Supple and accommodating, our soul knows no other way to be in the world as it dances every day in the divine’s loving embrace. Surrender is a quality of our soul and is the only way to be one with Source. Accessing our soul is one of the best ways to experience our divine origins and this exquisite relationship. If an intellect can be likened to a jackhammer, then our soul whispers like a hummingbird. Therefore, we need to learn how to quiet the mental chatter to explore our subtle intuitive nature. Accessing our soul and ultimately the divine is extremely helpful to discern love from illusion. Since rugged individualism is so popular these days, surrender continues to be the path less traveled.

Due to our soul’s cozy relationship with Source, surrendering to its access to universal wisdom and divine timing is a wise strategy. Smart money always seeks good intel, so why get it yourself. However, developing an interactive relationship with your soul provides challenges because it will always defer to every one of your personality’s ego-driven illusions. Eternally one with Source, our soul knows whatever happens to us on earth will ultimately advance our human education. We are always spiritually protected by the divine’s loving embrace, but everyone has so much to learn to overcome earth’s illusions. Since our personality knows little of the greater spiritual landscape, intuitive guidance is a godsend when we lose our bearings in the darkness.

A spiritual connection can illuminate our way to universal wisdom and love. Following innate instincts and protecting ourselves on earth is only natural. However, we must never lose our link to divine wisdom and grace that can unfold in ways unknown to us in any given moment. Herein lies the only reliable path to happiness. The secret to true happiness is our access to Source and our soul, while we embody enduring spiritual principles and values on earth. Impulsive behaviors without these aspects of our being firmly in place, provides temporary thrills that short-sighted addictions provide. Temporal pleasures are designed to wet our appetite for true and enduring happiness.

Receiving inspired information that helps us overcome our illusions requires surrender. However, we need to surrender to nothing our soul hasn’t done throughout its existence. It is our personality that needs to let go of its attachment to intellectual superiority and self-determination. When dancers surrender to inspired motor instincts and allow their spirit express, their body moves with a grace unknown before. Athletes talk about being in the zone when they just know when to move with ease, grace, and power. Zen masters describe this similar phenomenon as no mind, when they become one with universal wisdom to achieve amazing results.

These are all examples of surrender of effort and mental control to allow our inherent wisdom to flow. This wisdom can come from outside sources. We can access it without having lived through all the experiences in our lifetime to gain this wisdom. This is how oneness works. When people say, “we are all one”, they are saying we are all the same spiritually speaking. Additionally, we can access the collective experience, wisdom, and grace of anyone living or deceased before us.

This access to universal wisdom provides a wonderful way to live, makes life easier and helps us access more grace. Grace allows us to access oneness energy and surrender is the key to unlock the door. Consider surrender to be one of the most important practices to embody your power. The paradox of true power lies in the fact that we give up the illusion that we need to live and survive only through personal effort and self-reliance.

Personal surrender allows us to access the awesome power of the entire universe, divinity and all the accumulated wisdom and grace throughout the ages. When we tap into oneness, we can tap into all the eternal wisdom we need without the effort and struggle it took others to achieve it individually. Additionally, all the collective love within divinity is ours if we can surrender and receive it.

Everyone has keys to the universe’s library of love and can check out any book at any time. Just pick a topic, surrender, and let your spirit do the walking like the old Yellow Page telephone ads advertised. Goggling the Internet operates under the same principle. Surrendering into oneness for the highest good of all of humanity is the secret every spiritual master has used. They all began as humble servants and inspired lovers of the divine. Every one of them learned to surrender and became teachers of this skill in one form or another.

Let go of ego and rugged individualism. Surrender to your soul, the highest good of all and open your heart to its intuitive wisdom. Then keys to the universal and eternal library of love will be made available. Go out and play, check out any book in the library and explore ways to be in the zone more often. Then the awesome power hidden within us unfolds and grows, when we walk with giants, converse with masters, and let their love help us remember home.

Discover the master within that was hidden by personal effort, solitary confinement, and the separation illusion. Stop struggling by trying to solve the world’s problems through personal power and intellect alone. Consulting with our soul and learning how to surrender will let us to play the best game in town.