The second pillar of self-mastery requires self-responsibility. One of the most important ways to physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually grow into a more mature and conscious individual is recognizing our part of the creative process. Meeting our needs lovingly, staying present without dissociating and avoiding addictive/illusionary activities, are three proactive habits that mystics mastered on their path towards enlightenment. By aligning our behavior, heart and mind so eloquently that these three habits become a consistent, conscious vibration in every cell in our being, we too state to the universe, “This is who I am.”

Most people believe the following statement “we create our reality.” Unfortunately, only a precious few truly understand how manifestation principles work. Here is a very brief review. When our behavior, passion, intellect truly work together for a greater good, our unified message become the base or stabilized legs of a three-legged stool. Once harmonized these three legs attract our soul, activate quantum mirroring principles and eventually matching energy from the universe. This is why we can’t talk or think one way and live another way. It won’t take very long before karmic law, which some call the laws of cause and effect, will “invite” us to steer our ship in another direction due to negative outcomes. Many get confused and unhappy when our mixed messages to the universe attract painful mirrors. When negativity knocks at our door, we frequently begin to think dark thoughts about ourselves, the divine and the reality we experience.

Pleasure and pain are strong motivators. The universe provides mirrors designed to reflect who and what we are back to us for our review. Major problems would occur if we couldn’t figure out why positive or negative outcomes occurred in our lives. Thus the laws of cause and effect and self-responsibility help us understand our role in the creative process. Pain is a scouring pad life provides to motivate us to explore our unconscious material that may be driving our behavior, emotional reactions and/or psyche. Negative outcomes are the effect and self-responsibility explores causes to help us find our illusions. Accurate feedback allows our body, heart and mind to link our creations with our behavior, passion and thought processes. These universal mirrors are our friends because they provide reliable feedback that enables us to replicate success or discover our illusions.

The laws of cause and effect or karmic law is the how universe mirrors our image to us so we can see our reflection. They are the only tools in our spiritual toolbox that consistently help us navigate in the dark on the mystical path. We would be lost in earth’s illusionary mazes without the mirroring aspect of the universe, self-responsibility, and our desire to re-unify with the divine. The laws of cause and effect, self-responsibility and our re-unification goal are three reliable friends of our soul guiding us to the promised land of peace, love, and harmony.

While exploring the nature of true happiness, everyone looks for love in the wrong places. Some people seek quick fixes from addictive activities, material possessions and passionate relationships to feel better. Many mistakenly believe that love originates from the outside world, other people, or a mountain of material possessions. Addictions, for example, and short-term pleasures often outlast their usefulness pretty quickly and turn into long-term sources of pain. Short-term fixes often make us feel better temporarily in our daily lives, but it’s important to remember that we are really manifesting our exterior reality from within ourselves. Following through with consistent behaviors that support a long-term healthy lifestyle is where the rubber meets the road.

Becoming conscious and taking ownership of our creations is as important an activity as one can accomplish on earth. Self-love, balanced play, positive motivation toward work or school, and maintaining loving relationships with others are included in the definition of self-responsibility. Unfortunately, not enough of us are true living examples of enlightened behavior patterns and ways of being. In fact, developing a conscious lifestyle is so little recognized that it has been regulated to an afterthought in the education of our youth, our professional workplace, and life in general.

When we truly take responsibility for ourselves, the pursuit of happiness can be taken on as a loving pleasure, just as the many other tasks of life. Fully embodying love in every aspect of our being is a spectacular way to approach life.

Imagine for a moment how a perfected human being would answer the following questions:

  • What would be the proper balance of exercise, good nutrition, self-care, professionally responsible behaviors, and spiritual practices for him or her?
  • How would they interact with their loved ones, friends and neighbors?
  • Would they nurture their own dreams and the dreams of everyone around them?
  • What would be the proper balance of play and work in their life?
  • How much time would they spend taking responsibility for their part of any problem?

Everybody wants many things from their neighbors, fate, and the universe. The real test comes when and if we are willing to take responsibility to provide these same things for ourselves. The universe and the laws of cause and effect in general always match the personal frequency that we’ve achieved within ourselves. If we want self-love but lack self-responsibility, we won’t be able to manifest the love we want. The only way to bring more love into our lives is to raise our frequencies of self-love and self-responsibility. Self-responsibility is a topic frequently avoided. It’s very attractive to focus on other people, their mistakes, and the world’s problems in general. But the onus is really on us, the creators to create something new.

In summary, self- responsibility the second pillar of self-mastery include the following concepts:

  • Our physical and/or spiritual nature has a hand in creating our circumstances
  • We are responsible not only for our creations but enlightened solutions.
  • Discover not only the cause and effect, but the how and why we manifested our reality.
  • Once we find the initial positive intention or impulse that started a negative outcome, then choose a new solution.


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