Hoping upon hope is despair wasted upon youth. Hoping upon hope is just a form of desperation. Don’t walk into the valley of despair with hope on your sleeve, love in your heart and desperate longing beating in your breast.

If you find yourself wandering into the streets of longing, walk with grand expectations, spectacular visions of success and accomplished tasks. Show hope the door, walk with your head high and envision consummated lust.

Do not settle for limiting dreams, minimal success and measured outcomes when you dance with the divine. Embrace your heart’s desire with unrelenting resolve. Then dance together with diamond-studded shoes in streets paved with gold until the evening stars turn into warming sunlight.

Walk softly but carry large expectations. Plan for successful outcomes and synchronistic events supporting your dreams. Play with love, wonder out loud and know the divine hears everything. You will not be disappointed. Dreams happen when you expect they will.

If you find yourself wandering in the shadows of a dimly lit street, hold your love close, dance in the moonlight and let restraint go. When walking in the dark, carry grand expectations. Navigate the streets of despair with not only love in your heart but dreams of grandeur.

Do not let love peek in the door only see your shadow preening in the mirror. Recycled limitation is not a flattering reflection. Embody your light when illusion obscures others in the shadows. You can never do whatever you want without regard to others when you walk with the divine.

Play to your heart’s content and expect loving outcomes. Dance with the divine whenever you want. But do play with love in love’s garden called earth without restraints or limitations. Show hope the door, because you know dreams happen. You can do anything you want until you don’t want to anymore.