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What's Inside "The Promise of Wholeness?"

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On September 27, 2018,  we had a lively Interview Webinar with the author, Eric Ehrke.  Eric shared some of his discoveries from Eastern philosophies and the realm of mind/body/spirit, as well as newly emerging treasures from modern Western Psychology.  The Promise of Wholeness, merges these into what his new publisher, Rowman and Littlefield, is calling “a handbook of consciousness.”

In many ways, this book is a road map, complete with tools and strategies, to create a happier, more meaningful life filled with passion and purpose.  The webinar starts with an interview to learn more about what’s really inside this book, followed by some really good questions from those who attended live.

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Eric Ehrke, LCWS, LMFT, is a determined pathfinder who understands the tangled overgrowth of illusion. Relieving suffering and restoring wounded hearts is his passion. During his forty plus years of psychotherapy practice, Ehrke recognized early on that modern psychological wisdom, ancient philosophical principles and complementary mind/body/spirit approaches universally lead humanity toward lasting peace and well-being.

Inspired, he has merged traditional knowledge with practical applications to create effective approaches to transform pain, transcend circumstances, and increase our capacity for love. His book Henosis: The Psychological Wisdom and Eternal Principles That Lead to Lasting Peace and Wellbeing was recently purchased by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers and will be published in spring of 2019. It’s entitled: The Promise of Wholeness: Cultivating Inner Peace, Mindfulness and Love in a Divided World.

Eric Ehrke


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