Souls individuate from oneness to become conscious in a physical body. An incarnation requires a personal journey into darkness and illusion to find treasure. Our mind, body, and soul must unite to truly overcome life’s challenges. The fruit of these explorations and the qualities and strengths achieved for mastery are offered to the divine as gifts—just as children present their accomplishments to a parent. We all share in the loving light that embraces everyone, and it’s a grand celebration when we reunite.

 Leaving the comfort of our divine embrace to go into illusion is the soul’s first great challenge to overcome. Of course, everyone needs support to sort out darkness from the light, but each soul basically wants to do it by themselves. Everyone is on an adventure to see how long it will take to return home—but rest assured, the divine will always help all along the way. It is important for everyone to know the universe doesn’t want us to suffer one minute and the divine is not passive to humanity’s cries for help. In fact, it pains source to watch everyone experience the misery so many endure. It was never the original intention for this to happen to so many people, and yet the divine knew this would be so since the absence of love holds many twists and turns.

The divine enjoys humanity’s creations and is just as interested as anyone to see how they’ll turn out. A soul’s purpose on earth often allows personal suffering as part of its soul plan, and the divine always honors these agendas. Suffering is the fire that tempers the soul and allows people to learn the hard way. The question becomes how much suffering or how long does a person need to endure before they’ll let go of their negative belief systems, habits, and misguided agendas.

Source struggles with humanity’s cries for help. Our prayers and pleas for the suffering to end, put the divine in a dilemma. Souls leave source’s embrace to learn how to stand on their own two physical feet, claim personal power to solve problems, and learn how their personality created its trouble in the first place. Developing practical solutions and exploring our potential for growth is required for a conscious soul to walk down our own path toward mastery.

So, when your personality asks source to relieve your suffering, it is essentially asking the divine to ignore your soul’s sole purpose for incarnating. Source sees the big picture, loves everyone dearly, and would never interfere with your soul’s agenda by solving every personal challenge that upsets us. We incarnated to experience and explore our own power on earth—to experience our mastery by overcoming earth’s illusions. Source simply loves everyone too much to take our soul’s dream away by taking problems away designed to help us become more conscious from us.

For those of us who don’t understand why we’re here, it’s easy to think that the divine caused our suffering, Suspect the universe is punishing them, and grovel to the divine begging for mercy. Unfortunately, this reaction depletes our power and further undermines the agendas your soul came to earth to master. It is important to remember the divine is whole without our love or adoration and is complete without needing anyone to be anything more than they want to be.

The divine is love, is peace, and offers these qualities to humanity every day. When our personality pleads to be bailed out of our negative creations or soul plans, the divine chooses to honor your soul’s desires—even though source may provide grace to anyone at any time.

And in truth, the divine always answer humanity’s prayers—just not always in the ways people want them to be answered. Consider the possibility that source’s response to our prayer could be the potential mastery we may develop with divine support in response to the problematic event. Sometimes the answer to our prayer is the challenge the universe mirrors to us so that we can figure out our own solution. This is the mastery that everyone’s soul so ardently seeks on earth.