Earth is a planet of darkness and illusion waiting for light. Experimentation, mutation, and devastation of the original, positively intended creation are its unfortunate legacy. All one needs do is look at the pain and suffering in the world today to know change is badly needed.

Change is the only way for life to evolve—yet many struggle mightily with it. Most people send the following mixed message to the heavens and themselves daily: “Please, I want my life to change.” The first half of the message is clear, but as soon as an answer to your prayer is presented, people turn away from it or fail to recognize the opportunities change provides.

Fear of the unknown often overrides humanity’s desire for change and causes resistance. It’s puzzling to watch people’s powerful intentions and passionate desires go up in smoke so quickly. Unfortunately, this fear-based habit of resisting change has been representative of humanity’s current level of consciousness for a very long time. But this pattern is about to mature, as more people evolve into higher states of consciousness. When people experience too much devastation, pain provides the positive motivation to truly want change. Hearts and souls are now screaming toward the heavens in record numbers, shouting, “No! No more of this!”

So many hearts are crying to the heavens, calling for the suffering to stop. This is creating a worldwide demand for a new paradigm, which has become so strong that it is now a change frequency. Waves of this change are crashing on earth’s shore more frequently than ever before, providing answers to many people’s prayers. When humanity deeply longs for love, peace, and harmony collectively, the spiritual truth that We are all One will start to take hold. The nature of our spiritual path on earth requires that humanity must learn that everyone loses when marginalized people are deprived for the benefit of others. This is a difficult notion for an unconscious mind to grasp, since most of mankind believes they are exploring individuality on earth.

Profound joy can burst our heart wide open when we help your neighbor. Facilitating the healing of painful wounds and discovering solutions for our neighbors’ suffering creates amazingly positive feelings of accomplishment for everyone involved. Unity consciousness doesn’t allow even seemingly justifiable harm to selected individuals, since spiritually it would be just like harming oneself. Hoarding resources for the privileged few and lording it over the have-nots is as devastating as running a knife through someone’s heart once people evolve into higher frequencies.

However, many people have hardened their hearts to protect themselves from internal and external pain. Unfortunately, when people create protective, defensive shields around their own hearts, they prevent heartfelt connections to their neighbors’ suffering, which also prevents them from sensing the karmic-induced mirrored reflections of our own disassociated pain. Blind spots to one’s own pain have allowed perpetrators throughout history to unconsciously devastate others by inflicting suffering on their victims in convoluted and twisted ways. People lose their connection to their neighbor’s suffering when these psychological shields remain in place, which effectively blinds us from our issues.

But we can strengthen our ability to awaken to unity consciousness by connecting to Mother Earth’s peaceful flow and embracing her as a living example of harmony with all our senses. When we walk in nature or sit by a fire or body of water, everyone feels more centered, calm, and relaxed. When we connect to every living being on earth and open to all the love there is, we will begin to settle into place, nestled in with everyone else. This means no one is higher or lower, and no one is less than or more than any other.

There needs to be a paradigm shift so humanity can understand and embrace what is happening and embrace the benefits of unity consciousness. When everyone is connected, enjoying life’s pleasures, and feeling united in my loving embrace, it is easy to stand in awe of this great, expansive universe. The amazing treasures raining down for everyone provide a loving grace that few on earth can truly comprehend.

Paradigm breakers are currently being planted on earth, as have been placed throughout time, to shatter humanity’s illusions and break patterns that aren’t nurturing everyone sufficiently. Humanity’s comprehension as to how the world works is about to expand and may frighten some people with its intensity. But these ideas are important to share for this reason because they can help those struggling to adjust to the upcoming changes. They hold a lighted beacon to teach people of possibilities they never knew or imagined before.

People need to know that they are needed, wanted, and will always have a home in the universe’s unified field of love. We are the sparkle in the divine’s eye. Occasionally we forget our worthiness and inherent loving nature while looking for gems in earth’s forests of illusion and shadows. No one has done anything wrong, for we are just children playing in earth’s garden, one with source, together in love.