Shimmering sparkles of light on a pond

Souls embracing earth and beyond

Glimmering joy dancing with glee

Mere reflections of you and me

Courageously willing to do and die

We are but a twinkle of God’s eye

Hearts strong and open wide

Buckled up, ready for a ride

Our true nature gets twisted on earth

Some wonder why we’re here from birth

Divinity is one with us no matter what

Many forget, when the going gets rough

Play the cards dealt. What can you do?

Mysteries of love lying before you

Solve your riddle. Find your bliss

Illusions vanish with just a kiss

Joy is the path to a rich full life

Laughter lubricants and soothes strife

Loving actions make dreams come true

Enchanting the world that wants peace too

One butterfly appearing as flocks in flight

Shimmering sparkles dawning a new light

Imagine how much will get done

When we all flap together as one