Source’s initial impulse was to seek companionship—so, the angelic kingdom was created. They immediately explored oneness through deeply felt conversations and perspectives about love for what, from humanity’s perspective, would have been eons of time. There is really no reference to describe how long they were together initially, since time and physical matter had not been created yet. They played together, explored loving connections, and experienced the joy of each other’s different perspectives while still linked together as one being. Throughout this evolution of consciousness each angel felt its own individual talents and proclivities emerge, which delighted everyone. Divergent perspectives were welcomed, because they engaged their collective hearts and stimulated their minds to want to explore even more unique expressions of love.


Whenever an original, fresh idea spontaneously occurred, a powerful explosion of joy would sweep over everyone. Individual brilliance was always honored. The angel who had initially thought of the idea felt proud of his or her efforts to create something that served everyone. Our experimentation with individuality took some time to develop since everything was evolving organically, which by the way was a concept invented by another creative angel.


Anything that humanity can intellectually isolate or identify in creation is an aspect of divinity that an angel or the divine imagined from nothingness. The joy felt as they dreamt their dreams into reality was spectacular. This process  of discovery propelled our creativity into even greater heights, and a healthy competition of loving companions trying to outdo each other emerged. Yet, they always maintained their loving connection, while they played with originality and imagined more realities bursting into life.


It was from this fertile collaboration that the idea emerged to create physical form and the dimensional realities that everyone experiences now. Many of the angels wanted to experience their own manifestation as a separate physical entity, while maintaining their divine nature. Source wanted to explore this too and manifested our collective desire to create this dream by sending out a frequency, or tone. The angels chimed in, and together they all harmonized our collective desires into one unified tone, the tone of a single entity—since they were all are one.


Thus the intention, thought forms, and tones of the angelic kingdom combined with the divine to manifest the initial forms for creation. These thought forms are now called  the “Laws of Nature,” which allow predictable structured events to consistently occur, with proper input from an individual or soul group. Source made sure that everyone was required to consistently follow the universal laws of physics and karma, so that there would be primary structures with predictable outcomes people could rely upon.


Long days and nights were spent planning and imagining what types of life forms each of the angels would take, since there were infinite possibilities. Angels divided into work groups to explore the plant, rock, and mineral kingdoms, as well as higher energetic life forms, such as human beings, animals, and birds. Meticulous attention was spent planning human incarnations, life experiences, and the holistic group plans each angel  wanted to explore. An interdimensional angelic group even helped develop the many dimensions everyone now experiences throughout the universe and the many other universes throughout creation.


There are many, many varieties of animals, plants and evolving life forms, as well as energies associated with rocks, minerals, and inanimate structures throughout the many dimensions. One would be accurate if you assumed there are other souls exploring divergent living expressions of divinity throughout this vast creative expanse. All of creation originated from the loving frequencies harmonized by the angels and the divine to produce the creation tone for life to manifest the playground called earth to explore our desires. The physical universes were created so that souls could explore their ability to unify a physical body with their divine nature.


There was a joyous creation day on which all of the planned manifestations took place in in love and peace, with unbridled enthusiasm and joy. Some angels wanted to find their way back home by incarnating in deep illusion with their body and soul disconnected from one another as it’s done on earth. Other angels chose to experience oneness in various forms while maintaining their body and soul connection thoughout their life. When physical matter was created everyone celebrated—and every being is a blessed fruit of that original creative loving energy.


The genesis of the physical world is the energy of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. The path of the mystic includes remembering these beginnings and holding a vision of a living peace, harmony, and oneness with everone and everything in creation. When a human being can truly become one with with the natural world and all of divinity, their soul can start to sing its familiar song of unity, love, and peace, which it has sung throughout time with divinity.


Here is a parable to illustrate the main point of this article.

Once upon a time a little old man who lived alone, who had all the riches in the world. Gold was stacked high in one room and precious jewels and silver filled other rooms. Unfortunately, he become sad because he had no one to share them with. One day he decided to trade in all his riches for company. He decided friendship and companionship were more important than riches because he had no one to share them with because he learned about laughter, joy, and risibility.

The other people in his life brought a spark, different perspectives, and spontaneous interruptions of his routine. Unexpected joy and irritation erupted occasionally. Once he handled his irritation, he found he was closer and more deeply bonded with his friends. Love was beginning to form and deepen the friendship that was already there. This pleased everyone. Then the rains came. More trouble occurs when there is too much of anything, including water.

Everything he and his friends owned washed away, but their friendship survived. No one was hurt, everyone pitched in to help and a curious thing happened. More love was felt by everyone. Then the little old man compared his life when he had all the riches in the world to the rain-soaked man with no possessions, who had love, companionship and deeply connected friends. He realized he never knew wealth until now.

Everything in the physical world is an illusion. This collective illusion was agreed upon by all so we could fight, struggle, and figure out how to come back together.This multifaceted relationship describes how the divine embraces all of divinity. Before the worlds were created, the divine felt significant pleasure deep within. Now the divine realizes unfettered joy with all of divinity. Joy is something the divine loves to share. The source of this happiness is our legacy, which is the original essence of our soul that individuated from the divine.