Everyone has jackhammers pounding in their brain telling us what to do. Meditation helps us hear the loving hummingbird connected to our soul whispering within. Listening to the soul’s hummingbird voice whispering into our ear amidst the intellect’s jackhammers is quite challenging.

It’s important to remember that our soul wants to communicate with us and incarnated with that intention. The soul is interested in long-range values and principles designed to advance our enlightenment goals. Since the soul has a direct connection to our spiritual nature and all of divinity, anyone can transcend the mundane and access eternal wisdom.

Our soul is our higher self in our highest form—and a true friend. Everyone struggles with illusion, while the soul knows where to go and what to avoid in earth’s mazes. When we embrace its wisdom and follow its guidance, our spiritual center will serve us as a faithful gyroscope providing balance and direction during life’s storms. Indirect soul communication whispers suggestions that take the form of internal voices, which provide intuitive hits and hunches. Some psychologists and religions believe these phenomena originate from our super ego or conscience. These intuitive messages and synchronous events transmit information to us all the time. A well-timed song, unusual animal behavior, or sage advice from a stranger provides just a few examples of its creativity.

Many people intuitively understand that the universe speaks to them, instinctively follows its clues, and graciously accept improved outcomes. When we receive the intention, translate the message, and comprehend the meaning of our soul’s conscious signals, our co-creative ability to manifest our dreams improves dramatically. A consistent meditation practice is a reliable way to experience our divine nature. The secret to happiness lies in soul connection and following its suggestions.

Think of soul communication as a friendly chat with a close buddy. This may remove some of the mystery, ritual, and hoopla that may interfere with this significant relationship. Since it’s just a private conversation with our spiritual nature, any intentional method designed to connect to our soul will work. Develop an approach that’s fun and easy to do, because enjoying the process is crucial. . In order for this connection to occur, the mind needs to quiet itself and empty sufficiently to reach the required frequency for the primitive mechanisms of the personality to interpret the soul’s vibratory harmonic. The singular focus of a predator stalking its prey is the energetic quality needed to hunt for our soul.

Raising one’s harmonics requires a passionate desire for connection, focused behavior to manifest it, and consistent dedication to release any illusion blocking connection. Even though spiritual masters often used divergent paths to reach their advanced state of enlightenment, they all needed to attain the appropriate frequency, like the rest of humanity, before any spiritual revelation manifested.

We are given all the time we need to master illusion’s mysteries and raise our harmonics before the soul will reveal itself fully or even partially. This process feels deceptive and excruciating for most of us, because the soul will wait patently and refuse to reveal itself until we reach the requisite frequency. When the appropriate vibration is finally achieved, its subtle and profound power will be the strongest force you will ever experience. The soul is yielding like water, yet can move a mountain. It’s gentle, yet can heal any problem blocking its path. It’s subtle, yet will scream to the highest of highs for assistance for any worthy project.

A consistent meditation practice is a reliable way to experience our divine nature. The secret to happiness lies in soul connection and following its suggestions. Differentiating between our soul’s gentle recommendations and unconscious attitudes and illusions pounding like jackhammers is an important milestone.

Our soul unconditionally loves us and wants us to succeed. Its voice is tender, loving, and forgiving. It’s never in a hurry, judgmental or critical. The soul’s communications are honoring and respectful while gently offering suggestions. It embraces equanimity, mindfulness, and life’s pleasures, such as the need to play, laugh, and relax. Since our soul lives within our energetic field, it understands the personal needs of being human. When we struggle and have setbacks, it comforts our personality and will provide positive suggestions to get us back on track.

Our soul will readily communicate with us, but mental voices mired in illusion may pretend they speak for our soul. Usually, they are unconscious intellectualizations or belief systems from our past, which require healing. The illusionary aspects of our intellect are formidable, so fine-tuning our physical sensitivity and emotional fields to accurately sense our soul’s presence in our body is an important skill to master. Our heart is the best tool at deciphering what the purist form of love feels like. Don’t listen to voices that bring pain, express negativity, and fail to honor. They are illusion. We must listen only to loving voices that allow us to be who we are. The more our heart and soul learns to work together, the better the partnership becomes. With enough practice we can learn to put them both on automatic pilot so that our soul’s voice is integrated in all of our decisions.

The following suggestions for soul connection are designed to help everyone advance on their spiritual path toward a conscious relationship with their body, mind, and soul.

Suggestions for Soul Connection

Intention. Connect to your passionate desire to hear your soul’s hummingbird voice within. Align your behavior, intellect and desire towards connecting to your soul. Sit in a quiet place, breathe naturally and focus your intention to connect directly with your soul. Allow your longing for your highest good to build.

Surrender. Release your intellectual jackhammers that try to run the show. Release any attachments or expectations about how things need to work. Empty your mind to openly monitor (OM) or focus your attention (FA) on an activity that creates space for you to witness the subtle sensations within your body. A quiet mind allows time to focus and listen to our soul’s hummingbird voice. Be receptive of any subtle voices, physical sensations, and emotional reactions that give subtle clues about the soul’s presence.

Allow. To allow is to witness flow, which is the ability to comprehend and organically experience spiritual connection. Practice mindfulness and equanimity by letting whatever happens to be okay. Witness without judgment is desirable. Let go of mental longing to direct the process and release any attachments to outcome. Allowing is accomplished through intention, not effort or force. A passive activity of receptivity and love from our heart center is the goal—not effort and willfulness from our power center.

Witness. Set the intention to learn the subtle signs of the transcendent with an inquisitive, receptive, and child-like open mindedness. Let wonder explode and notice every subtle experience with careful consideration. Sense any feelings, physical sensations, mental images and/or hummingbird whispers that indicate soul communication. Witnessing is a passive, mindful process, where we notice and access what occurs internally and externally to us. But it’s also an active exercise as we look for clues to an unfolding mystery, like the famous detective Sherlock Holmes.

Communicate. A crucial aspect of soul communication is the level of trust and comfort we have with our mind, body, and soul connection. Try different ways to connect to your soul and choose what works best. Don’t engage in any obsessive-compulsive behaviors that the power centers of the intellect and willpower prefer. Learn your soul’s communication style, play with options, and then choose a reliable positive signal that indicates your soul’s presence.

Our soul will only respond to questions intended for our highest good.  Since our soul is only interested in our spiritual development. Since our personality has many physical realities of earthy existence to sort out, understanding what meets our highest spiritual good threshold can get dicey. Practice allows us to develop our own style and comfort level. Some people communicate with their soul through direct knowing and/or impressions, while others connect through physical sensations.

Doubting your experience is a common phenomenon. To address this problem, you can ask for a physical sign of your soul’s presence so you wouldn’t sabotage yourself. For example, a “yes” signal could be a surge of energy on the right side of your head while a “no” signal is a surge on the left. If you fail to get a surge of energy, the answer to your binary question may be more complex. Then wait for an explanation that may come in words, paragraphs visual images, or sensations that we need to interpret. The positive and negative signals can confirm if our interpretation is accurate. Everyone has their own style, which may include any one of the above options or another signal altogether. A crucial aspect of mastery is the level of trust and comfort people have with their signals.

Appreciation. Acknowledging positive reflections from our soul encourage the communications to continue. Thanks are always appreciated, and appreciation allows us to give love back to the divine and our soul, which helped create our transcendent experiences. If you strike for a while, keep on trying. Your soul would like nothing better than to communicate with you.

Once we know what our soul recommends for our highest good, the next task is exercising the discipline to follow through with its advice. Many times we need to ignore our immature inner voices that start to scream bloody murder when we try to change addictive behaviors. Unresolved unconscious material will always try to pull us back into illusion’s grasp again until we heal it. Direct soul communication invites everyone to skip the personality’s slower road to obtaining wisdom, health, and happiness through its method of trial and error. We can take the fast train to the same place by asking the highest aspect of our soul and all of divinity to suggest which paths enlighten. Having the courage to follow through and trust eternal wisdom that isn’t so obvious to the intellect and is truly…a mystical journey.