When an infant scrapes his or her knee, they often run to their parents in tears. When a nurturing mother/father or sensitive caretaker scoop this child up, holds them close to their heart and spontaneously offers compassion many good things happen. Comforting actions and soothing words are natural responses to another’s suffering for a wise soul with a loving heart. Love and compassion offer the infant an immediate choice. The child can focus upon his or her pain…or the love emanating from their parent’s heart. If the infant focuses upon love, the pain in their knee subsides. Folklore focuses upon the magic of parenthood, but in reality, the infant healed themself by what he or she focused upon after the knee was injured. Most of us fail to realize that we heal ourselves. Others can help when they hold a loving space for us when we struggle, but we make the choice what we focus upon…a loving solution or our scrapped knee. This article will explore the mystery of transformation and how we heal ourselves.

Some people find peace after scraping their knee, while others recycle their suffering. Assigning blame, pity parties and victim thinking are seductive illusions employed by our lower personality. Additionally, there are countless romantic novels and mushy movies about someone else sweeping our suffering away. The ability to transform our illusions into love is crucial skill to heal oneself. Transformation is an interesting word. Trans-form, it literally means changing one form into another. To heal ourselves, we need to find ways to see love everywhere…even when our knee is scrapped. This is very difficult to do during a personal plague or a worldwide pandemic, but those practiced in the art of transformation do it intentionally. Let’s explore how this is accomplished.

Quantum physics states that the observer can change what he or she observes. Physicists discovered this when the electrons they shot through various holes in a metal sheet supported every conflicting theory (wave vs shotgun spread theory) they imagined…rather than follow a universal law that dominated their Newtonian world view. Now, let’s consider how this quantum concept affects our daily life. Everything, we experience or observe in the world is just a pile of atoms organized by a loving universe. Free will allows us to rearrange these atoms and especially our perception of them. Then, organizing them in any way that suites our fancy to adjust the effect they have on us really starts to make sense. This is how a scrapped knee can remind us to access love, which is how infants transform pain and heal themselves quicker.

When a life changing event and/or trauma occurs, our brain decides what just happen for survival purposes. But the wisdom and true understanding of any positive or negative event is limited to the chronological age and emotional maturity of the individual when the event initially occurred. Healing trauma and negative emotional echoes from the past requires a positive force that is greater than original injury and any illusions we imagined related to that event. Infants who had loving caretakers were given a compassionate template of how to heal themselves. Unfortunately, abused and/or neglected individuals must create a nurturing and loving internal voice on their own as an adult. Let’s explore how this is accomplished.

It is important to remember the following point. If we can access or develop a wise and loving nurturing aspect that is more powerful than the traumas and/or illusions our inner child struggles with…we can heal ourselves. There are many healing modalities to access our internal wounded children. Fortunately, the past and present are always connected by one core concept…an emotional bridge. Recent brain MRI studies reveal that trauma, and our associated emotional memories are stored in the right hemisphere of the brain. Intellectual awareness and talk therapy are left hemisphere activities. Fortunately, experiential exercises have the power to cross over from the left to right hemisphere. Emotions are powerful and tell the truth more accurately than mental memory. Our feeling nature can make an emotional bridge from present to past to help resolve historical trauma that colors our current situation. If we link our wise and loving aspect with our emotional wounds and meet our inner child struggling with his or her scrapped knee, we can transform any illusion and eventually heal ourselves.

The transformation I’m suggesting involves splitting our consciousness into two aspects. The primary one is our wise and loving nurturing aspect with the power to hold our wounded inner child aspect with love and compassion. And the second aspect is our wounded inner child mired in pain and/or illusion. Similarly, this is how enlightened parents embrace infants with scrapped knees. Once our wise and loving aspect and inner child focus upon love and healing together rather than recycling a scraped knee memory, our suffering diminishes. Herein lies the secret sauce of every healing modality out there. Once we develop a powerful wise and loving aspect of our personality that is willing to find and care about every inner child with a scrapped knee, our wounded aspects learn to trust us and consider new possibilities. Transformation occurs when we let go of our previous traumas and any related illusions that prevent us from becoming totally conscious 24/7.

Love just IS and is the creative force in life. Put it to good use. We need to nurture ourselves and transform every illusion we hold dear that merely recycles blame, victim thinking and suffering. The more love and compassion we embody, the more the universe will mirror the same so we can see our reflection. Do not blame fate or focus upon another’s responsibility when you scrape your knee. Love finds us when we open our heart and play to our heart’s content. And then, wonder what to do next because we are having so much fun transforming our pain to love again.

Transformation is the art of changing who you are and becoming who you want to be. Fun and play need to be an important part of our loving existence. The fewer rules about preventing scrapped knees and/or trying to legislate pain out of our universe the better. Love speaks to the soul and is the language of the soul. It is easily translated into many languages and is the heartbeat of the universe. It is the only way to understand strangers, lovers and scrapped knees who seem so different than love.

We are all piles of atoms and love wrapped up in different packages. It is important to develop a practice where we can’t wait to open a mysterious package that may be wrapped in pain to discover what wonderful gifts could lie inside. Positive expectations and intentions set the stage for quantum transformation. Approach a scrapped knee with fear and tribulation, we will attract more fear and tribulation due to our expectation. Make no mistake. Like attracts like. We can wallow in pain or transform it to heal ourselves. Ultimately, we might as well create love if any of this stuff is true.