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May 17, 2019: Personal Guidance, Intuitive Wisdom and Meditation 101

Personal Guidance, Intuitive Wisdom and Meditation 101

How often have you failed to listen to your gut or an internal hunch and regretted it? Our intellect can override intuition and make any decision a fifty-fifty proposition. Inspiration relies on reason but gut reactions and intuition are also important. This workshop is designed to enhance your decision-making and meditation skills. Classical Buddhist Vispassana meditation relies on emptiness and not everyone can accomplish this skill initially. This workshop will provide productive methods to enhance personal guidance, intuitive wisdom and Higher Self communication from modern and additional ancient traditions.      

Neuroscientists tell us that the left hemisphere of our brain categorizes, organizes and looks for logical patterns, while non-verbal communication, sensory experience and intuitive/spiritual sensations are located in our right hemisphere.  Our corpus callosum inhibits each hemisphere from interrupting the task of the other. This allows mental surrender without simultaneous left-brain analysis. This workshop will blend current research with sixth sense imagery techniques to help you access your intuitive wisdom within to help you make more informed decisions.


Personal Guidance, Intuitive Wisdom and Meditation 101 

Friday, May 17, 2019  (9:00 am to 4:00 pm)

@ The Ommani Center, Pewaukee, WI
Cost:    $100 Before May 10th, 2019; $120 May 11th and After
Please Bring a Bag Lunch!

Where:  Ommani Center  1166 Quail Court Suite 210,   Pewaukee, WI  53702

Register for the Course
by calling the Ommani Center at:  262-695-5311

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January 2019: The Promise of Wholeness 2 Day Workshop

 The Promise of Wholeness

 A Two-Day Workshop about Cultivating Inner Peace, Mindfulness and Love

This two-day course offers practical strategies and self-realization tools to deepen the original concepts within my book Henosis: The Psychological Wisdom and Eternal Principles That Lead to Lasting Peace and Well-being. The name of this course is The Promise of Wholeness to reflect the new title of my book, courtesy of Roman & Littlefield Publishers who will publish my work in spring of 2019.

Cultivating inner peace, mindfulness and love can feel like three bridges too far. To most of us, the odds of becoming whole and realizing these three milestones seem as likely as winning the lottery. The following course will provide information and experiential exercises designed to address inner saboteurs and provide effective solutions.

The Promise of Wholeness Course: Two Fridays – January 25th and February 8th, 2019. 

Please Feel free to attend for just one day – the first Saturday we’ll be working in the first half of the book, and the second Saturday we’ll explore the second half of the book.

Create inner peace, mindfulness and love in your life…

as we explore these topics from The Promise of Wholeness in this interactive and experiential workshop:

  • Healing the victim-perpetrator paradigm to create peace within
  • Re-writing primary love templates to create more love
  • Inviting grace and forgiveness into your life
  • Learning how to cherish yourself and your illusions
  • Expanding your compassion, mindfulness and soulfulness
  • Soothing our infantile, childish, adolescent stress responses
  • Creating boundary awareness to address emotional contagions from others
  • Developing incorruptibility in the midst of chronic challenges
  • Becoming whole: how the forms of Illusion, Love, Grace, Cherish, Equanimity, Empathy, Incorruptibility and Wholeness work with the Camel Wave Meditation

Philosophers, mystics and compassionate healers have attempted to point humanity towards wholeness since time immemorial. After practicing psychotherapy for forty years and researching traditional Eastern and Western wisdom on these topics, I wrote my book to pass on what really works. I will provide the ancient philosophical foundation and effective strategies to develop inner peace, mindfulness and loving relationships.

Embodying immortal principles and developing effective practices to experience our divine origins in the midst the divisiveness of everyday life are worthy goals. Reconciling our daily challenges and merging into mystical union through meditation makes humans feel whole. The Promise of Wholeness is a course about love, mindfulness and reunification, and how to get there from wherever you are. 

Cost:    $220  For one day only:  $110

Where:  Ommani Center  1166 Quail Court Suite 210,   Pewaukee, WI  53702

Register or RSVP for the Course (one or both dates)
by calling the Ommani Center at:  262-695-5311

NOTE:  Please remember to leave your email address with Ommani, so we may send an email confirmation of your registration for the workshop – thank you!

Access anytime: Webinar Replay - Interview with Eric

On September 27, 2018,  we had a lively Interview Webinar with the author, Eric Ehrke.  Eric shared some of his discoveries from Eastern philosophies and the realm of mind/body/spirit, as well as newly emerging treasures from modern Western Psychology.  The Promise of Wholeness, merges these into what his new publisher, Rowman and Littlefield, is calling “a handbook of consciousness.”

In many ways, this book is a road map, complete with tools and strategies, to create a happier, more meaningful life filled with passion and purpose.  The webinar starts with an interview to learn more about what’s really inside this book, followed by some really good questions from those who attended live.

To access the replay of the Webinar (there is no charge), please click on the button below.  There you’ll find a link to access the replay, and dial-in information if you prefer to listen by phone.

We hope you enjoy it! Let us know what you think, or add your own questions via email using the Contact Us form HERE.

March 3, 2018 - Engaging Men in Marriage and Family Therapy
Contemporary Issues Lecture Series

When: March 3, 2018 (Time TBD)

Where: TBD

Topic Summary: Men are taught to be independent and often see therapy as a form of failure. This workshop will focus on how to get men to feel comfortable with the process and eventually experience the benefit of consultation.

About the Presenter

Eric Ehrke, LCWS, LMFT, is a determined pathfinder who understands the tangled overgrowth of illusion. Relieving suffering and restoring wounded hearts is his passion. During his forty plus years of psychotherapy practice, Ehrke recognized early on that modern psychological wisdom, ancient philosophical principles and complementary mind/body/spirit approaches universally lead humanity toward lasting peace and well-being.

Inspired, he has merged traditional knowledge with practical applications to create effective approaches to transform pain, transcend circumstances, and increase our capacity for love. His book Henosis: The Psychological Wisdom and Eternal Principles That Lead to Lasting Peace and Wellbeing was recently purchased by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers and will be published in spring of 2019. It will be entitled: The Promise of Wholeness: Cultivating Inner Peace, Mindfulness and Love in a Divided World.