Joy flowing from your heart…joyfully shared is a powerful elixir. Love inspires more joy, a willingness to change the world or perhaps dream of greatness, like the mother above whispering in her youngster’s ear. Holding the light for a struggling soul until they find peace or realize prayers can be answered is a wonderful practice. When service is provided joyfully, love erupts spontaneously, and the server provides a valuable gift more important than food or money. We left our spiritual home to learn more about love, express love and embody divine love. Joyful service reminds the receiver how wonderful life can be.

Divine love, which is called prana and/or chi in the east is inexhaustible, but for some of us love is fleeting…so we try to hoard it. Everyone sees the pain, suffering and greed around the world…manifested by powerful individuals and respected institutions. Many of us mistakenly believe this is the natural way of things and part of the divine plan. They conclude every man, woman and child must look out for themselves. Humanity suffers as a collective because too many of us do not believe loving energy, abundance and joy works in any other way. Unfortunately, this idea continues to create more misery and suffering on earth. Focusing on lack and competitiveness merely recycles the same misery. So, we hoard our possessions and wealth to compensate for the lack of love we experience. Unfortunately, a poverty of joy and love within our soul is what emerges in the end all too often.

The nature of how and what we define as love is a question of great interest to our soul. When we dance joyfully, embody the joy of the dance, and truly know the divine rains down love without conditions…many good things occur. Then sharing our joy, wealth, time, etc., from a place of joy from our loving heart is experienced as excess bounty. Herein lies the heart of service, which starts love’s reciprocal engine and reciprocal love for yourself, others, and the universe.

Reciprocal love lies on the path that holds the mysteries every sage mastered throughout time. Enjoying giving because it is an expression of our soul accesses an inexhaustible energy exchange within divinity. When you give to your lover from joy without attachment and need, it enflames your partner to reciprocate with you. Herein lies the secret of reciprocal love expressed. All relationships balance on its fulcrum. Now that you know the secret sauce recipe, try to create from this place. Love from this place.

We are all divinity’s eyes and ears incarnate experiencing life at the same time. Our job is to look for love and the divine everywhere…behind every boulder or in any situation. The more we do this, the more joy and movement into flow of life we will experience. As divine light, prana and chi flow into us, the sources of all our pleasures greet us and inhabitant us. The more we shine and connect with the divine this way, we become more conscious. As this occurs, we increase our ability to hold more divine light. The more light we hold the more we shine into the universe. The more we shine the more light is provided to others for just being in our presence. Light affects everyone positively and is the reason why some people just feel good to be around. The divine is also wonderful to be around. This is why our soul dreamed of embodying divinity ourselves. Positive begets positive and we don’t have to do anything to make the Law of Attraction to happen. Light does not discriminate…so everyone gets it.

The universe will not let us wander too far into the depths of illusion and mistaken beliefs before our emotional body will register what works or not. If we provide service from guilt, manipulation (to gets god’s grace) or unresolved trauma motivations, it isn’t as fun. The people around you benefit but you don’t as much. Exhaustion sets in when you are providing a stream of love all by yourself. Divine love is an inexhaustible river that’s needs to be drunk by everyone particularly by everyone doing service. Those in service need to be invigorated themselves to live their joy and be a shining example for those who manifest lack. Servers need the reminder that they are on the right side of joy. It benefits everyone when the receiver wants to be like the server and want what you have spiritually or energetically…not just the material items or service you provide. Just wanting stuff from others perpetuates the receiver remaining in their spot to only receive like chronic Welfare.

The opposite occurs when someone is deeply disturbed. Their energy drains everyone around them because they do not experience light and/or prana and will seek energy resources from any source to fill their depleted resources. Helping them can become a wonderful service if you remain joyful. And herein lies an important secret in the universe…our joy is the same joy within the divine, who operates at that same frequency. Joy can manifest unlimited potential when we are able to embody pure joy. Then we can share our light with depleted ones without draining our source energy. Any service to another without joy can and will eventually drain you.

Joy is the path to the divine and expands our ability to hold light. Light is recognized throughout the universe and sends hope into places you cannot imagine. Every life form on the planet can sense joyful energy and is enriched by prana and the light. We incarnated on earth to spread and experience more love and light for ourselves and everyone around us. Increasing our light automatically affects everyone around us in a positive way. Inhaling and exhaling love in service of another is a good practice. Start by inhaling divine light and/or prana then send the prana through intention towards the object, living being or collective you wish to send it to during your exhale. Continue this practice as you walk along the path towards enlightenment. Reciprocal love always helps the whole and inspires everyone positively. The divine is always here and the universe…merely a reciprocal mirror…reflecting prana back to us.