The pictures and videos by Nancy Ehrke were filmed during a trip to the Silver Banks, which is 70 miles off the shores of the Dominican Republic. Many of the Humpback whales from the Atlantic Ocean breed and birth their calves there. It was never found by the whalers and now is a protected national reserve. I hope you enjoy the videos and of course do not try this at home. We had a representative from the Dominican Republic supervising our trip. After the video is a message, which I received in meditation a few days afterwards.

Being in the middle of a rowdy group of male humpback whales pursuing a female was amazing. The boat driver assumed the whales didn’t mind our presence within their bachelor group during their mating frenzy since they surfaced next to us, but I sensed we were too close. No one was injured and the whales surfaced a few feet from our boat until they sped ahead without us. As fate would have it, the main boat (Bottom Time) was damaged by a hurricane later that year and never sailed again. Having these majestic beings surface so closely allowed us feel their power and focus. It was breath taking.

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The Whale’s Mission on Earth.

While angels and masters have held a loving consciousness for mankind and the rest of the planet on their side of the veil, the whales have watched over the flock with their songs of love on ours. Of course, highly developed humans have also provided and continue to enlighten the planet. But primarily, it has been the whales who have held the collective consciousness of love, peace and harmony within the oceans throughout time.

They sing their songs as incarnate expressions of love to source each day and attempt to embody love in its purist forms each day. These loving prayers are sung together in harmony and are heard by every whale within hearing range. This helps remind them of their connection to themselves, their family and most importantly, all of divinity.

The whales want to remind humanity and every creature on earth that we are all inter-connected. The humpbacks developed their own Internet long before humans discovered theirs. All whales live in harmony with their own kind, while humans still struggle with one another over the shade of their skin and political/religious preferences just to name a few areas of deadly conflict.

The migration of whales serves many purposes, which includes play and social interaction. The survival of the species and gene pool variances are paramount. Sorting out who is the fittest for mating purposes is a primal urge for humpback whales. Competition is a wonderful test of courage and a battle of strength between strong competitors. Rowdy male groups do not permanently harm each another unlike humans.

The males in the video want to copulate, it is not absolutely necessary for them. Whales back off for the most part when they are defeated. There is no shame in losing the breeding privilege as some people imagine. Humans put too much of a negative spin the defeated male’s plight. Whales think of it like this. “Oh, that didn’t work. What is my next adventure or pleasure now? “

Females have a great desire to perpetuate the species. They knew before they incarnated as females that this would be their primary function to serve the species and express their joy on earth as an incarnated light being. They knew that the survival of the species and instructing the young would be their responsibility. Showing love and being an incarnate representation of love on earth for their calves is an honor. Mother whales know this, take their tasks seriously and nurture their calves joyfully.

The discomfort of having many males pursue the female serves many purposes. It honors the task she chose to support her species. The attention and bullying she receives help remind her of the important task ahead and the seriousness of procreation. This process psychologically and spiritually awakens her compassionate heart, which embarked upon this task not only for the young one to be born but her role to help the earth to hold the light for all life on earth.

Women frequently let go of their labor pains when they experience the joy of birth and the loving bond that develops with their child. Female whales experience the same phenomenon but go much further. Whales do not disconnect from the divine like humans do before their incarnation. They feel divine support and love constantly, which helps them get through the pain of fasting for months while they migrate to and from their birthing grounds. Their spiritual connection is so strong and their dedication to their goal is so complete that the pain they experience is inconsequential.

Whales do this for the survival of their species, but more importantly do it as the guardians of light for planet earth. They have been Gaia’s resident light bearers throughout time and come to earth to embody enlightenment. They hold love in their hearts for earth like no other creature. Their songs are sung in love for existing as an incarnate expression of light and divine love.

They sing their songs to Mother Gaia to let her know that there are happy beings in her womb we call earth. The song of the whale is a love song about loving life, expressing their loving divine connection, and embracing all there is with love. Whales experience their world and life in general as being rocked in waves of love literally and figuratively. The whales would like to teach humanity about never losing their divine connection. They sing when they are starving, sad and when they are happy.

The following message are what the whales want to teach humanity:

“Never lose your connection to the divine, your own divinity and everyone around you. This includes the earth below and the sky above. Be one with nature. Be one with one another. Be one with your tasks on earth. Sing your song of love and expect the universe to meet you every step or current along the way. Let the whales sing in your heart to help you sing your song so that you can accept every task and experience of your life on earth as an expression of your divinity.”

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The divine is gentle, all-loving and all-powerful. True power is the ability to manifest our wishes. To accomplish this, we must muster all our intention, creativity and inspiration to manifest our dreams like the baby demonstrates in this video. These invisible qualities come from our feminine aspect of our creative nature. The force, clarification and concrete actions taken towards our manifestation are the male aspects of power. Healthy power is the alignment of our feminine and masculine aspect of our being.

Serious problems can arise when we are not aligned with the source of our desire or the true nature of the need driving our actions. Unfocused feminine energy can resemble a captain of a ship pointing his cannon in the wrong direction. Power can also be mishandled when we have a good idea but have little masculine energy to follow through and make it happen.

Perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy is a worthy goal. However, there is a third important component that includes surrendering to our spiritual nature. Spiritual balance is the ability to consult with one’s higher self to get guidance from one’s feminine aspect connected to divinity. This requires the feminine aspect to surrender from the intellect and let spirit guide you to your most creative inspiration.

The masculine aspect’s from of surrender entails allowing universal manifestation principles to occur. This requires surrender to allow synchronicity, universal wisdom and energies to come together in ways that are not obvious, in our control or within our power by ourself. It is important to remember we need to manifest everything using these three aspects. Understanding these principles is critical to adjusting to the tumultuous times ahead.

Spiritual balance, intellectual balance, willingness to act and follow through is the secret to true power in the 21stCentury. True balance is the ability to feel our deepest truth without fear or denial. True power requires understanding spiritual support and using it. Rugged individualism is dated strategy. Now, spectacular spiritualism needs to be championed.

Whales are one family and have strength in numbers. Strength in partnership is where true power lies not just the power of one soul or one’s own efforts.  Group consciousness and group participation is where the deepest power lies. Knowing that we are one means we can surrender without shame or fear and become greater and whole to manifest our dreams.

This is the path to create more joy, happiness and wholeness in one’s life. Perfect balance is the foundation of the humpback whales’ power. We would like to teach everyone the importance of balance in all forms.