Soul Loss

We are all soul and matter, nothing more. Our soul provides life, energizes our spirit, and motivates us in ways that may seem difficult to fathom. For example, when someone’s soul is absent, their personal energy, synchronicity, and spontaneous support from the universe dimmish. When our heart isn’t into what we are doing and passion is lacking, most of us just try to get by in life. However, when our soul is absent, despair, depression and hopelessness find a fertile breeding ground. In short, our life, desired support, and the whole universe around us becomes as slow as molasses as the energy to create our dreams dwindles. This article will explore the problems related to soul loss and the unique situation when a soul believes it is bad. Solutions related to soul retrieval will also be provided.

When our soul is present, the universe and divinity will support our positive intentions for the highest good. When our soul is absent, our intellect…including every shadow aspect of our personality will rush in to help us. This is the reason why unconscious individuals tend to be overly rational and primarily mentally focused. When unexamined illusions and dysfunctional mindsets rule the day for too many people, mayhem can begin to influence mass consciousness. This is how a residual soul intention can twist and contort into a bastardized version during significant soul loss within a collective. People, communities, and countries have gone to very dark places within their psyche individually and collectively due to this phenomenon throughout history. Without soul guidance all sorts of atrocities and cruelties have arisen from the deep recesses of the human mind since time immemorial.

Under great trauma complete or partial soul loss can occur. Since our soul always remains connected to divinity and holds truth of who we are throughout eternity, it leaves the body when we receive significant, traumatic shocks. This is only natural and appropriate to make sure the soul is never permanently affected or damaged. This allows our body to experience the physical impact of any trauma full measure. Some souls plan significant events such as soul loss before an incarnation, to allow their body, mind and personality to absorb a trauma. Then the real game begins, which is bringing soul awareness to the experience and embodying divine consciousness on earth. Using our soul consciousness to heal trauma that devastates our body, mind and personality is the reason many incarnate.

Soul Retrieval

A soul retrieval requires a request for divine assistance and asking our soul to return. When people have aspects of their soul missing and haven’t healed their loss, they are still mired in the initial trauma. Unfortunately, someone with  soul loss can fail to realize their life’s purpose. Like a skipping record or CD, the same internal voices, mistaken illusions, and disharmony can echo endlessly. Repetition is designed to awaken a more conscious response and remind us to reconnect to our core spiritual energy. The universe will always honor a decision to heal the trauma yourself. Since we incarnated on earth to experience our divinity on our own terms, the universe assumes this is what we are doing unless we ask for spiritual assistance. The pain we endure as our mental CD skips and recycles suffering is seen by the divine as our teacher to help us heal and eventually retrieve our soul again. Unless people don’t feel well, how else can they realize what it’s missing? Pain is a reliable teacher on the path to enlightenment.

Yes, a soul can believe it is bad. The following section explores what happened and what can be done.

When someone participated in sever negative events during their lifetime and died without knowing how to go into the light, embrace the divine or truly believed it does not deserve divine love, a soul can conclude it is bad. A soul will often then attempt to compensate for what it has done by incarnating as a victim in their next life to fully appreciate the mistakes they perpetrated on others previously. This is only natural for there are many contributions to the grand library of love within divinity. It may take a mistaken soul many lifetimes of experiments to experience unity consciousness and a state of being that is truly our unique expression of self.

We incarnate to experience the unity of divinity in physical form and embody unity and oneness expressed for the joy of it. Then returning to oneness after mastering our illusions. Like a good horror movie, it is very exciting to explore darkness or play hide and seek, only to return to divine love and light in the end. This provides the reason why our soul is fascinated with dualism and illusion. They are many spiritual agendas going on simultaneously all in perfect harmony on earth. This includes a soul that agrees to believe it is bad. It will wait endlessly and hope our personality will eventually find it. When we mirror the same soulful form of love to our soul that the divine employs, we heal it. This is a sophisticated game people play and requires a great deal of dedication to develop your personality and reach a level of consciousness to heal your soul who thinks it is bad. While a soul can’t talk or think it’s way out of it’s true nature, it will go into deep seclusion to fulfill your original soul intention for your personality to find it without it’s help.

To accomplish this challenge without the help of our soul, we must trust others to hold soul energy for us during our mission to activate our soul. This allows us to trust and learn about receiving love at a deep soul level with the help from the divine. People who use this spiritual strategy usually were in positions of power. They ruled without heart and used people believing they had to do so. The belief that one’s soul is bad is a method to truly learn how to walk down the path to divine love, oneness, and joy without manipulating others or following clear spiritual guidance. It is done with the desire born from the heart to learn that heart and soul energy is more powerful than mental energy, which gets twisted so easily without loving guidance.