Enthroned Virgin Mary and Child ca. 1260–80. French, Paris. Elephant ivory with traces of paint and gilding, 7 ¼ × 3 × 2 ¾ in. (18.4 × 7.6 × 7.3 cm). Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Purchase, The Cloisters Collection and Michel David-Weill Gift, 1999 (1999.208).

Believed to be the Mother of God, many religions revere Mary, mother of Jesus as their holiest and greatest saint. Venerated by millions in the West, she is humanity’s protector and interceder to whose protection the faithful seek shelter and compassion, when they are in danger or desperately need help. She holds the feminine aspect of unconditional love for humanity in the West in a similar way Guanyin does in the East. Guanyin and Mother Mary represent the divine feminine throughout the world and are masters of surrender. The link to Guanyin’s…The Nature of Surrender (Part 1) is at the bottom of the page.

The Nature of Surrender

Dedication to an ideal or a goal can see you through every trial and tribulation while on earth. When I was with Jesus in incarnate form, I never forgot that I was on a mission of love for the betterment of the world. It is important to view  your life as a great adventure, because this is exactly what’s happening. Don’t let life’s ups and downs…or your intellect tell you differently.

Let your heart explore earth’s mysteries. Nurture every passion that awakes you in the morning excited with anticipation. When I was in the role of mother of Jesus, I looked at life this way. I was on a mission for mankind, and every obstacle was an adventure to overcome. My connection to divinity allowed me to open and help in ways I never imagined. Surrendering to divine timing was essential, for those times were fraught with insecurities and the whims of officials that could make life miserable.

Divine connection helped us immeasurably during those times. I never felt the divine didn’t listen to our needs, even though I watched my son, Jesus, die on the cross. Surrender was the only thing I could do, and I want to assure you…learning how to surrender is very important in everyone’s life.

I’m speaking now about surrendering from a position of strength through your connection to the divine, your soul, and everything in between. Consider whatever is happening in your life as an unfolding story with an unclear ending. Play out your cards to the very end, trusting in divinity, divine intervention, and possibilities yet unknown to you.

Heaven and earth routinely work together to create forces unseen and unknown to even the brightest scholars on earth. Please understand me. The qualities in your heart are more important than an atomic bomb. The love in one’s heart is more powerful than a locomotive, a speeding bullet, or even superman. The super-hero that everyone honors and desires is right there in your heart. It is the will of a champion holding the course with steadfast determination, because you know it is the best and most important thing to do.

Do not ignore the following suggestions. The key to power, surrender, and manifesting your dreams is the ability to know your truth and the willingness to stand in it before the gates of hell and damnation, just as my son, Jesus, did. Jesus and his message are greater than any atomic weapon. The shock waves of his message still reverberate throughout the universe. He surrendered to the events around him, held his truth, remained connected to the divine and the love in his heart.

These are also the three truths I have come to teach  everyone:

  • Hold strong in your truth.
  • Remain connected to the divine.
  • Embrace everything that happens to you with love, without losing your truth or divine connection.

When you hold love in the face of fear, death, and all the pain earth has to offer, earth’s illusions can’t stand up any longer. This is the path to enlightenment. You will know joy unlike anything you experienced on earth when you step on this path and never leave it. This is the path of the mystic, the sage, and spiritual master.

Come with me, walk this path, and use these three steps that Jesus showed me. Watching my son suffer as he did before his death and believing that this was a divine plan unfolding before my eyes required surrender so great that I thought my heart would break. And break it did.

It broke my illusions about worldly pain and suffering. My son’s death opened me up to the divine in ways I had only dreamt about experiencing. Believe me, it’s worth the journey—an atomic bomb of joy exploded within me as a result. The divine can detonate within you love in its truest forms, unfettered by illusion’s pain and suffering on earth—if you want it.

This divine love is so consistent, fierce, and strong that no force on earth could delay it even for a brief moment. This love is irreversible once you let it in. Please surrender your illusions of the world and open to possibilities you only dare to imagine when you dream of superheroes. I raised a super-hero who taught me how to be one. Let me transmit this consciousness through these words so that they will resonate in your cells as you read or listen to my message. The power of divinity can do this, and I use this power on your behalf.

Surrender your training on earth that would tell you this can not occur. Let this be the day that your dream of becoming a hero or heroine happens. It happened to me, and let me pass on this heritage to you, for it is divine grace to do so.

                                                         Yours in peace,

                                                         Mary, Mother of Jesus

                                                         Heroine for the common man and woman


Guanyin’s…The Nature of Surrender (Part 1)