Pictures courtesy of Nancy Ehrke.

Gray whales live and primarily travel within coastal waters throughout the world. Unfortunately, this happens to be the reason whalers harvested them relentlessly over the years. In the 1800’s disease almost wiped the gray whale population. Then they became nearly extinct in the early 1900’s, when whalers discovered the San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico, where many of the Pacific gray whales birth and nurse their calves. In 1988 Mexico created the largest wildlife sanctuary in Latin America, which includes the San Ignacio Lagoon and called it El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve. There are only two undeveloped nurseries in the world for gray whales and the other one in Magdalena Bay, Mexico is located just four hours away from San Ignacio.

Over the past fifty years international cooperation designed to protect gray whales have helped their population increase worldwide except in the Western Pacific where only about two hundred whales remain. In 2014 Japan, the Russian Federation and the United States addressed this problem by signing a Memorandum of Cooperation to stop whaling. Two years later in 2016, the Republic of Korea and Mexico signed the same memorandum. Gray whales were on the verge of extinction, but now they are beginning to thrive in some areas, but their population is lagging in the Western Pacific. The San Ignacio Lagoon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the following pictures and videos were filmed there recently in 2024. The following article was inspired by the wonderful gray whales that came to our boat, spy hopped (see the featured picture above) and graciously allowed everyone in our group to pet them. Every interaction with the whales and the accompanying video was monitored and approved by Mexican authorities.

Loving ambassadors from the oceans, the gregarious gray whales allow each guest at San Ignacio Lagoon to indulge their curiosity as to why a species of whales, who were hunted to near extinction would now allow humans to pet and interact with them within their sacred breeding grounds. It was truly amazing to watch gray whales come to our boat, stick their head out of the water to meet and greet us. On one occasion, three whales nuzzling our boat side by side so everyone could caress their soft skin and whoop in appreciation.

Video courtesy of Nancy Ehrke

The gray whales welcomed us as guests, spy hopped and truly rewarded our curiosity by visiting our boat frequently. As everyone knows, climate change, partisan politics, and endless war is our human legacy. Our challenge is to remember that our oceans and every being on the planet…either large or small is an important aspect of nature and worthy of love and consideration. Many gray whales responded to our excitement and joy when they saw us. Some reacted to our gestures of love and appreciation by coming closer to our boat and showing us their babies. Visiting the gray whales with love I our hearts was far different experience than those I suspect than the whalers who harpooned them for profit. The following message was received in meditation after the previous video was filmed.

We, along with all the other whales in the oceans are appalled at the atrocities men inflict on one another. It is a time for a change of heart and a change of venue. Rather than exploiting, murdering, and raping one another, we encourage humanity to conserve resources, share with one another and always work towards the common good for everyone. We are all one collection of souls on one planet. There are enough resources for everyone and every being on the planet to not only survive…but thrive. Souls incarnate on earth to learn how to accomplish these tasks.

When we came from Oneness where indeed all these goals were accomplished for the common good of all, we left our divine home to see what we will do on our own. Many will be surprised when they return to Oneness and review their accomplishments. We guarantee that you will not wish you had worked more. Or feel proud about ignoring the sad plight of what many consider lesser human beings and animals you stepped on to get where you thought you needed to go to accomplish your goals. If everyone were to provide the same care and love they offer their own children (those that truly care and love children), and treat every plant, animal, and human we meet in a similar way, the world would rise out of polarity, its vicious wars, and the general sense of lack so many people experience. People mistakenly think that the gnawing sense of existential void they feel is a drive for more, more and more of whatever their passion or addiction demands, when indeed…their heart and soul is merely hungry for more attention and fulfillment.

Whales cooperate, are sensitive, and maintain careful communication with one another. We welcome our human visitors and are happy to show love, demonstrate this love, and embody this love for ourselves. When our heart is full, we gladly share with others as every visitor experiences when they come to our lagoon to visit us. When we blow air under your boat (as seen in the following video), it is a loving gift and a demonstration of our appreciation for coming to visit us with love and joy in your heart rather than competition, hassle, and strife. The world is too full of lack and competition, which can be solved with cooperation and accepting every way spirit presents itself. For example, orcas attack us and we try to protect ourselves and our babies but we continue to demonstrate our love for the planet, our loved ones and every being on earth with peace, love, and harmony.

(Note the gray whales’s loving eye as it gently glides under our boat with inches to spare at the end of the video.)

Video courtesy of Eric Ehrke

If there is one quality that every whale embodies throughout the oceans…it is peace, love, and harmony. This is the energy we try to hold no matter what the circumstances. There is a reckoning coming for every one of us on the planet. We have climate change, endless wars, and a worldwide abundance of unconsciousness individuals and groups of people. Nothing will change until they choose to become more aware of their surroundings but more importantly become more aware of what’s going on within their heart and soul. We have an important message for everyone who reads this article or watches these videos of us in our national preserve:

  • Love your neighbor as yourself.

    Nancy Ehrke

  • Love yourself as your neighbor loves his or her family and friends.
  • Love your enemy. View them as an opportunity to learn how to love them as your teacher, who demonstrates everything you hate and deplore.
  • The challenge then becomes, how to love every living entity on earth and treat them with the dignity and love in which you would like to be treated if you walked in their shoes.

Every sentient being comes from one group of souls, who incarnated on earth to see how we would respond to the challenges of creating what we experienced on the other side of the veil in our divine form. Every one of us incarnated with passion in our heart and came to this strange place to see if we could demonstrate our light in a world full of darkness.

The challenges before all of us are the following:

  • Continue to try to give love no matter what the circumstances.

    Nancy Ehrke

  • Share all the love in your heart.
  • Be love in the face of everyone you meet.

This is the challenge before every spiritual warrior as it has been throughout time. Together we can make the world a better place where adversaries can kiss rather than kill and exploit one another. We hope you enjoyed our effort to do so when we came to your boat, spy hopped to see you and generally bring love to everyone we meet regardless of your color, ethnic background, or political beliefs.


The gray whales of San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico.

Video courtesy of Nancy Ehrke