Shaken dreams about life

Can hope transcend desire?

Did you cry before the dawn?

Or just smile when everything stopped making any sense


Soar among the stars, glide with the swallows

Or wonder what danger will visit today

Watching the tide washing out the debris

Hoping that’s not my face bobbing down


A sparkle of light shines in the distance

It never comes for me

No one loves me anymore

It always takes somebody else


Could it be for me? Let it come closer.

Pray its not another illusion

Come to me, oh please, come to me

Could it be… you remembered me?


Please embrace me for I’ve been alone

Do not forsake my tender heart

Walk beside me with my sorrow

Dance with me in the glorious morning


You whisper in my ear, “Please come home with me”

Oh, come…come into my arms and fill my heart

My soul is taking me back home again

The dark night holds no mystery here