This meditation is designed to help you master your interior mental landscape. Now more than ever, the ability to sustain loving behaviors and recognize illusion is an important survival skill, especially now during this pandemic. Unfortunately, science has become fake news and a lie…an alternate truth, as one political pundit suggested. This meditation provides a step-by-step method to discern your wise and loving interior voice versus those immature inner children and addicted aspects of your personality mired in illusion. Because all of our inner voices share the same brain, you cannot outsmart them. The following meditation is designed to help you learn to recognize your wise and loving voice in the midst of all the misinformation, which confronts everyone of us every day.

Crows, monkeys and people have two voices, one is conversational and the other warns its clan about impending danger. Have you ever thought you were listening to loving inner guidance or sage advice and later discovered you weresnookered by an inner voice mired in illusion pitching some harebrained delusion? Untreated trauma, unconscious templates and dysfunctional personal paradigms have belief systems, logic patterns and vocal signatures you can learn to recognize. Infant, child and adolescent stress responses can activate screeching monkeys and cawing crows sensingdanger.

The Wise and Loving Inner Voice Meditation provides a reliable method to examine and evaluate every interiorvoice within your mind. Their logic patterns and vocal signatures can be recognized. Wise and loving solutions endure over time. Screeching monkeys and cawing crows fixate on danger and may not be connected to your heart and soul.However, we all have access to an inner voice that suddenly appears like a hummingbird and offers sage advice and enduring love. Discerning conversational eternal wisdom from internal voices that promote illusion is the goal of this meditation.

Noticing how we recycle our dysfunctional templates, paradigms and dramas infected with illusion is imperative formaturation. Your evolution into the higher realms of consciousness and personal sovereignty requires access to yourwise and loving inner voice that knows how to embody all the forms. An essential aspect of this meditation is noticingand recognizing when illusion grabs the microphone in your head. Memorizing the distinguishing vocal characteristicsof your internal hummingbird is a valuable asset.

You can access your enlightened inner voice and evolve intentionally when you ask the question, “What is the mostloving thing I can to do?” and follow the guidance received regularly. Intention and passion can flip the ignition switch, engage the engines of creation, and access accurate vocal discernment. Misguided mental strategies create suffering and become your destiny if you lack the intellectual curiosity or the emotional maturity to distinguish your hummingbird’sconversational whisper from cawing crows and screeching monkeys. Intention, passion and consistent action towards your goals awaken matching supportive energy from the universe. You can enter the quantum field when your body, heartand soul align its collective wisdom and love with your inner hummingbird voice helping you reach your goal.

The Wise and Loving Inner Voice Meditation helps:

  • Identify the logic patterns and vocal signatures of your inner voices.
  • Provide a format to distinguish loving wisdom from debilitating illusions.
  • Unify our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual
  • Access positive intention to revise missteps and take corrective action.

This meditation uses repetition and practice, which create reliable outcomes, to help sort out your internal voice that possesses loving wisdom versus the inner voices mired in illusion. It may be useful to reread any of the forms that speak to you and do the Camel Wave Meditation on the next page to find the most mature inner hummingbirdvoice within your higher brain that can access the wisdom and love of your soul.


  1. Ask yourself with heartfelt desire, what is the most loving thing I can do?

Center yourself and hold the intention to connect to your loving and wise inner voice that embodies the formsoutlined in this book. The ultimate goal is to connect to your hummingbird voice, which whispers guidance from yoursoul to meet a personal need, want or private desire, while remaining in alignment with all of divinity, as opposed tolistening to the cawing crows and screeching monkeys of the unexamined, unconscious mind mired in illusion.

  1. Determine a course of action.

Listen carefully for inner guidance from the hummingbird within and notice its logic, tonal and distinguishingqualities before following through with its recommendations. Remember your hummingbird converses and nurturesyour heart and soul, but listen also those voices fixated on danger and suffering.

  1. During the activity chosen, revisit your inquiry to ask, does this behavior still feel loving now?

Halfway through the activity, check in physically, emotionally and mentally to see if you concur that the course taken feels like loving, sage advice. If your need, want or desire is being addressed appropriately, complete theactivity, but check in regularly to see if your original strategy feels wise and loving over time.

  1. Check again repeatedly after completing the activity.

Review and reassess your results an hour later, the next day, or sometime during the following week. Ask yourself,“Does this behavior still feel like loving sage advice now?” You can even check a month or a year later to determine ifthe behavior your chose still feels loving and wise.

If the answer is yes all the way through, you have accessed your wisest inner voice and aligned your physical body, emotions, and actions (three-legged stool) to loving wisdom. Consistent feedback from the external world letsyou know if you chose a long-term loving strategy and actually accessed the hummingbird within whispering your soul’s wisdom.

  1. Failing leads to success.

Become Sherlock Holmes and identify as many details about the inner voices that may be deceiving you.Whenever an activity or strategy doesn’t feel loving anymore, it means that the Wise and Loving Inner VoiceMeditation ferreted out an immature inner crow or monkey struggling with illusion. Memorize the behavioral strategies, emotional qualities and mental perspectives of each inner voice for future reference.

  1. Get back on your feet in the following ways:
  • Forgive yourself for missteps
  • Let go of any punishment paradigms
  • Re-access your positive intention
  • Decide what you want do differently
  • Repeat the meditation again

Intentions possess royal qualities and provide a divine spark to start the engines of creation. If you don’t likewhat you created, the Wise and Loving Voice Meditation helps you reboot your positive intention and chart a new course of action. Cawing crows and screeching monkeys warn us about danger until they get noticed. We want love, wisdom and enlightened solutions to suffering but sometimes our personalities are shackled by ignoranceand immaturity. The Wise and Loving Inner Voice Meditation reminds us to re-access the positive intention,when we make mistakes until we find our hummingbird inner voice. Letting go of punishing ourselves for a misstep is a powerful practice and an integral aspect of this meditation. All we need to do is dust ourselves off,open our mind to another possibility and listen again for our wise and loving inner voice.

This exercise is a powerful practice that distinguishes hummingbird wisdom from illusion. When we ignore the templates, paradigms and stress responses duality offers, we can forgive ourselves or an adversary’s mistakes by accessing the need, want or desire behind ourintention to take advantage of enlightened perspectives and enduring solutions. This meditation comes from my book, The Promise of Wholeness: Cultivating Inner Peace, Mindfulness and Love in a Divided World (Rowland &Littlefield Pub.)