Hoping beyond hope triggers the divine’s profound love and heaven’s tears of joy. Let them rain down upon the smoldering ashes of yesterday’s dreams, soothe your despair and the sense of separation.

Don’t give up hope because your love is basking in the sunlight just around the corner. Wisdom has a habit of hiding in the closets of our mind while we’re sorting out right from wrong, hope from despair, and drunkenness from love.

We’re all too drunk to mind all the rules, too isolated to know the purist forms of love, and too stupefied with our intellect’s dreams of grandeur on earth. Only our soul knows what’s true and what’s real in the world.

Love like the soldier who knows he’ll die tomorrow. Dance with your lover until your legs feel like falling off. And embrace each other with such conviction that if your heart skipped a beat…death wouldn’t change anything.

Don’t pray for love when love is who you are. Don’t attempt desperate measures to make things happen. Control feels like death to the soul and has no place for lovers in love. Just surrender completely to whatever your lover wants and let the chips fall where they may.

Pray for unity but tie your camel to the pillar of love. Then let your heart wander into the deserts of despair, look for your lost lover and hope for a peaceful resolution.

Go without water because it is a short trip when your intellect isn’t in the way. Take many supplies when you have no faith. But they won’t help, and you’ll wonder what went wrong.

Hold on to hope, pray for love’s return, and let caution fly in the wind. Surrender to your passions, the longing in your heart, and embrace the divine. Your head needs to be in the sand, your soul in the wind, and your heart soaring on the wings of love.