

Visualizing your heart’s desire arrival and affirming I am…(fill in the blank) opens creation’s door. It helps to remember previous successful and abundant experiences to help anchor this important I am awareness within your body. The following visualization also has merit. Focus on your heart’s desire and the emotions you will feel once your dream comes true. Meditate on an image of reaching the finish line, completion and appreciation. Imagine a concentrated mass of success behind a thin veil. From a loving point of creative tension concentrate on your completed dream and I am awareness. Create a lazar beam in your mind propelled by heartfelt passion. Penetrate the veil with these intentions to release the full actualization of your dream. Marvel how the universe reacts to your imagery and matches your energy.

Principle #9: Stay True to your Dream 

Hang in there no matter how long it takes. Review the previous eight principles to make sure your physical, emotional and mental three-legged stool is aligned with your dream. Generously give to others what your heart desires. The ability to embody I am draws more of the same from the universe through the law of attraction.

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