The message below provides a wonderful metaphor about hummingbirds and jackhammers to describe the relationship between our intellect and the wise and loving inner voice that is our soul. The Wise and Loving Inner Voice Meditation completes this article. Connecting to our soul is one of the most important accomplishments anyone can do during their lifetime. The suggestions given in the closing exercise on soul connection provide important information that can make all the difference in the world in your life, as it did mine.

Trust Your Hummingbird Voice

Everyone’s got jackhammers pounding in their brain telling us what to do. However, very few people know that there is a loving hummingbird connected to our soul whispering in our ear every day. Of course, some people are gifted with louder hummingbirds than others, but rest assured, everyone has one. It’s the nature of every incarnation on earth to use trial and error to find our true wise and loving hummingbird inner voice amidst our intellectual jackhammers. People need to take the time to listen, love, and learn to recognize the hummingbird inner voice that whispers gently what’s in our highest good. This hummingbird analogy symbolizes the wisdom to connect to your soul, oceans of oneness, love, and universal intelligence. This method to attain happiness is just as true for the modern-day aspirant as it has been for every mystic and spiritual master throughout time.

People think they’re on earth to survive, but actually you’re here to thrive. The mind focuses upon survival . . . a soul seeks to thrive. You’re a divine being living in a physical body, plain and simple. It’s a smart move to connect to your own spirit to find out what it needs, wants, and desires. Surrender to your soul’s insider information, since the wealth of divinity’s wisdom is readily shared with everyone. This where the concept…We are all One…comes from. Join our party, use your ticket to happiness, and let your hummingbird whisper the way. Listen to your hummingbird, learn to converse with it, and embrace an unlimited source of knowledge the uninitiated mind can’t fathom.

A soul has the perseverance to wait for eons while we play with our intellectual jackhammers. Unfortunately, many people fail to notice their inner hummingbird, gently loving and admiring us. It wants to make dreams come true, manifest our heart’s desire, and help us sing our fondest love song. No jackhammer can stop a hummingbird from knowing the truth of what fulfills our needs, makes our heart sing, and satisfies our deepest longing. When we silence our internal jackhammers, our body, mind and spirit will eventually thank us for the peace and quiet.

When we learn to listen to the hummingbird voice of our soul, we will learn that it’s gentle, diligent, and as strong as a mountain. Follow your hummingbird and travel to wherever it takes you. Trust that it knows where to go and what to do. Put down the jackhammers that we’ve picked up along the way or received from others. Trust your feelings and let your hummingbird show you the way to the peace, happiness, and joy you seek. Notice how often you’ll find that your heart will sing with joy when you have the courage to follow your own hummingbird’s gentle guidance.

The following WISE AND LOVING INNER VOICE MEDITATION comes from my book, The Promise of Wholeness, Rowland & Littlefield Publishers. It is designed to help you find your inner hummingbird.

Crows, monkeys, and people have two voices, one is conversational and the other warns its clan about impending danger. Have you ever thought you were listening to loving inner guidance or sage advice and later discovered you were snookered by an inner voice mired in illusion pitching some harebrained delusion? Untreated trauma, unconscious templates and dysfunctional personal paradigms have belief systems, logic patterns and vocal signatures you can learn to recognize. Infant, child, and adolescent stress responses can activate screeching monkeys and cawing crows sensing danger.

The Wise and Loving Inner Voice Meditation provides a reliable method to examine and evaluate every interior voice within your mind. Their logic patterns and vocal signatures can be recognized. Wise and loving solutions endure over time. Screeching monkeys and cawing crows fixate on danger and may not be connected to your heart and soul. However, we all have access to an inner voice that suddenly appears like a hummingbird and offers sage advice and enduring love. Discerning conversational eternal wisdom from internal voices that promote illusion is the goal of this meditation.

Noticing how we recycle our dysfunctional templates, paradigms and dramas infected with illusion is imperative for maturation. Your evolution into the higher realms of consciousness and personal sovereignty requires access to your wise and loving inner voice that knows how to embody all the forms. An essential aspect of this meditation is noticing and recognizing when illusion grabs the microphone in your head. Memorizing the distinguishing vocal characteristics of your internal hummingbird is a valuable asset. You can access your enlightened inner voice and evolve intentionally when you ask the question, “What is the most loving thing I can to do?” and follow the guidance received regularly. Intention and passion can flip the ignition switch, engage the engines of creation, and access accurate vocal discernment.

Misguided mental strategies create suffering and become your destiny if you lack the intellectual curiosity or the emotional maturity to distinguish your hummingbird’s conversational whisper from cawing crows and screeching monkeys. Intention, passion, and consistent action towards your goals awaken matching supportive energy from the universe. You can enter the quantum field when your body, heart and soul align its collective wisdom and love with your inner hummingbird voice helping you reach your goal.

The Wise and Loving Inner Voice Meditation helps:

• Identify the logic patterns and vocal signatures of your inner voices.
• Provide a format to distinguish loving wisdom from debilitating illusions.
• Unify our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual natures.
• Access positive intention to revise missteps and take corrective action.

This meditation uses repetition and practice, which create reliable outcomes, to help sort out your internal voice that possesses loving wisdom versus the inner voices mired in illusion.