Heartfelt peace requires a pure form of love, and prana is the purest. An Eastern term, prana is loving energy given freely without any expectation for the receiver to take it, embrace it or return the favor. Refined forms of love are given without expectation nor strings attached. Generosity, birthed in the heart of the giver as a joyful expression from the sender’s loving heart creates prana. This is the joy many of us feel when we pet a dog, gush over a baby, or become awestruck by a grand vista in nature. Prana is the warmth we feel inside our heart and soul when appreciating beauty in any form.

Appreciation is a precious commodity throughout the universe. To the degree we relax our defenses, experience pure love, and appreciate beauty openly directly influences our ability to express love to a loved one, humanity, and everything else in the world. Deep appreciation birthed honestly from our heart, that we openly express activates powerful mirrors throughout the universe. These mirrors act like photocopiers, which draws more of what we want, desire, and enjoy to us. Appreciation makes us feel alive, which activates powerful and creative forces within our soul. Prana in the form of appreciation opens spiritual doors and creates more of what warms our heart and soul. To recap, think of the divine and the universe as a giant photocopying machine reproducing our deepest desire, deepest truth and most importantly our deepest experience.

We create our own reality is a popular saying these days. Unfortunately, not everyone knows the actual mechanics involved. For example, if we experience the world as a safe, nurturing place, we will activate universal mirrors that reflect our positive world view. If we feel unsafe, punished, and abandoned, we will create dark mirrors reflecting these same core beliefs. It is important to remember that the divine and the universe are not punishing us when we experience painful mirrors. Pain gives us a choice to continue our dark experiences or choose a more loving path, where we appreciate the beauty within the world and our creations.

The length of time before humanity sees its reflection from the universe’s mirrors is lessening. Called cause and effect in the West and karma in the East, many assume more immediate consequences is a godsend because billions of people could become more enlightened, when they see their reflection sooner. For others, the painful reflections from their creations will manifest quicker without them knowing what caused their suffering. Unfortunately, as is their custom unconscious people will blame the divine, fate and/or anyone else for their suffering. The challenge before all of us is to appreciate our creations or change course when negative mirrors appear. Think of change as rearranging a mindset as easy as changing a piece of furniture in our home. The remainder of this article will provide the steps to create the purest forms of love and heartfelt peace.

Stage 1: Mastering our intellect is the first step towards embodying heartfelt peace.

Peace is an essential quality of our soul. Some would describe a peaceful heart as the ability to remain calm during life’s storms, but the purest forms of love and heartfelt peace explored in this article provide so much more. Once we access the eternal peace within our soul often enough, our heart begins to realize without question we are a spiritual being exploring earth’s illusions. Then embodying our divinity with sincerity, reverence, and spontaneity becomes a cherished goal. Living in a physical body immune to earth’s illusions is an ancient path traveled by enlightened sages and mystics. Every master from the Western or Eastern wisdom traditions have taught us to know deep within our soul that whatever happens on earth is an opportunity for spiritual growth, to learn a mysterious truth, to intellectually adapt and/or surrender in unknown ways to our worn-out perspectives. Mastering our intellect to embrace pure love, prana and heartfelt peace is an organic progression.

Stage 2: A passionate desire to speak with our soul and experience the divine directly without an intermediary follows.

Love motivates our soul to be one with Source, with nature and all that is. Every one of us can experience oneness every day. We don’t have to renounce our pleasures, natural instincts, or sense of self, just the mental illusions and religious dogma that say we do. Our personal longing and the soul’s innate ability to reconnect with Source in our own particular and unique way awakens deeper truths about the nature of love, our own nature, and divine love. When we gain access to the eternal peace within our soul, we deepen our connection to the universe. To recap, the three stages of moving from a mentally driven to a soul directed life follow:

  1. We realize without question there is more to life than an intellectually driven existence.
  2. Shadow aspects of our personality designed to replace our misplaced divine connection begin to loosen their iron grip upon our soul’s self-imposed illusion of separation from Source.
  3. Our personality struggles with any misguided teaching and/or religious dogma that promotes separateness. We question our loyalty to every illusionary belief system and/or controlling tactics imposed by parents, country, and/or religious institutions, which diminish the power of our soul or its ability to directly access Source. We realize our soul can teach us whatever we need to spiritually know without needing an intermediary.

Stage 3: A soul directed life becomes more attractive than society’s rat race of mentally driven existence.

Changing leaders of our personal world takes time and struggles are common between our heart, mind and soul. We often don’t fit into the mental world we were raised in easily, and our soul connection is often inconsistent initially. This lonely process while we straddle two worlds is as old as time. The temptation to return to our favorite illusions is very tempting because it is so well traveled. Breaking entrenched mental patterns and leaving familiar belief systems to create new neural pathways where our soul becomes the guide is very hard to do.

The reason we incarnate is to embody our divinity and these stages point to how to get started. This path is spiritually attractive because our soul is a gentle, yielding and loves us unconditionally. Our soul knows love, knows divine love and is the embodiment of divine love through us. When we embrace our soul connection and regularly consult our soul for suggestions for our highest good, we will learn what truly makes us happy and experience joy on a regular basis.

Stage 4:  Heartfelt Peace.

Peace of the heart is the basis for all peace…especially lasting peace. This form of enduring peace can withstand any illusion and/or our personal suffering because it has the divine ability to transcend time, space, pain, and strife. This knowing is our reminder and connection to our eternal home that cannot be shaken, nor removed even during the death of our physical body. Embodying this form of heartfelt peace is the reason we incarnated on earth in the first place. Go for it.