The secret of true happiness lies in our ability to love ourselves so gracefully that self-regard becomes as natural as breathing. If everyone loved himself or herself so completely that every breath was consciously drawn to enrich and facilitate wholeness in their life, the world wouldn’t be such a cruel place. When people develop the rhythm of giving and receiving love in proper balance, thriving and surviving in this world become easy.

Have you ever wondered why so many people struggle to love themselves, when the essence of our soul and every cell of our body have a divine imprint of pure love infused into each atom? Many people think self-love, self-esteem, and self-care are difficult tasks that require a great amount of work and diligence to maintain. Since we physically co-exist with our soul’s loving nature, these abilities are already encoded in our biological cellular structure. One of the first steps to stop self-sabotage is to awaken your instinctual loving nature, consider yourself as divine being worthy of love and deserving of success.

Love is a confusing word to many people because everyone has their own definition or interpretation as to how to manifest, demonstrate, or propagate it. When people have had negative or at least confusing childhood experiences with love, their relationship with spiritual concepts about love can become contaminated. Many people think that the divine will turn away from them because the god of their religion promotes conditional love and everlasting damnation. Unfortunately, these well-intended illusions convince some people they deserve a problematic life, which makes self-love more difficult.

Life on earth is confusing, cruel, and downright torturous for many people. But it’s important to remember that some souls incarnate with troubles on their plate and the intention to spend their lifetime trying to transcend them. Sometimes group plans even override our individual plans and propel us into global or countrywide struggles to overcome. Despite these challenges, self-love is the secret to overcoming any negative mirror or event from the outside world.

Once we can believe we’re an aspect of divinity worthy of love, taking time to provide self-care and attentive behaviors for our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies becomes easier. When our focus in these areas is strong, earth’s illusions can’t take us off course in our efforts to embrace the highest good for neighbors, humanity, and ourselves. These aspects create a vortex of positive creative energy, which in turn manifests our world around us.

The initial step in maintaining self-love requires a heartfelt belief in our worthiness. Many religions mistakenly have thought that the sin of hubris is so deadly that they overemphasize how insignificant and small a human being is in the natural order of the world. They promote the belief that the smaller the self-image (especially the spiritual self-image), the better and more acceptable it is to the god of their religion. Of course, this is all baloney since we are all aspects of divinity and have powerful creative forces within us to manifest our dreams in this world.

We don’t need to deserve, pray, or beg for an outstanding life. It is ours for the taking by having enough self-esteem to expect good outcomes by planning for and allowing them to enter our lives. We can do this by awakening spiritual aspects within us that already know about this lifestyle and know how to create it.

The creative spark of divinity is located in every cell of our being and completely imbues us with all the positive aspects of love’s purest forms. This profound wisdom embraces humanity so powerfully that our behavior on earth could never reduce the divine’s love for us. Once we truly understand how deeply we are loved and learn to love ourselves this way, then we can feel empowered to love others unconditionally too.

Everyone wants to receive love from another but consistent self-nurturing behavior is a struggle. Are you interested to discover how many habits you maintain that would pass a self-love test? Look at what actually works in your life, let go of anything that isn’t nurturing, and commit to behaviors that enhance a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Then consider the following suggestions to improve your sense of worthiness:

* Love your self, as you would want others to love you.

* Love other people as much as you love the divine.

* Love yourself as your neighbors love their loved ones.

* Love yourself as all mothers in nature nurture their young.

Remember who you are, where you came from, and where you’re going. Take the time to heal from your wounds and believe you are worthy of healing them. A healthy diet, exercise, and spiritual practices are ways to honor your self each day. Dedication to truth, love of spirit, and generosity of heart are essential qualities to embody. When problems occur and you forget who you are, self-love is how to remember.

Self-love is a state of being requiring such subtle effort, and its nature is so gentle, a good goal is to let your practice be un-perceivable to the naked eye. Dedicate every breath toward pursuing happiness and sustaining positive nurturing behavior. Let every rise and fall of your lungs become a prayer to learn how to become your best effort to express love each moment.

Crises are opportunities to solve a mystery unfolding in front of you. When problems occur, just stop, look, and listen. Assume love is knocking on the door, trying to remind you how to find the right path to return to love again. Accept what happens, meditate for wisdom, and allow enlightened messages from your heart or soul teach you what you need to know to return home.

Our ability to heal ourselves and evolve is why we incarnated on earth. Love has the power to conquer all of earth’s illusions and loves a good fight. Many times it looks like life challenges us to learn to love others more, but it is usually a challenge for ourselves to develop self-love. We won’t grow when we pretend that our problems don’t exist, so embrace challenges and the opportunities to grow they provide.

When praying for peace and looking for love, consider the answers must also originate from within. Connecting our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects to love ourselves will assist our ability to manifest peace, love, and harmony in the outside world. Rest assured these qualities already exist in every cell of our body. Each cell knows what to do when pure love visits because they are made of the same stuff.

We are all aspects of divinity disguised as friends and strangers on this planet. Treat everyone as an equal and extend compassion without judgment. Contemplate this message carefully and feel truth’s vibration located within its words. Self-love prepares us to consciously create love in the world by experiencing this truth within ourselves. What we create in our internal world will quickly manifest in our outer world. This is how love begets love.


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