When someone dies believing they have sinned, don’t deserve or believe in an afterlife, people can hang around earth to use their newfound freedom. It is shocking to die…but basically many experience it as freedom. Most people don’t realize they died right away but it becomes obvious pretty quickly when they see their own body, people’s reactions and the general lack of pain and suffering that accompanied them in life. Death reunites our soul with its natural state of freedom. While we are alive there is a tremendous drag to our soul’s ability to manifest instantly, move easily with pure intention or create just by dreaming any reality desired. This article will address what happens with the baggage accumulated from our recent lifetime if we do not choose to go into the light.

According to their belief system, the deceased person is invited to return home by deceased loved ones, Source and/or spiritual beings. Most accept the invitation and join them…but some refuse. The people who refuse still have freedom of choice on earth. However, the same laws of karma apply to them in death as during life. Most individuals who stick around try to resolve old issues, help loved ones and generally address the same agendas they had when they were alive.

However, they have no body and the rules of the game are very different for an earthbound soul. For one thing, most people don’t know how or are unable to interact with an earthbound soul to help them solve their agenda. In general, it is a frustrating experience for most people who choose to stay on earth to resolve their issues.

An earthbound spirit has the power to send positive energy and love…but also hate if they so choose. This is how and why places seem haunted to sensitive people. This occurs because someone is fixated on some event that happened long ago and is unable let it go. Many earthbound spirits are a little obsessive/compulsive because they think by reliving and focusing on their issue that somehow it will resolve, go away or ultimately change what originally happened.

When anyone is severely traumatized, parts of their soul can remain frozen in place, when their intellect gets lost in illusion in the aftermath. Since the soul holds the truth of our divine origins, it will wait in place until we release our  earthbound illusions. If we fail to remember the truth of who we are during our lifetime, each soul part needs to be collected and returned to us to make us whole. Most of the time our spirit guides gather our stray soul parts in service at death, so we don’t have to do it ourselves. When there has been significant trauma the fixated soul part may require that the original spirit being must retrieve it. Once we see the light after we review our life with our guides, we willingly return to earth, retrieve our soul parts and bring them to our divine home.

Some immature earthbound souls can remain fixated with significant wrongdoing or unfairness and refuse to resolve the issue…almost out of spite. Usually they incarnated to learn to accept love but planned some difficult event to overcome and unfortunately, got lost in the process. Their refusal to resolve the issue within their lifetime sets up a process where they remain on earth, which provides them the challenge to learn to let go.

Sometimes it takes a long time before people realize their earthbound plan isn’t working. The process of growth as a disembodied spirit, who remains on earth is a slow one. With so few mirrors to let the spirit see the natural consequences of their actions, they can play out their story for eons. Most people eventually realize the errors of their thinking after a while, but some may take hundreds of years. It helps them when they witness the repetitive nature of other people’s mistakes over lifetimes. This is the process earthbound spirits take as their educative path after their death.

It is important to note that death is the easiest event of our life. Death allows us to let go of all our pain, anguish, terror and stress that has accumulated in every organ, bone and cell in our being. So many people fear it but it is the best friend we have. It is the only tried, true and consistent way to return to Source and our natural state of being.

Don’t be afraid of death. Death is not a being like some authors and movie directors have imagined. Death is a state of being that welcomes us to our home of everlasting joy, peace and happiness. It is the reward at the end of our lifelong journey. It is the time we realize we really are a king or queen worthy of unconditional, eternal love.

Everyone eventually finds out they are loved beyond any conditions and their lifetime on earth was an illusion. All the pain and human drama ends. Pure love returns again. Everyone is massively relieved when divinity is realized. Wild celebrations are the norm when old relatives, friends and even adversaries get together to go over what really happened on a spiritual level. Everything is all good from this place. Don’t fret death. Don’t cry. You will always be a beautiful, sparkling twinkle in Source’s eye.

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