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There are just two things to sort out on earth: illusion and truth. How could we explore what is truth in the game of life without something else to choose? Our soul wanted to be tested completely when we contemplated our incarnation, so illusion had to be invented. Before physical matter was created and duality’s illusionary mirrors, we were all embraced in a universal sea of divine love where nothing, but love existed.

Illusion allows separation from Source/Oneness so our soul could explore a personal incarnation with the possibility of creating independent thoughts and/ or unique experiences. When we are immersed in the divine’s embrace, we experience everything together. Every soul and aspect of Source were interconnected, and the shared oneness blended into everything. Exploring a fresh, independent, and/or an unusual experience was impossible without a physical incarnation, which allows us to explore love in ever expanding possibilities.

How could we choose anything when there is only Oneness on the other side of the veil? Something other than love had to be invented. Illusion needed to be brought into existence to give us choices. While illusion is part of divinity, it is not an aspect of the Source. Some lower frequency illusions, behaviors, and entities that originate from the darker recesses of people’s minds originate from divinity’s absence. Pain, suffering, and darkness had to be created to give us something to compare with love.

Souls love to play, create, and explore in the many recesses of our illusion-filled mind. Source understood this well, so Maya Shakti, Lucifer, and The Trickster volunteered to hold the something else opposing love and foster any illusion we wanted to explore on earth. This enabled duality’s existence to occur. They provide this service for all creation, for there are others like us exploring illusion.

Darkness holds one end of the pole of duality so that our soul can play hide-and-seek with love and illusion to our heart’s content, until we return to our divine nature on the other end. While illusion occupies the “tails” side of reality on earth, our soul holds the “heads” side of reality with divinity. Many people struggle with the dualistic nature of earth and get lost in illusion. Maya Shakti, Lucifer, and The Trickster’s karmic “mirrors of truth” reflect our negativity and cruelty back to us when we are out of alignment, to help us return to our soul’s mission. They allow no favorites, and everyone who needs to be humbled will experience their negative creations reflected to them through these active and very creative mirrors.

On the soul level we are all like kids experimenting in a magic shop knowing we’ll go home safely with loving Source after playtime is over. Herein lays the purpose of everyone’s incarnation and why Maya Shakti, Lucifer, and The Trickster take their job so seriously. They encourage us to explore our wildest illusions so that we can experience the mirrors of our deepest truths reflected to us.

Everyone fails to master earth’s illusions and our soul goes along for the ride. Sometimes we explore various aspects of hell, and Lucifer’s mirrors of truth will make sure our soul isn’t disappointed. Everyone knows that no spiritual harm will come to us no matter what our personality does. Therefore, Lucifer is truly an angel of love and not evil, as so many have feared and promoted. He is one with the divine and a necessary co-creator in this experiment of love on earth. Dualism could not exist without Shakti, Lucifer, and The Trickster.

The purpose of illusion is essential to the understanding of dualism and the game of life on earth. Lucifer tried to trick Jesus, as stated in the Christian Bible, and Jesus would have been disappointed if he hadn’t. Nobody feels exhilarated when they overcome a challenge unless they were significantly tested along the way . . . including Jesus.

We incarnate to explore love, be love, and test our fiber in the face of illusion. The mirrors of truth make sure we experience all our illusions. Our soul knows it will never be harmed, but our personality struggles mightily with the painful process. Finding out what we’ll do and how to return to our divine nature while in the grips of the mental malaise that occurs during the physical trials that earth has to offer is a mystery every soul loves to solve.

Fear is a wonderful illusion to master in the playground of love. Strong fear tends to intensify Maya Shakti, Lucifer, and The Trickster’s mirrors of opportunity lessons, designed to teach us to do something differently. We can have the ride of our life experiencing our fear’s manifestations, wallow in illusion, or create fantasies for as long as we want. But it’s important to know that Maya Shakti, Lucifer, and The Trickster always want us to heal our fears and return to our divine nature.

In fact, our soul washes us with love and bathes us in divine light throughout our adventure on earth. Even though many are not consciously aware of our soul’s presence, it serves as a beacon constantly calling our personality back home to Source. An incarnation is akin to a teenager’s desire to go a haunted house to experience the complete range of excitement and fear their adolescent heart can handle. They’d be disappointed if every actor in the haunted house didn’t try to fulfill their passionate desire to be scared silly. Earth is a haunted house for our personality, and Maya Shakti, Lucifer, The Trickster pride themselves on giving each and every soul…. the ride of its life.


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        Shakti’s and Lucifer’s wisdom about dualism and illusion’s role provides necessary clues for spiritual mastery. They are perfect examples and embody a core mystery of enlightenment that states…we are all one and there is no separation.