Ignoring common sense and sailing into the teeth of an artic storm in a sailboat, because we listened to our heart and soul, requires a boatload of courage. Like any captain navigating a dangerous icepack with a fragile vessel, it is extremely difficult to trust the unknown when fear rules and every one of our five senses scream…stop this madness. Like a ship’s ballast, trust helps us get right during life’s storms. Trust is also an enigma because it requires surrendering to the unknown, but also knowing we don’t have to know since hardship may produce a potential unknown and unseen reward. A required course in our enlightenment curriculum, this article will explore trust in its initial and advanced forms.

Our lifetime on earth is one of the most difficult paths a soul can explore. Birthed from love and great excitement, the choice to go into dualism and illusion to embody our divinity in a physical body requires significant trust. Courageous but practical, we leave oneness knowing our divine family will leave loving breadcrumbs to help our personality find its way back home. Unfortunately, due to earth’s jungle of illusion, avarice, and greed, many of us get lost, never hear our better angels, or find any useful breadcrumbs.

Newborns trust caregivers for the most part, but quickly withdraw it, when betrayals, traumas, and security failures occur. Trusting in oneself is an essential milestone as we mature in the first stage. Trust is earned and a deep sense of internal safety and security makes it blossom. As an adult, we must meet all our needs and recognize we create our reality. Transferring a newborn’s trust to oneself and earning it is how to prosper. We build self-trust, when develop the ability to heal our wounds, learn life’s lessons, and navigate storms consistently.

Trust is the cornerstone of surrender. An misguided soul can and will participate in unwise and unsafe adventures. Once we trust ourselves, divinity, and other souls, then navigating whatever comes down the pike becomes an easier proposition. Because first and foremost, we know down deep, we can take care of ourselves and heal any wound that may occur from the outside world. As trust becomes a reliable building block, an advanced soul spends little energy worrying and second guessing themselves. Unseen and unknown possibilities then become very intriguing.

Trust develops through the practice of connecting to our soul, the unseen world and divinity in stage two. Our soul knows how to surrender and trust, because it is the only way to be one with the divine on the other side of the veil. Happiness and committed relationships with friends and lovers are based on similar forms of trust. When we trust that every force in the universe will work together for our highest good to help us create reality, exponential possibilities exist.

It’s necessary to have trust to manifest our dreams. Dreams come true when we trust ourselves, the universe’s interest in us and work with its mirroring ability. Herein lies the magic of life. Initially, we are one with the divine and separate at birth to endure earth’s illusions. And the only way to experience lasting happiness in our human form is learning how to trust oneself, others and the divine just like we did prior to our incarnation. This is difficult to do, which is why most of us need many lifetimes before we trust at our pre-birth level.

Unfortunately, most of us get snookered by our illusions, which, are temporary and short-term by nature. The willingness to endure significant resistance, maintain incorruptible principles and trust like a mystic provides the road map back home again. Trust is a tried-and-true navigational tool during life’s storms. Trust yourself, your enduring values, and core ideals. Believe the divine and the whole universe will support a good man and/or woman, who walk on the path of honesty, integrity, and sincerity to learn about trust and love…only to return to oneness again. A mystic seeks truth and demands it in themselves, others and the divine each minute of every day. Here is the necessary trust sequence.

The Three Stages of Trust:

  • Trust yourself first.
  • Higher-self and the divine second.
  • Others third…and you will never go wrong.

Happiness and freedom are the rewards of sequentially built trust. Trust engenders friends and support in stage three, which creates more freedom to be dynamic, and powerful in the truest sense of the word. No matter how difficult the obstacle, like navigating an artic icepack, manifest your dream buoyed by the knowledge there is a loving universe supporting you 100% of the time. Trust yourself, your higher-self and divine guidance. Then trust others, because they may be the answer to your prayer, which you never knew before you mastered the previous two steps. Trust in the divine’s loving presence and know others are not out to get you unless you have part of yourself out of balance. Heal your unhealed illusions and notice how quickly your world will change.