Death is an enigma to many on earth. People fear it, welcome it and threaten everlasting damnation to name a few options. It has become one of the most emotionally loaded words in our language. Let’s break down death into understandable steps of what really happens. You may find the following two articles about the Nature of Life after Death (Part I) and the Nature of Life as an Earthbound Spirit (Part II) interesting.

During the dying process our pain receptors tend to go blank as the soul begins to exit the body. Since we are divine beings, our soul’s presence within the body allows us to feel pain, etc. while they co-exist together. Just prior to death our soul leaves the physical shell of our body, which severs many of our links to suffering, emotional ties and struggle. If there was significant physical trauma at the time of death, shock effectively numbs the body as a protective shield to blunt the emotional and physical assault on our awareness to what just happened.

Many individuals are faced with a problem at death. Whatever belief they had at the time of their death about death, will pop up as a possibility right after the body releases its last breath of awareness and connection to the soul. Some will experience deceased relatives coming to aid their transition to a new consciousness. Spiritual guides who have watched over us throughout our lifetime will come to embrace us and congratulate us on a job well done. Everyone is embraced with love if the individual allows it to occur.

Unfortunately, those that believe they need to be punished because of a suicide or core belief they will be punished will be drawn to fulfill their anticipated outcome. Some reject loving guides because they mistakenly believe they are being set up as a prelude to eternal damnation. Many think their positive feelings will be snatched away as soon as they get too comfortable. So they prepare for the worst just like people do on earth.

All the stories of angels greeting us, horns sounding and grand celebrations occurring are true if the individual allows it. The same core manifestation principles that occur on earth apply, during our death as well. Some people realize they can hang around and visit people and places that inspired them before the next important step occurs. Most of us stick around to witness our own funeral.

Everyone and we mean everyone has a period of time where Source embraces us in love and welcomes us back into our divine form. As stated previously, this only occurs when we believe we deserve it, trust the process and allow divine love to embrace us. The only way to be with Source is to surrender. The divine will never force himself/herself on anyone. Everyone is allowed to do whatever we want just like on earth. Those that believe otherwise think it is a clever trick and run away in terror. Source will always honor both and all options.The universe will wait eons in order to honor our choices. Everyone will be welcomed with open arms and enjoy the same embrace when we choose to allow it.

If we welcome Source’s embrace there is time allotted to ramp up our energetic field to our divine level. We all had to scale down our energy to exist in the realm of significant illusion on earth. It is an intoxicating experience when everyone begins to realize they really are divine and part of divinity. When people realize their prayers were answered, that Source really is only love…and they are part of divinity, nirvana is realized. This is why fairy tales about discovering a poor waif is an actual king or queen in disguise are so appealing. It actually is…everyone’s story.

When we experience our divinity, a peaceful, loving and harmonic energy pulses into our soul so deeply and profoundly that every illusion we held on earth, our issues and the people involved in our life burn away like tissue paper in a roaring bon fire. The explosion of love and recognition of the loving truth of the universe that occurs for everyone is the stuff we have all dreamed about attaining.

The joy, relief and true happiness that permeate our soul are profound. During this time the soul sheds all its earthly attachments from the mind/personality to embrace and become one with the universal mind. There is a time to review one’s life with their spirit guides. It is optional…but most of us do it. Our guides are really Source disguised as helpful entities to make them friendlier.

The following steps occur after death:

  1. Review of one’s life from the perspective of celebration of courage under fire, lost opportunities, good created, hope instilled, and pictures of the true effectiveness of our deeds towards our goals. The most important aspect of all that is reviewed is how much love did we drink, give away, enjoy and spread around.
  2. We sanctify our actual body in whatever form it is in. There is a time when the soul in its Divine form returns to the body to give thanks to it. We look, remember the scars and appreciate it for the job it did. There is on honoring of every cell for what it did for the whole. This process can take days to complete.
  3. There is a reflection on the opportunities lost. What are considered negative behaviors on earth are not seen as negative from divinity’s point of view. They are perceived as opportunities lost. The divine perspective focuses on what  could have been done, the positive possibilities we missed and helps let our judgments go. There is some reflection on negative outcomes but only long enough to help the soul touch into its grief and send love for the people involved. This allows us to send positive energy to address our karmic obligation to help the damaged individuals repair the energetic cost our deeds caused them. This helps us take responsibility and learn what mistakes were made. Thus, our soul’s intention to change and grow in the future is fulfilled.
  4. This next step is a fun one. Anything you wanted to do on earth but didn’t can be done during this time. We do it in spirit form and explore our dreams like a big holodeck from the Star Trek television series. People can play out their wildest dreams to complete them. Many people get so hooked in this aspect of creation that some incarnate just so they can get back and re-enter this holodeck with new adventures. Anyone can stay as long as they want. Many of course, choose to move on to create and explore new adventures. This is essentially why everyone leaves at some point.

Those that do not go to Source stay on the earth and become earthbound souls. They are semi-stuck in illusion just like when they were alive but are now in spirit form. All the stories of ghosts, poltergeists and hell come from earthbound spirits. The universe will honor any exploration people get involved in for as long as they want to explore illusion as an earthbound spirit.

If someone believes in hell and believes they deserve it, they often will create just what they imagined. They frequently reject deceased relatives and angels that reach out to help them consider another reality. Unfortunately for them, they can go to hell and experience it for as long as they want. The article, The Nature of Life after Death as an Earthbound Spirit (Part II) will explore what happens when anyone chooses not to go into the light.

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