“The Frog Prince” is a fairy tale that endures because it holds an eternal spiritual truth during these troubling times. This heart-warming story describes the mythological transformation of a frog into a prince. It teaches us to look beyond initial appearances, be true to our heart and above all, always do the right thing. This wonderful tale invites us to remember that if a frog can become a prince, then pearls of wisdom are placed near every scary snake. These are just a few of the rich mysteries we all have come on earth to explore.

Our purpose on earth includes mastering illusion and manifesting our heart’s desire. Birth lets us create love, hatred and everything in between. Earth has many life forms existing in many dimensions. Plants, animals, clouds and every living being are all sentient energies seeking expression. We always need to consider nothing is higher or lower in the eyes of the divine.

Due to the nature of duality, most of us struggle with the illusion that some beings have a greater or lesser importance in some mysterious universal pecking order. Watching how some people suffer while others flourish around the world may fuel this illusion. I invite you to consider that every life form has a unique connection to source just as every human has his or her own mysterious agenda. Since no one knows the full story on our side of the veil, surrender is key to becoming one with creation. This means we are part of and not superior to every other life form. When we accept we are all one, frogs can transform into a prince or princess and we can start looking for the light near what we consider a frog or a snake.

We need to remember our soul dreamt we might find the light and its pearls of wisdom long ago. Every one of us has attachments, desires and mental constructs as to how we want things to be. However, surrender is necessary because it breaks paradigms, releases limiting thought forms and opens us up to possibilities we never considered. When we listen to our heart and soul in concert with our mind, healthy creations occur. This is how to break mental constructs, shatter illusions and consider options we never thought possible. Why not, since most of us have more spare time due to social distancing?

Manifesting is accomplished through a metaphorical three legged-stool, which includes heartfelt passion, consistent actions and focused mental attention. Our willingness to express our heart’s desire, follow through with behaviors that ground our dreams on earth and clear any troublesome mental saboteurs has a direct relationship with our ability to manifest intention. When our three-legged stool consistently sings the same song while wanting a positive outcome designed for our or another’s highest good, then our soul will and perhaps the whole universe may join the chorus.

Partnering with our higher self and the divine acknowledges our role as co-creators, which leads to more conscious creations. Searching for pearls of wisdom that lie deep within our heart and soul relaxes our mental conditioning and habitual routines that recycle darkness. This is how a frog transforms into a prince and pearls of wisdom spring up near snakes and even viruses. We co-create the world we live in but most of us do it unconsciously and do not have the quality control we would prefer.

We are all creators, but we need to surrender any illusions we may possess blocking the manifestation of our dream. When a particularly nasty snake like Covid frightens our world, we need to be looking for our individual and collective illusions we have ignored. Our spiritual gyroscope knows the truth, remains connected to divinity and can steer us back to oneness. Consider the possibility that there is a loving divine and everything put before us…even darkness has a purpose. The challenge is to look for the light hidden somewhere in every new situation that looks like a slimy frog or scary snake.

When we stop buying the archaic pecking order mentality, surrender our will and accept a loving possibility near tragedies, then treasure and transformation can be found. All we have to do is look for pearls of wisdom like a beloved child on an Easter egg hunt. Children know there are wonderful treasures and beautiful eggs hidden in the yard or house by loving parents. Consider divinity doing the same.

Discerning if a global pandemic is a vicious snake pit but also an ocean of unpolished pearls reflecting our sameness and/or oneness is our collective challenge to overcome. It is important to remember that what appears to be a scary pandemic could be the answer to our prayer for a more enlightened humanity. We incarnate on this planet to become more conscious and avoid dangerous snake pits and find the light. Interestingly enough, some people love snakes and consider reptiles a treasure. The nature of earth is that one man or woman’s treasure is another’s torture. Although it seems unattainable to most of us, people on their spiritual path rise up after they fall, dust themselves off and see it all as the same stuff as Confucuis reminded us below.

Trust that there is a loving universe making sure that there are pearls of wisdom hidden near every snake. One man can see a snake, perceive it as a treasure and feel satisfied. Another man can see a snake, move away and stumble on a pearl of wisdom. Those on the spiritual path know this is the order of life. I invite everyone to consider the lessons from The Frog Prince fairy tale. Let go of pecking orders and superiority illusions. Consider looking for the pearls of wisdom hidden behind and underneath your fear.

The secret of happiness on earth occurs when we realize we are all one and part of the all that is. Earth is a fun house of mirrors showing us aspects of ourselves in a maze of joy, pain and illusion. It is important to trust the following suggestion. When you fall into a proverbial snake pit like we all have with the worldwide pandemic, look for pearls of wisdom while you social distance. Do not get caught up with the drama, the pain or the fear.

Consider there is a loving divine and your soul has a hand in everything. Trust what can’t be seen initially. Walk the path of a mystic with his/her eyes blindfolded in the darkness looking for the light along the path of enlightenment. Surrender your previous sight lines and knowing and open your mind to new possibilities you never would have considered with your eyes wide open a few short months ago.

Darkness always dominates before the dawn. Access your inner prince/princess within to help you navigate through dark times. Trust that there is a loving divine placing pearls of wisdom along the path you can’t initially see. Watch your heart explode with delight when you know what feels right. Treasure is assured if you incorporate the lessons from The Frog Prince. Seek and ye shall find. Pearls of wisdom are always found in the company of both love and agony on the path of enlightenment.