Since it is so elastic, time is an enigma to many people. Conceptualized in the picture above, time spirals from the phyical world and connects to our soul and all of divinity in profound ways at the center. This article explores time’s magical qualities, specifically when time stands still, healing through timelessness, and the absence of linear time in the spiritual world. Since the human brain is not standardized yet, our sense of time fluctuates during heightened emotional states and varies widely due to our perspective about time.

Do you remember as a child, how time dragged on and on until you asked your parents, “When are we going to get there?” Or, when wanting something badly enough, time can drag on and on what seems like forever. An hour can feel like eternity to a child, while an adult may experience an hour like a fleeting minute. However, during a crisis or a personal emergency time can stand still, while we experience a life-threatening situation. When time stands still, we never forget the experience for many reasons. One of them being, when we briefly access our core spiritual reality…where time doesn’t exist.

It is important to remember that the spiritual world is always in the now and totally present in real time. Soul presence means that the past, present, and future occur simultaneously, but on different planes like a stack of CDs. Our soul sees everything and taps in or jumps around like a teenager selecting their favorite song on his/her CD player. This is how we can recall a past life, go back into time, remember our original mistake, heal a past life illusion, and instantly experience positive results in our current life. During deep meditative states we can also experience no time in space without the drama associated with a peak event. A sense of timelessness can occur as the meditator transcends both his/her physical body and linear mind. When we become one with our soul and spiritual home, which is always in the now…we lose our sense of linear time.

Disease and mental illness can be cured by the same method our soul uses for past, present, and future time travel. The universe matches our energy no matter what we did previously which led to our suffering. To turn things around, start by visualizing and deeply holding the awareness of perfect health and recalling a time, when you were completely healthy. A healing visualization can manifest when you create a new now by believing your disease free and/or mental illness free CD with enough passion, power, and conviction. When healing a trauma in this lifetime or from a past life, focus on a healing resolution based upon enduring love from your body, heart, and soul. Unfortunately, this is hard to do because our cells will remember your previous health patterns, which led to your current suffering, mental illness, and disease. It takes clear, consistent, and completely focused concentration for an extended period to reprogram an old health pattern and embody a healthy one. Give it a try.

Our soul is used to manifesting its desires instantly. So, why would it sign up for a human earth adventure with so many complexities and elastic rules about time? Earth provides sequential time, profound illusions to overcome, and separation from Source challenges. We also wanted to experience linear time, our mirrored reflection, and the long-term manifestation cycles, which are required to create a dream on earth. Tests create backbone. We incarnate to see if we can muster the dedication and willingness, to manifest our dreams from a choice position. Even if it takes all the time in the world to attain the focus and sustained effort it takes to choose our destiny.

Time is not what we think it is. It is not a field; it is not predictable and doesn’t follow rules. Time is always relative to our emotional state and personal mindset. A worthy practice is comparing linear clock time, which we typically experience in our mind and try to sense time from your soul’s perspective. Time is what we make it up to be and time accommodates our belief system the same way the universe mirrors our reflection in general. Our task is to enjoy time but not get attached to time. Here are some additional suggestions you may want to consider.

Try to view time as a tool for joyful exploration. Seek as many timeless states as possible so your soul is reminded of its true nature. If meditation isn’t your thing, swim with dolphins or explore any exciting yet safe enough activity that stops or slows time down for you. Getting lost in love, making love, deep meditation, and a birth of a child are just a few examples of peak moments where heart, mind and soul become one through shared joy, excitement, and passion. When time stands still, we feel the moment profoundly as our body, mind and spirit rejoice. When we create more and more peak moments where time stands still and we feel totally present, our body, heart, and soul heal.

Time is an important enlightenment tool. It gives us clues when we are on the path towards more joy, peace, and happiness in our life or not. Once our mind steps aside, time will stand still as our body, heart, and soul become one. The challenge before everyone is to be in the moment as often as possible. Presence is like the fresh air we need to breathe as we continue our walk on the path towards enlightenment.