Structure is provided on earth so humanity has a reliable platform to explore desire, create a dream and assist our effort to embody our divine nature. This structure and the following universal laws serve creation because every soul needs a reliable, predictable platform so our intellect can learn the “rules of the game” to navigate earth successfully. The following, Six Laws of the Universe, when practiced consciously and consistently, will enhance your growth exponentially. Each law is purposely sequenced to make any complex concept easier to understand.

  • Law of Like. This law simply states that like attracts like in the universe. Esther and Jerry Hicks, authors of the book, Ask and it is Given: Learning How to Manifest Your Desires calls this same phenomenon, the Law of Attraction. Everything in the universe has a frequency. Frequencies attract like frequencies in the universe.
  • Law of Expediency. People, energy and frequencies find their resonate level quite quickly. Lovers, friends and families mirror their level of consciousness to one another. For example, as a psychotherapist treating couples who chronically fight, a lasting peace only endures when each participant realizes they share the same core issue they previously judged in one other.

  • Law of Mirroring. We attract reflections of our self, so we learn about our strengths and illusions on earth. The universe’s mirrors take many forms so we may eventually experience polarity with true equanimity. Earth challenges us to experience everything and everyone we judge as reflections of some aspect our self. Nirvana, heaven and/or enlightenment is achieved when we truly experience everything in the universe as a form of love. Since we are all mirrors of the divine, each other and ourselves, it is useful to think of humanity as billions of aspects within one universal hologram.
  • We are all one because at our core, everyone is spiritually the same. Our human form is a temporary illusion when compared to eternity. We are all reflections of each other recycling what we send out. Earth lets us forget our origins as we attempt to embody our divine nature while in human form. Spiritually, our soul is playing a game of hide and seek with our personality. Our frequency raises not only when we can experience oneness within diversity but also recognize when the universe reflects our illusions back to us in those we judge. It is useful to think of the universe is a giant photocopying machine. The challenge within the Law of Mirroring is learning how cause and effect works through these universal mirrors. In the East, this same process is called karma and it is important to learn how universal mirrors influence daily life and our creations.
  • Law of Wanting. Wanting holds the frequency of lack and a recycled knowing of lack. Since like attracts like, wanting attracts more wanting and pushes away what we desire. Wanting is desire. When you really want something with true passion and desire, a powerful wanting frequency is broadcast into the universe. Then the laws of wanting and mirroring combine to intensify our experience of wanting in the exact energetic quantities we sent into the universe.
  • People in a hurry who become agitated because they want the line to speed up are a good example of the problems associated with mixing anger with wanting. The Law of Wanting will tend to make the line slow down as a teaching tool. This law is very problematic for people who do not know how the universe works. Surrendering to the concepts described in these six laws will make life more predictable.
  • Manifestation is an area where the intellect often struggles as it tries to materialize any dream on earth. The unexamined intellect tends to plot and figure out strategies to make things happen from a position of lack. Due to the Law of Wanting these strategies tend to backfire and produce more want. Addictions persist for the same reason, because we try to fill voids from a position of lack.
  • The quicker we learn how to address our deeper needs and desires; the easier it becomes to trust in a loving universe. Then the desperate wants of the intellect start to relax. We achieve this state, when we truly allow what is and reduce our expectations for a perfect solution. Then peace will be mirrored back to us. These are difficult concepts for the intellect to grasp, but once achieved a deep feeling of peace can be experienced no matter what happens around us.
  • Law of Least Wanted. The more energy we expend not wanting something actually draws it towards us. We are all magnets magnetizing our experience. The universe provides structure, doesn’t judge our foibles, and usually will not interfere with our manifestations. Grace and universal love can always come to heal or correct a problem, however.
  • Law of Love. This law attracts our fondest wish to us and everything that blocks it from manifesting. The challenge within the Law of Love requires us to not only recognize blocks as obstacles to overcome to get our prize, but also hold an undeterred love in our heart while doing so. To hold love, we must have attained the consciousness to believe we are lovable, deserve love and ultimately know love is who and what we are. We need to expect love in all of its forms to manifest as a normal and natural occurrence. We hold love when every cell within us says yes to every frequency of love with assuredness without hesitation.
  • Interesting enough, the Law of Love is the reason why wars occur. To hold a lasting, loving peace on earth enough people must believe in peace, think they deserve peace and truly expect peace. Hatred and war provide opportunities for humanity to heal illusions. Understanding why hatred and judgment exists within us will help remove it. Some people think the universe is unloving when suffering’s mirrors reflect our lower frequencies back to us. Time and the cycles of pain we endure on earth is not experienced by our soul and spiritual core. Wars reflect flaws in group consciousness and are designed to teach humanity what not to do. When we or enough people release their unexamined pain, higher levels of consciousness will birth within any individual, collective or country. This is how every form of warfare activates the Law of Love.
  • On an individual level the Law of Love states that love attracts love. Allowing divine love to flow into our life requires wanting love, believing we are worthy, and a loving connection to all there is. Believing in our inherent goodness helps us know we deserve love. The more we appreciate and love ourselves the more love we attract from the outside world and the universe. Everyone wants to be loved but first we must love our self at the levels just mentioned.

The following suggestions are useful to hold and attract more love:

  1. Release your cultural, familial and personal illusions.
  2. Increase your capacity to give and receive love.
  3. Love yourself without conditions.
  4. Access your higher self/soul to help you develop more self-love.
  5. Intellectually surrender and give up trying to know everything.
  6. Live in the now or present and accept life’s mysteries.
  7. Remove any illusions about the universe others promote.
  8. Accept the love you intuitively experience from the universe.
  9. Stop punishing yourself to please some person or deity.
  10. If you make a mistake, focus upon what you will do differently next time.
  11. Remember…life places love and pain in each of our hands.
  12. You can handle both competently while maintaining love and remaining lovable.
  • The law of love states that we must love ourselves before we can transcend illusion and embody a conscious experience of oneness within a loving universe. When people fail to love, heal, or nurture themselves, they frequently struggle to understand unity consciousness or another’s suffering. The universe challenges everyone to look at problems as opportunities to heal our illusions blocking love.
  • Spiritual masters see pain as a door to pass through to find the grace and the love they seek. Sages know the universe places jewels around what we consider a nasty snake to help us transform pain and expand our heart. When we let our suffering, blame and judgment go, peace follows. The more peace we feel, the more the Law of Love gives and attracts more love to us. As a collective we will heal the world when enough people heal themselves. Since our deepest illusions about our self will be activated whenever we interact with people, once we heal our issue, we will be much more effective in our attempts to help others heal theirs. Engaging in these enlightened practices and following the Six Laws of the Universe will help you embody love and attract more of the same from the universe.