To enable the process of learning, independent thinking and developing a personal prospective about the world around us, rugged individualism became a reliable go to strategy. Another reason individualism flourished was the punitive god religions worshiped and the judgmental dogma they invented. This concept enabled victimization and terrorism to become righteous activities as people embraced force just like the puppet-master god of their teachings. Most of the most egregious genocides have religious origins supported by retribution, revenge, and dominion illusions. It’s challenging to one with a judgmental deity who sentences its offspring to eternal damnation without becoming punitive yourself. The cruel ways people treated one another throughout history also made it clear we are on our own. It is no wonder why rugged individualization has been so popular This article explores what was lost along the way.

Rugged individualism unfortunately has drawn us away from the true nature of love. We are spiritual beings used to living in a loving community embraced by the divine, who loves humanity without conditions. Surrender is a key aspect to learning how to love. And it is much easier to do with a loving, gentle divinity who looks out for our best interests. Our soul is but a loudspeaker whispering the divine’s love and helps guide us through the dark nights on earth. Community is our spiritual home and natural state of being. Individualism was a good idea at the time but no longer, because humanity is a community getting smaller.

The Internet has opened the door for humanity to get a glimpse of oneness from the divine’s perspective. Everything is instantaneous and everything known now despite fake news and efforts to mislead. Current events invoke worldwide prayers and heartfelt emotions. This allows us to decide how to embody love in every circumstance. Access to unlimited information presents us with opportunities to notice we are basically all the same. Children are so attractive because they see everything around them as love. This is our spiritual nature until we succumb to earth’s illusions. If you want to read more how children adapt to life on earth, please read my article about Primary Love Templates published on this blog on 3-31-20. Our challenge is to access our inner child and accept everything that happens to us as an opportunity to mentally surrender and let our heart find love.

Karmic law lets us know when we stray from our soul’s intention to be love’s expression in every circumstance. Love is a paradigm breaker and pain our teacher one hundred percent of the time. Yes, souls sign up for shared group experiences designed to expand divinity’s library of love. Many times, group experiences like a war for example are extremely painful. It is important to remember that the divine is not involving in the planning these events in a controlling way.

Our soul plans out challenges and opportunities to see if we can embody love in every circumstance. Souls and soul groups are interested in expanding love in greater and greater ways to contribute to divinity’s grand library of love. Pain is a teacher inviting us to expand love to even more places. Surrender is knowing this truth when you don’t know, don’t have a clue, and really don’t like what is going on around you personally. Trust that your soul has a plan and an unseen agenda. This is the reason surrender is so essential. The goal is to find the jewels hidden around our suffering to help us discover love again. Herein lies the secret of the universe and why surrender is so important. Learning how to love in every circumstance is what every spiritual master has come to teach us and surrender is how it is done.